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Road Design Susan Handy TTP Orientation Seminar October 2009.

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1 Road Design Susan Handy TTP Orientation Seminar October 2009

2 Topics Network design Facility design

3 Network Design What are the two main purposes of streets/roads/highways? What’s the main difference between streets vs. roads vs. highways?



6 National Committee on Urban Transportation, 1958

7 City of Sunnyvale, 1957

8 ITE Street Layout Principles, 1984

9 City of Austin, Comprehensive Plan, 1994



12 Connectivity Measures

13 Benefits of grid…? More direct routes –Less distance Less driving (?) –Less pollution, energy consumption, noise, etc. More walking/biking –More exercise, less weight, better health, etc. –Better efficiency Emergency response time City services

14 Source: Handy, Paterson, and Butler 2003


16 Source:

17 Berkeley Diverters Source:

18 Village Homes, Davis Source: Google Maps

19 Davis Greenbelt System

20 Source: Google Maps Houten, Netherlands

21 Source: Google Maps

22 Facility Design Responsibility for building: –City/County: local streets, collectors, arterials –State: highways, freeways Influence on professional practice: –Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) –American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO)




26 Source:




30 Innovations/Trends Traffic Calming Skinny Streets “Complete the Streets” Context-Sensitive Design Others…

31 Traffic Calming "Traffic calming is the combination of mainly physical measures that reduce the negative effects of motor vehicle use, alter driver behavior and improve conditions for non-motorized street users." - ITE Subcommittee on Traffic Calming

32 Speed Control Measures Vertical DeflectionHorizontal Deflection Horizontal Narrowing Other Measures Speed HumpsTraffic CirclesNeckdownsExamples Speed TablesRoundabouts Center Island Narrowings Raised CrosswalksChicanesChockers Raised IntersectionsRealigned Intersections Textured Pavements Speed Lumps * Speed Cushion * Split Speed Hump * Volume Control Measures Divertive, RestrictiveOther Measures Full ClosuresExamples Half Closures Diagonal Diverters Lateral Shift * Median Barriers

33 Traffic Circles Roundabouts

34 Chicanes Neckdowns

35 Narrow Street Scenarios 28’ 52-56’ 24’ 47-52’ 20’ 42-48’,13,Narrow Street Scenarios

36 Narrow Streets Canyon Rim Village, Medford,11,Narrow Streets

37 Marcy McInelly, SERA/Urbsworks Sustainable Streets …are rights of way designed and operated to create benefits relating to mobility, ecology and community that support a broad sustainability agenda...

38 Sustainable Street Design  Network design: alignment, sizing, connectivity  Allocation of right of way space  Component design: paving, landscape, lighting, furnishings  Sub-grade engineering and design Marcy McInelly, SERA/Urbsworks

39  Planning, Policy and Institutional Activities  Construction  Operations & Management  Maintenance, Restoration & Repair Marcy McInelly, SERA/Urbsworks Beyond Street Design

40 Photo: Marcy McInelly, SERA/Urbsworks Movement Ecology Community Pillars of Sustainable Streets Marcy McInelly, SERA/Urbsworks

41 Riverfront Parkway and Downtown Streets, Chattanooga, TN Roadway Modifications Image: City of Chattanooga and River City Company

42 Riverfront Parkway, Chattanooga, TN “Before” Conditions Image: City of Chattanooga and River City Company

43 Image: City of Chattanooga Reconstructed Riverfront Parkway



46 “Context-Sensitive Design”


48 Next up: Pavements

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