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PACE Committee Report Tarek Lahdhiri Region 4 PACE Committee Chair ExCom & Region4 Meeting January 20-22, 2012.

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1 PACE Committee Report Tarek Lahdhiri Region 4 PACE Committee Chair ExCom & Region4 Meeting January 20-22, 2012

2 Activities included: Leading the IEEE-USA CWPC Committee Participating in the IEEE-USA GR Council Key legislative issues related Intellectual Property Reform, Immigration Reform, Energy Bill, SBIR & STTR reauthorization, Smart Grid (power), and STEM Education. Addressing workforce issues such as generational divides Participated in designing and presenting career workshops for members, and encouraged collaboration across IEEE’s organizational boundaries. Dr. Lindborg is the a recipient of a 2011 IEEE-USA Award Government Activities 2011 Hank Lindborg

3 SPAC Coordinator Activities 2011: kristi Brooks Organized SPAC at: Central Michigan, Feb-2011 Michigan State, Feb-2011 Valparaiso, Apr-2011 Joint Conference between U. Minnesota, SD state, U.Wisconsin-Stout, Feb-2011 Wayne State University, Sep-2011 Student Leadership Conference, NW University, Oct-2011 University of Illinois, Oct-2011

4 Pre-college Education Activities 2011: Will Kassebaum  IEEE-USA "K-12 STEM Literacy Committee".  Teacher-in-Service Program (TISP)  Funds available from PEC K-12 STEM Activity Fund - application available below grants.html  Long list of K-12 STEM activity resources available on IEEE- USA website s.html

5 Tech Policy Activities 2011: Jim Fancher Communications  Encryption  VOIP  Network Traffic Management  Broadband Data  RFID Transportation & Aerospace  Aviation Safety  Remote Sensing Medical Technology  Imaging Radiation Exposure Records  Health Record Systems  Representation on Government Advisory Committees  Privacy and Security Research & Development  Manufacturing Innovation  Nanotech  Federal Laboratories  Basic Research Energy Energy Policy Recommendations  Currently under annual review  Working on detail papers for each recommendation

6 Employment & Career Services: T. Lahdhiri Central Michigan, Feb-19-2011 –State of the Engineering workplace and How Can IEEE Help (Half Day) 2011 IEEE-USA Annual Meeting, Mar-05-2011, –Resume Development & Job Interview Cedar Rapids, ProCon-2011, May-03-2011, –Project Management (Full Day) EIT 2011, May-15-2011, –Resume Development & Job Interview (Half Day) Metro Area Workshop (MAW) sponsored my MGA –Austin, TX, Oct-2011 –Huntsville, AL, Nov-2011

7 2011 PACE Activities Recommendation of PACE project funding Participation in all IEEE-USA PACE committee activities Coordinated R4 participation at the IEEE-USA Annual Meeting. Organization of best R4 PACE project posters at the Annual Meeting Conducted several PACE Workshops and Seminars PACE training at 2011 Annual Meeting Communication of IEEE-USA PACE activities to the sections

8 2011 PACE Projects

9 Section Attendance at 2011 Annual Meeting 1.Arrowhead0 2.Calumet 0 3.Cedar Rapids5 4.Central Illinois0 5.Central Indiana4 6.Central Iowa1 7.Chicago3 8.Fox Valley Subsec.0 9.Northwest Subsec.0 10.Fort Wayne0 11.Iowa-Illinois 2 12.Madison0 13. Milwaukee2 14.Missouri Slope0 15.Nebraska2 16.Northeast Michigan0 17.Northeastern Wisconsin0 18.Red River Valley 0 19.Rock River Valley 3 20.Siouxland0 21.Southeastern Michigan7 22.Southern Minnesota2 23.Coulee Subsection0 24.Toledo0 25.Twin Cities3 26.West Michigan0 Number of Section Participated: 11 (14 in 2010) Total participation: 35 (37 in 2010) Section No. Participated Section No. Participated

10 IEEE-USA Funding Allocation for Region 4 for CY-2011 Item IEEE-USA Allocation to R4 Actual SpendingNote Funds for attending Annual Meeting in TX $4,854 Money already transferred 2011 Professional Development Funds for Regions 4 $10,995 $8,603 + $2,748 Projects + 25% for TX Meeting Additional Funds from Region 4 -----$10,920 Total $15,849$27,125

11 Thank You!

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