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Caffeine crazy Ocqua Murrell May 19, 2008 Science Presentation.

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1 Caffeine crazy Ocqua Murrell May 19, 2008 Science Presentation

2 Abstract In this science fair I chose the topic on how caffeine affects your blood pressure and heart rate when it is fully in your system. My hypothesis for this project was: I think that if I give a person who doesn’t normally drink caffeine a caffeinated beverage their blood pressure and heart rate would have a linear increase when consumed because the caffeine will make your body want more oxygen therefore leading the heart to pump more blood. The dependent variable was the heart rate and blood pressure, and the independent variable was the caffeine. The constants and control in my experiment were: the mountain dew, milk chocolate, Red Bull, and coca- cola, which were the independent variables, I chose fifteen people to test with ages ranging from 12-61, and I manipulated the time that I gave them the caffeine which was the dependent variable. The way I measured their heart rates and blood pressures was by using an E.K.G heart rate monitor and a blood pressure monitor. I tested each person before they consumed the given caffeine so I could compare the before and after results. Then they were either given a cup of mountain dew, Red Bull, coca- cola, or four squares of milk chocolate and were then again tested a half of an hour later when the caffeine was flowing through their system.

3 Hypothesis I think that if we give someone caffeine and test their heart rate and blood pressure will have a linear increase.

4 Problem Statement What affect does caffeine have on your heart rate and blood pressure?

5 Materials EKG hear rate monitor Blood pressure monitor Chocolate (consumed) Mountain dew (consumed) Coca-cola (consumed) The EKG was hooked up to the computer, the n you had three wire looking things that had a sticky sensor on it. One was green, blue and red. The black one went on your wrist on your right hand, the green one went in the middle of your arm where it creases and the red one went on your left had in the crease of your elbow up your arm.

6 Variables and Constants Dependent Variable : The time, and what kind of caffeinated substances. Independent Variable: Heart rate and blood pressure. Controlled Variables: I kept the amount of caffeinated substances given to the people the same.

7 Procedures Get some regular mountain dew, red bull, Hershey milk chocolate, and regular coca-cola. Get some volunteers (any age, girls or boys) to test with an EKG heart rate monitor and a regular doctor’s blood pressure monitor. Hook up the EKG hear rate monitor to the EKG (follow directions on the box) Then put the smaller end of the USB cord in the EKG and the bigger end of the cord into the compartment on the computer where the USB cord is suppose to go. Before you give the person some caffeine, test there heart rate and blood pressure so you can have some results to compare with. Then drink or eat the substance Wait 30 minutes Test heart rate and blood pressure again Compare results

8 Some Researched Information… Caffeine is a stimulant used to make soft drinks, chocolate, coffee and tea. It increases your blood pressure and heart rate. People who drink caffeine on a regular basis have a higher blood pressure than those who don’t regularly drink caffeine. To measure your blood pressure after you drink a cup of coffee of a drink consisting of some caffeine then after 30 minutes or more use a blood pressure monitor to measure your blood pressure. You can buy one at your local Walgreen’s. You can also do the same thing by taking an EKG heart rate monitor and hooking it up to a computer and follow the directions on it before and after you have some caffeine. You could also just find one of your pulses and count that for a minute, and then record how many heart beats you had (savvy-fat-burning-food).

9 Data

10 Discussion When I had first started this lab, I had really expected to see people jumping of walls because I figured that them consuming the caffeine (especially the mountain dew) was. My hypothesis was partially correct. Everyone that I had tested did not necessarily have a major increase in their blood pressure or heart rate when they were given the caffeine. I think that I tested some people too early also. I had tested two adults and 6 students ages 12-14. Some were athletes and some were just normal people who don’t really exercise everyday. I have concluded that no matter who you are your heart rate varies from person to person. A couple times when I was testing some people the EKG wire had detached form the persons arm and messed up some of the data.

11 Conclusion I learned that some people’s bodies react different to caffeine. I concluded that the majority of the people tested. Everyone’s heart rates increased only between 1-11 beats. Their blood pressure’s all rose by at least 3 points or more. In this experiment I thought that every one’s blood pressure and heart rate would be high, but that was not the case at all.

12 Acknowledgements I would like to thank my science teacher Mr. Brent Johnston for helping me find information and helping me with my thesis. I would also like to thank my father for letting me use the computer at home to look up information. I’d also like to thank, Alee, Shaboron, CJ, Shaunisha, Josh, Kylie, Mr. Johnston, and Mr. Rolinitis for being volunteers in letting me test them for my experiment. Much gratitude to you all. Thanks!

13 Recommendations I recommend that people look to see how much caffeine drinks have because some peoples’ bodies cannot handle all of the changes especially if you do not normally drink caffeine. I also recommend that you go get your blood pressure taken so you can know what your health status is.

14 Charts of Data CategorySystolic Number (top number) Diastolic Number (bottom number) NormalLess than 120andLess than 80 Prehypertension120-139or80-89 High Blood Pressure Stage 1140-159or90-99 Stage 2160 or higheror100 or higher

15 Chart of Data cont… Contents of 12-0z. Can of pop CaloriesCaffeineSugar Sprite140None9 teaspoons Pepsi15037mg9.8 teaspoons Coca-Cola14034mg9.3 teaspoons Mountain Dew17055mg11 teaspoons Barq’s Root Beer16022mg10.7 teaspoons Sunkist19035mg13 teaspoons

16 Pictures of Project

17 Pictures of Project cont…





22 Work Cited Kravitz, Dr. Len. 1 May 2008. Mitchell, Joy. 1 May 2008. 1 May 2008. Young, Antonio. "Carbonated Christmas." December 3, 2007. The Daily Journal. 2 May 2008

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