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Circus Maximus and The Colosseum

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1 Circus Maximus and The Colosseum
The Roman Gladiators A Gladiator’s Life Types of Gladiators Circus Maximus and The Colosseum

2 A Gladiator’s Life As Rome expands it comes into conflict with other cultures which leads to armed conflict Majority of those that become gladiators are because of conquest The conquered were then escorted back to Rome where they would be sold in slave markets

3 A Gladiator’s Life Sent to a ludus gladiatorious to be trained
Training was under the supervision of a lanista or “the butcher” Abuse was common place and was both physical and psychological (whipping most common) Day consisted of lifting weights and learning the art of death

4 A Gladiator’s Life Common myth is that gladiators were only slaves
Majority were but they were criminals, debtors and those condemned to death Trained according to one’s physical attributes or skills

5 Types of Gladiators Samnite carried a sword, long shield and a visored helmet Retarius carried a trident, used a net to snare and wore amour for his throwing arm Myrmillo carried a dagger and a shield and was protected by leg bands and a leather belt

6 Types of Gladiators At the coliseum gladiators fought first
Concerned about survival and what lanista will do if you do not perform well After condemned are killed, animals hunted and criminal fights Gladiators fight again in late day but it is to the death now

7 Types of Gladiators Defeated gladiators could appeal for mercy but it was at the whim of the crowd Death did not always come at the hands of one’s opponent Men dressed as Roman gods would kill the loser in a variety of ways to add to the sensationalism of the event Thumbs down did not mean death. It meant to spare the gladiator and a thumb up meant to kill him


9 Circus Maximus Large outdoor arena that seated 200,000 people
Held chariot races Chariot teams had fans who followed and cheered for their teams Used by emperors to appease the poor with free bread and admission


11 Circus Maximus Emperor Nero raced several times
Possessed no skill but people adored him His behavior became irrational used camels instead of horses held night races Began killing those who beat him Declared himself champion at every race

12 Colosseum Built by Emperor Vespasian and Titus 70-80 A.D.
Seated 45,000, had two large restroom areas, covered area, numbered seating based on class, and had supporting facilities nearby Longest games were 123 days long

13 Colosseum Exotic animals hunts, gladiatorial combat, executions, brutal plays, battle recreations and possibly naval battles with alligators entertained the crowds Christians martyred still debated Used as a social valve to control populace


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