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Constitutional Monarchy vs. Democracy

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1 Constitutional Monarchy vs. Democracy
By Mr. Corey Constitutional Monarchy vs. Democracy

2 Executive (President vs. Prime Minister)
United States has a Presidential System. The president is elected by the popular vote and electoral college. The apex of main power is the President (Commander and Chief) Similar to the president. Parliamentary System, Prime Minister holds office and power. Only can hold power if he or she has a majority of Votes in the House of Commons.

3 President Vs. Prime Minister
President holds a lot more power than Prime Minister Considered Commander in chief. Can issue orders that become THE LAW Checks and Balances polices the presidents power. Leads the government Prime minister has a great amount of power for passing laws. Prime minister has more ability to pass laws than president (no check and balances)

4 Constitution Constitution Acts of Parliament
US has a written constitution Laws and Bill of Rights state the general mission of our country. UK does not have a single document. Has constitutional provisions (laws) that are scattered all over the Parliament.

5 Constitution Continued
Acts of Parliament Constitution is very hard to change and in some cases impossible to change. Acts of Parliament can be changed by majority in legislature.

6 Political Parties United States UK
Democratic and Republican Parties dominate the politics in the United States. Independents only have a small part of the vote. Conservative and Labour are the two main parties. UK Independence Party holds some power.

7 Elections and Campaigns
US UK Elections for President Candidates are elected by the people Election Lasts two years Prime Minister’s term is generally 5 years but the Prime Minister can call an election at any time. It is considered cowardly to wait the full 5 years. Candidates are chosen by the party Elections last just 4 weeks.

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