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Stage 8 Cultura Pgs 30-32 in Packet Pgs 134-137 in Book.

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1 Stage 8 Cultura Pgs 30-32 in Packet Pgs 134-137 in Book

2 Gladiatorial Shows 1.Gladiatorial contests were held in this type of building: Amphitheater a)This name “literally” means: Double Theater 2.Physical Appearance: a)Shape: Oval b)Roof: None c)Seating Area: Rising tiers of seats, canopies could be pulled over the top for shade. d)Seating Capacity: 20,000 people

3 Gladiatorial Shows (Cont) 3.Was there an admission? No 4.When did shows begin? Soon after dawn 5.What signaled the beginning of the show? A trumpet 6.What happened before the show began? A religious ceremony 7.What did the gladiators do when they entered? They paraded around the arena, and saluted the sponsor.

4 Gladiatorial Shows (Cont) 8.Who served as gladiators? Slaves, condemned criminals, prisoners of war, volunteers 9.How did they live and train? In a school or barracks under the supervision of a trainer 10.Describe “Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down” Thumbs up: Kill him! Thumbs down: Let him live!

5 Gladiatorial Shows (Con’t) 11.Who made the final decision? The sponsor of the games 12.What is a “suspirium puellarum”? “The girls’ heartthrob” 13.What is the significance of a wooden sword? The one granted a wooden sword would not have to fight again.

6 Gladiators’ Armor 14.Samnite: Oblong sheild and short sword 15.Thracian: Round shield and curved sword 16.Murmillo: Sword, shield, and helmet with a crest of a fish 17.Retiarius: Net and 3-pronged trident 18.Additional ways of fighting: Using spears, from a chariot/horseback, involving women.

7 Animal Hunts 19.Venatio: a hunt of wild animals 20.Bestiae: wild beasts 21.Bestiarii: Beast-fighters 22.Types of hunted animals: wolf, rabbit, boar, bull, lion

8 The Riot at Pompeii (59 AD) 23.Who? Regulus 24.Where did he live? Nuceria 25.Where were the wounded taken? Rome 26.What did Nero order? An inquiry by the Roman Senate 27.What was the outcome? The Pompeians could not host games for 10 years 28.What happened to Regulus? He was exiled

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