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The Effects of Different Drinks on Heart Rate During Exercise

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1 The Effects of Different Drinks on Heart Rate During Exercise
Jack Powell

2 Abstract The goal of this project was to see which drink would provide the best results during exercise. I had my subjects drink three different drinks and run a half mile and run the same pace. They then took their heart rate to see which provided the lowest heart rate.

3 Review of Literature Research was done on how different drinks affect you heart rate during exercise. The drinks that were researched were water, Gatorade, and Red Bull. These drinks were chosen due to their popularity and different contents. What was found is that sugar and caffeine can increase heart rate which would force your heart to work harder to do the same amount of work that may be considered easy without the sugar. Research found that water is the best drink to consume before exercising. Gatorade contains sugar, but also contains electrolytes, which hydrate the body. The Air Force Academy did a study and according to Southard and Pugh, “hydration status affects heart rate”. Red Bull was found to be a horrible choice for exercise with high levels of caffeine and sugar. Major terms Heart Rate- the amount of times the heart beats in a minute Resting Heart Rate- the amount of times the heart beats when the body is resting Pace- the rate at which we ran (6min mile pace)  [blr1]What is this? Be sure you are not “cutting and pasting” without citing.  [blr2]I do not see any in-text citations. Where did you get your information.

4 Hypothesis The problem I am researching is the effects on heart rate during exercise after drinking the same amount of water, Gatorade, and Red Bull. My hypothesis is if the subjects ran ½ mile at the same pace then water will produce the lesser heart rate increase from their resting heart rate followed by Gatorade, and then the energy drink. I believe the reasons for this is the higher sugar content in the Gatorade and the caffeine and sugar in the Red Bull.

5 Experimental Design Materials: stop watch 3c. of water 3c. of Gatorade
3c. of Red Bull Paper Pencil Calculator

6 Experimental Design Setup

7 Experimental Design Variables: Control- resting heart rate
Independent- Which drink is consumed Dependent- heart rate Constant- The constants will be the pace at which is run (6min), the time between each drink(24 hrs), and the time of day(3 pm).

8 Procedure Each person will take their resting heart rate
Then they will drink 2c. of water Next they will run ½ mile and take their heart rate I will then record the new heart rate and find the difference 24 hrs later we will retake our resting heart rate Then we will drink the 2 c. worth of Gatorade

9 Procedure We will then run ½ mile again at the same pace
The new heart rate will be taken and there should be a greater increase from the resting heart rate than water because of Gatorades high sugar content 24 hours later again we will retake our resting heart rate We will then drink the 2c. worth of Red Bull We will then run ½ mile at the same pace and take the new heart rate This heart rate increase should be the largest because of the high sugar amount and the high levels of caffeine

10 Pictures

11 Pictures

12 Pictures

13 Data Table Heart Beats Per Minute People Resting Water Gatorade Red Bull Jack 48 99 140 175 Jay 55 103 142 183 Sam R. 47 91 138 171 Sam L. 50 89 158 177 Brett 52 105 160 189

14 Results and Discussions
The results confirmed my hypothesis The water forced the heart to do the least work Red Bull is an awful choice and is not recommended before an athletic event or anytime Gatorade is a better drink for replacing the electrolytes after an athletic event and not necessarily before, however, it is okay

15 Conclusions and Future Studies
I would like to test other drinks to see where they compare with water I would like to coach cross-country some day, so it would be nice to see what my teams should and should not be drinking I would also like to see if the snow and weather conditions altered my results Inside would have probably been better

16 Acknowledgments and Bibliography
I would like to thank my mom for supplies I would also like to thank Mrs. Richards for her help And lastly I would like to thank my subjects: Jay Michels Sam Lutz Brett Schauwecker Sam Reichman

17 Bibliography Steinke, L. (2008, April 13). The Effect of an "energy drink" on cardiovascular and metabolic parameters . Retrieved from Southard, T. L. (2004). Effect of hydration state on heart rate-based estimates of vo2max. Official Journal of The American Society of Exercise Physiologists (ASEP), 7(1), Retrieved from Bozeman. (1998, April). Heart rate during exercise. Retrieved from Brittany, D. (2004). The Effect of Gatorade Vs. Water While Exercising.

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