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„ Developments improving the traffic safety on the network of national public roads ” Zoltán Nagy Magyar Közút NZRT.

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1 „ Developments improving the traffic safety on the network of national public roads ” Zoltán Nagy Magyar Közút NZRT

2 So many countries, so many problems It isn’t an accident, it is a snapshot of a traffic situation in India

3 Rounabout in Atlanta

4 Road in China in a rocky wall Passive protection

5 Snapshot of a Hungarian traffic situation

6 Snapshot of the current and not momentary state of a Hungarian main road

7 Each country has its special problems It’s very hard to decide the targeted fields (everything would be important) It’s very easy to decide the targeted fields (after all we can’t do anything wrong) The EU membership helps (in financing, expectations) – BUT, …. Let’s not misinterprete PROTECTION OF THE ENVIRONMENT a lot of trees must be cut to produce enough paper to write down the justifications supporting the projects we think requiring explanations + the human resources required for this mean also the wasting of our environmental values.

8 What to do for increasing the security? Discussions of former years Pavement state – traffic techniques – environment. The traffic security is not equal to the application of traffic signs After 22 years, the complexity for the first time Where do the accidents happen? Why do the accidents happen? The role of the public road infrastructure? Searching the focus What do we do?

9 An example of this dilemma „Perfect” roundabout, but there are more accidents. Traffic regulation in order. Pavement, draining in order. Fields of vision in order. Problem:SPEED Solution: the decrease of speed Philosophic issue Traffipax or rebuilding

10 The program is made up Serial no. of type Type of interventionNo. of sites 1Reconstruction, enlargement of roundabouts 11 sites 2Installation of traffic lights for the traffic management 19 sites 3Making the pedestrian circulation safer of the bus-inlets at outskirts 54 helyszínen 4Improvement of pavement 5 sites 5.1Change by quality improvement of the guardrails of main roads195,4 km 5.2Guardrails of main roads, new construction59,6 km 6 Minor intervention in the traffic techniques, installation of public road lighting 33 sites 7Pedestrian crossings in city area 11 sites 8Modernization of traffic lights 712 pc

11 Sites under development

12 Program of accident focus

13 Type of misleading roundabout

14 Warning to the obligation of giving priority

15 Specially signed bend

16 Results of former years At the site of 77 interventions instead of 42 12 mortal accidents, instead of 196, 70 grave injured, and instead of 204, 113 slight injuries occurred.

17 Bus stop program

18 There is a pedestrian circulation depending on the bus time table, thus from time to time and only on the way to the bus stop Is it justified to protect the pedestrians? Is it justified to limit the speed 24/24 hours outside the habited areas? OBJECTIVE: increasing the safety of pedestrians crossing the driveway, but only when there is a pedestrian passing

19 Buszmegálló (öböl) Bus stop (inlet) VJT KoncConcetrated pedestrian moving Concentrated pedestrian movement logos m   Automatic or manual check in for crossing

20 Placing of signs with changeable signalization, the image of the signal is changed by button pushing activated by the pedestrians for crossing. The pedestrians’ movements must be focused on the access of bus stops. Informative boards should be placed for the pedestrians. Placing of general removal sings is required after passing the bus stop. Te devices to be installed should store the moments of functionning, the operation for adequate time.

21 Guardrail program

22 Higher retaining degree at 250 km Almost one third of accidents is occurring due to way leaving

23 Program of traffic lights 200 accidents occur annually at roundabouts equipped with traffic lights

24 Changing the traditional wire bulbs to LED spots at the roundabouts with lights (improvement of visibility) program-supervision (should be intelligent) Establishment of vehicle sensors to assure the traffic dependant way of operation (I am just standing, but don’t understand) Unified controlling system (quick intervention)

25 Program of pedestrian crossing

26 37 injured persons in the last 5 years Increasing the traffic security at 11 sites Middle islets constructed with relocation of traffic lights With installation of traffic lights, Narrowing of roaddrive for speed decreasing, installation of pedestrian barriers, installation of durable pavement signs.

27 The task is complex At many sites, Different type of problems, Many type of problems, But the realization is always implemented for the improvement of the traffic safety.

28 We do expect Safer traffic feeling, improvement of the life quality. The minimum objective in figures is: – To have less injured by one hundred annually ! – To save at least 3 lives every year ! But I am confident to realize at least three times better results on the ground of our achievements

29 Thank you for the attention

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