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WHAT TO DO AT THE SCENE OF AN ACCIDENT. Accidents Happen When You Least Expect Them.

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2 Accidents Happen When You Least Expect Them

3 How to Handle the Chaos What to do before an accident What to do at the scene What NOT to do at the scene What to do after the accident

4 PREPARATION The key to performing at the scene of an accident -- be prepared before it occurs Check your vehicle for proper Emergency Equipment Know company Accident Reporting Procedures Know your insurance information

5 EMERGENCY EQUIPMENT Warning devices –Triangles or flares Fire extinguisher –Is it charged and properly secured? Accident packet –Report form and camera

6 Proper Use of Emergency Equip. 4 Way flashers –Turn on immediately Triangles –Place within 10 minutes Do you know where to place triangles?

7 Triangle Placement – Straight Road

8 Triangle Placement – Divided Highway

9 Accident Reporting Kit Always carry one in truck Always know where to find it Become familiar with its layout Complete for EVERY accident

10 REPORTING PROCEDURES Who do you contact? What is the telephone number? Is the number different after hours? Who is the backup person to contact? Do you know post-accident drug/alcohol testing criteria?

11 Post Accident Drug/Alcohol Testing Driver is responsible for knowing regulations Failure to get tested can be interpreted as a refusal to be tested => positive test result Do you know when you must be tested under DOT rules?


13 AT THE SCENE... 1)Secure The Scene 2)Notify The Authorities & your company 3)Document The Details

14 SECURE THE SCENE Stop the vehicle. –Do Not move the unit until the authorities tell you to move it, unless there is danger of fire Shutdown engine and turn on flashers Set out warning devices in proper locations Attend to injured parties -- do not move injured people

15 NOTIFY AUTHORITIES & COMPANY Do Not leave vehicle unattended Use a telephone or CB if possible to notify You may have to ask someone to call ALWAYS notify, no matter how minor

16 WHAT NOT TO DO AT SCENE DO NOT sign anything, except a citation from a police officer DO NOT admit fault or apologize DO NOT discuss the accident with anyone except the police, your company, and/or your insurance company DO NOT photograph injured people

17 WHAT TO DO AT SCENE DO be professional, courteous, and polite DO fill out accident packet completely DO get as much information as possible DO take photos of relevant information

18 Photographing the Accident Scene

19 DOCUMENTING... DO get information from witnesses. If unwilling to cooperate, get license plate number and vehicle description for insurance company DO take pictures of scene and all damage DO NOT take pictures of injured people COMPLETE YOUR ACCIDENT KIT!!

20 AFTER THE EVENT Take a few minutes to relax Call your company to update them on details Write down any additional details that you can remember Learn from the experience to prevent future collisions –If you think there was no way to avoid this accident, what do you plan to do the next time you are in this situation?

21 Lets Talk About Speed Speed is a major contributor to most accidents Excess speed cuts down your field of vision Excess speed increases your reaction time Excess speed increases your stopping distance

22 Too Fast For Conditions?

23 Car vs. Truck Stopping Distance

24 Speed/Space Management This is the key to avoiding accidents Space management is relevant whether you are going 5 mph or 55 mph When space between your truck and another object becomes zero – you just had an accident!

25 Protect Yourself By Protecting Others Rule #1 – always assume every other driver on the road is crazy Sometimes you have to protect bad drivers from themselves –But by doing this you are protecting the company and yourself as well

26 Check Your Ego at the Door Don’t tailgate to block someone from cutting you off Don’t be aggressive because someone else is being aggressive Drive like every car around you has one of your children in it!...

27 THANK YOU Thank you for your input and attention

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