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PACE Committee Report By Hamid Vakilzadian Region 4 PACE Committee Chair Region 4 e-Meeting January, 2008.

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1 PACE Committee Report By Hamid Vakilzadian Region 4 PACE Committee Chair Region 4 e-Meeting January, 2008

2 2007-08 PACE Committee Members Chair: Hamid Vakilzadian Student Professional Awareness – Kristi Brooks Government Activities – Burton Loupee Employment and Career Services – Tarek Lahdhiri Technical Policy Activities – Jim Fancher Pre-College Education – Steven James Sections’ PACE Coordinator

3 Responsibilities Promote the professional interests of the local members of Region 4 sections Promote more professional activities within the Region 4 sections and student branches Provide means for communicating the professional needs of the members to be communicated to Region 4 and IEEE-USA Bring IEEE-USA’s and Region 4 Employment and Career Service opportunities to the Region 4 members Encourage and support Professional Development (PDS) seminars within sections

4 Responsibilities (Cont.) Promote: –S-PAC (Student Professional Awareness Conference) –S-Pave (Student Professional Awareness Ventures) –S-PAW (Student Professional Awareness Workshop) activities in student branches Advocate the profession to students, engineering community, and public Strengthening Pre-College activities Support Affinity Groups and WIE Activities

5 Highlights of 2007 Activities Precollege Activities – Steven James Nomination of 4 for Teacher/Engineer Awards Presentation of IEEE Benefits to Red River Valley Section Help on development of “Starter Kits” for PEC Activities more info and “how-to” develop Pre-college activities:

6 Highlights of 2007 Activities Student Professional Awareness Conference (S-PAC) Activities - Kristi Brooks Michigan State University, Feb 19th North Dakota State University, Mar. 6th Valparaiso University, Mar. 30th Presentation of Design Squad at 2007 Annual Meeting Contribution for the development of SPAW

7 Highlights of 2007 Activities IEEE-USA Technical Policy Committee Activity – Jim Fancher 7 Technical Policy Committees –Communications Policy (no new positions) –Transportation & Aerospace (no new positions) –Critical Infrastructure Protection (no new positions) –Energy Policy (one new position on Petroleum Electric Hybrid Vehicle, PEHV) Attended 3 Energy Policy Committee meetings Other R4 members active on this committee: Dr. Fernando Alvarado, of Madison WI and Mr. Kevin Taylor of the SE Michigan Section –Medical Technology Policy (no new positions) –R & D Policy (no new positions) –ad hoc Tech Policy Workshops and Seminars (no new positions)

8 Highlights of 2007 Activities IEEE-USA Government Activities Committee (GAC) Burton Loupee Attending monthly telecon meetings throughout the year. Attending the meeting at the IEEE-USA Annual Meeting in Phoenix. Attending a congressional Fly-In meetings with the legislator's offices and working on the H1-B legislation in March Congressional Advocacy Recruitment Effort (CARE) –CARE has been experimenting with enrolling all members of a Section in the program. This Section-by-Section program would put all members of a Section in CARE and would give members the opportunity to opt-out. –Recommendation: R44 should get at least one Section to try it.

9 Highlights of 2007 Activities Funding for 17 PACE projects in Sections/subsections : Cedar Rapids, Central Indiana, Coulee, Chicago, Iowa Illinois, Southeastern Michigan, Milwaukee, Nebraska, Red River Valley, Rock River Valley, Twin Cities, Toledo Presentations at IEEE-USA Annual Meeting on PACE training and PDSs fundamentals Updating PACE training and PDS presentation slides Representation of R4 views on PACE Committee Meetings

10 No.SectionProject Name Project Type Date Project Cost Funding Amount 1 Southeastern Michigan Robofest 2007Precollege2/5/07$39500$2,000 2 Red River Valley "Stuff You Don't Learn in Eng.g School" PDS2/6/07$6150$1,000 3 Twin Cities Making a Transition to Manager PDS2/8/07$5,500$1,000 4Chicago Career Networking Group Web Presentation PDS3/1/07$550$200 5Iowa-Illinois QC Elite FIRST Robotics Team Precollege 3/24/07$48,000$200 6Cedar RapidsProCon 2007PDS4/19/07$12,500$1,000 7 Central Indiana Stuff you don’t learn in eng. school PDS 4/25/07$3,050$400 8Twin Cities Six-Sigma Workshop PDS 6/4/07 $1,000 $500 Subtotal $6,300 Funded PACE Projects

11 Project Funding No.SectionProject NameTypeDateCostAmount 9ToledoMATHCOUNT CompetitionPrecollege 6/20/07 $1,000$500 10Toledo2007 Inst. Night Membership Development10/1/07$5,600$400* 11MilwaukeeIntroducing Eng. to Students Precollege10/3/07$1,600$600 12 Rock River Valley US FIRST Robotics CompetitionProcollege10/23/07$28,000$2,000* 13 Iowa- Illinois Girl Scout Engineering ActivityPrecollege10/28/07$1,900$150 14Nebraska Career & Membership Awareness WorkshopPDS11/16/07$1,070$400 15Coulee Robotics ProjectPrecollege11/16/07$12,250 $500 * 16eit'07 Leadership & Project Management trackPDS12/4/07$5,800$3,000 1714 Sections Annual Meeting Travel Support PACE Training9/1/07N/A$7,000 Subtotal from Previous Page $6,300 Total $20,850 Funded PACE Projects Cont.

12 Funds from IEEE-USA for PACE, CY-2007 Item Budget Allocation for 2007 Spent in 2007 Actual Transfer for 2007 IEEE-USA Professional Development Funds for Regions 4$11,156.27$10,850$11,156.27 IEEE-USA Funds for 2007 Annual Meeting$4,733.00$4,769.31 IEEE-USA funds for PDS Projects (additional) $2,000 IEEE-USA SSVR Funds Used for PACE projects $2,900 Total$15,889.27$20,519.31$20,825.58 2007 IEEE-USA PACE Funding

13 Sections Attended at 2007 Annual Meeting 1.Arrowhead 0 2.Calumet 0 3.Cedar Rapids 2 4.Central Illinois 0 5.Central Indiana 4 6.Central Iowa 2 7.Chicago 3 8.Fox Valley Subsec. 0 9.Northwest Subsec. 1 10.Fort Wayne 1 11.Iowa-Illinois 1 12.Madison 0 13.Milwaukee 0 14.Nebraska3 15.Northeast Michigan0 16.North-eastern Wisconsin0 17.Rock River Valley3 18.Siouxland0 19.South-eastern Michigan4 20.Southern Minnesota0 21.Coulee Subsection1 22.Toledo0 23.Twin Cities1 24.West Michigan1 25.Missouri Slope0 26.Red River Valley2 No. of Section Participated: 14 Section No. Participated Section No. Participated

14 2007 IEEE-USA Annual Meeting Program Aug. 31 – Sept. 3 Friday 8/31/2007 –Technical Sessions until 5:00 PM – revenue generation –PACE Training: 5:00 – 7:00 PM –Breakout Sessions: 8:30-10:30 PM Brain Storming on “What Can I Do to Improve IEEE-USA?” Saturday and Sunday 9/1-9/2 (8:00 – 5:30) –Three parallel tracks on various PACE topics including PDS fundamentals Monday 9/3/2007 (8:00-12:00) –R4 Brain Storming Session and presentation of action items

15 Mark Your Calendars! 2008 Annual Meeting When: April 25-27 Where: Hyatt Regency Hotel, Indianapolis Indiana R4 will reimburse some of the expenses for one participant from each section/subsection Sections are encouraged to send more ExCom Members on Section Support For registration and more info., access the URL:

16 Professional Engineer License New Requirements: B.S.+30 Credit Hours or an MS degree Civil Engineers are primarily the national proponents of this increased requirement. Oppositions by the state board of engineers in the states that are being considered Inform members to allow those who have a position on the Bill to contact their state senators Sections may take also a position and reflect it to their state senators through their section chair and PACE chair

17 PACE Committee Plan for 2008 Kristi Brooks –Attend the S-PAC meetings –Implement S-PAC recommendations at the region level –Hold 3-4 S-PAC workshops at the Region level –Hold Design Squad in 2-3 schools Steven James –Represent R4 in pre-university committees –Organize 3-4 pre-university activities at the region level –Write a proposal for IEEE-USA PEC funding of the project material for 2 school needs –Promote TIS program and other successful Pre-college projects at the region level (goal 3 sections, one in each area) –Ensure R4 has at least 2 nominations for the Eng.-Teacher Partnership Award (IEEE-USA) –Work with IEEE-USA PEC in securing corporate sponsorship of teacher grant/reward program

18 PACE Committee Plan for 2008 Tarek Lahdhiri –Conduct R4 resource awareness seminars within sections (at least one in each area by June 08) –Determine, disseminate, and present Employment and Career Services info to the R4 sections –Offer PDS workshops to the R4 sections –Promote ECS and CWPC webnars Burton Loupee –Attend and present R4 views at IEEE-USA Government Activities Committee –Report the activities to the region –Promote Region 4 to get at least one section to sign up for CARE.

19 PACE Committee Plan for 2008 Jim Fancher –Attend and present R4 views in IEEE-USA Technical Policy Committees –Report the policies to the region Hamid Vakilzadian –Determine and fund an effective and long lasting PACE project at the region level –Survey topics of importance to the sections and train an Xcom/R4 member to deliver one as a workshop to the R4 sections –Review and recommend funding of the sections’ PACE projects –Discuss the recommended action items of the 2007 annual meeting with the R4 PACE committee and plan to implement 2 items.

20 PACE Committee Plan for 2008 Hamid Vakilzadian –Participate in the IEEE-USA PACE committee meetings and report the results back to the region –Promote professional development seminars (PDS) and encourage 2-3 sections to organize one. –Provide PACE training for the sections, if needed. –Hold quarterly telecon meetings with Section PACE chairs –Collect, disseminate, and report the R4 PACE project to IEEE- USA –Review sections’ PACE Projects –Promote Annual Meeting participation

21 Appendix A 2007 Annual Meeting Report

22 Annual Meeting Recommended Action Items How Can I Help to Improve IEEE-USA? Pre-college activities Improving innovation within the U.S. Increasing U.S. membership Improving communication with our members

23 R4 Recommendations onPre-college activities Encourage R4 members to engage with their school system through IEEE products (TISP, design squad, etc.) and volunteering. Participate, mentor, and fund non classroom science and engineering programs such as First Robotics, Science Fair, Future City, etc. with emphasis on 5 th -9 th grades. Provide tutoring for students through student branches. ========================================= Make Middle School and High School Science and Math teachers and counselors a member of IEEE and educate them on the TISP Have specialized teacher for math and science

24 R4 Recommendations on Improving innovation within the U.S. Put innovation Inst. infrastructure in place at Region and Section levels through PACE activities speakers and Innovation Inst. passing the goals of the institute to the membership. Review section’s activities to address non- traditional and risk taking options which may fit better individual situations with focus on innovation. Organize creativity workshops and brain storming sessions at the section events.

25 R4 Recommendations on Increasing U.S. membership Have heavily differentiated rates for IEEE member and non member activities and products. Emphasize IEEE’s value by restricting access to certain information to members only. Have membership drive open house at the section level which also includes family friendly activities. ========================================== Raise awareness of IEEE through national marketing campaign.

26 R4 Recommendations on Improving communication with our members Improve quality (info contents and timeliness) of the newsletters and web sites Have IEEE info (local events) sent to members and non members Organize study groups at chapter and/or section levels for topics of interest.

27 Appendix B 2007 PACE Committee Reports

28 IEEE-USA PACE Committee Meeting Report (May 2007) Adequately prioritizing IEEE programs Finding ways to produce revenues Poor student retention – loss 75- 89% students between college and employment Who should organize the annual meetings and possible name change (PACE Committee?) Urge all members to take personal responsibility for their own competitiveness Conducting successful annual meeting

29 IEEE-USA PACE Committee Meeting Report (May 2007) Successfully organize IEEE-USA programs: SPACs, PACE projects, and Congressional Visit Day Sending GOLD members to Annual Meeting Length of the annual meetings (2 or 3 days?) Region PACE Calendar Main Speaker Database for IEEE for the place of the society database Voluntary Contribution Fund

30 IEEE-USA PACE Committee Meeting Report (Oct. 2007) Suggestions for the 2008 Annual Meeting Committee –Poster Session –PACE Leadership Training Session and PDS Session –What to do with last Annual Meeting Recommendations? –No Technical Workshops on Friday –2-day meeting – starting Friday afternoon, ending Sunday morning –Location: possibly in Cincinnati, Indianapolis, or St. Louis –Audience: Sections Leaders, Section PACE Chairs, Region Leaders, GOLD Leaders –Day/Time Slot for various Topics and Speakers –Possible Breakout Session Topics on: a national US issue an IEEE issue a local issue

31 IEEE-USA PACE Committee Meeting Report (Oct. 2007) Region PACE Fund Financial Status Reports/Requests Discussion of Society/Division Representative IEEE-USA Activities on –Grassroots (Government Activities Committee) –Congressional Visits Day (CVD) –Educate the attendees on a certain issue such as (need to select the issue) –Invite the local elected officials (or congressional aids) to attend –Overview Session on Products and Services

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