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Latitude and Longitude

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1 Latitude and Longitude
Geography Latitude and Longitude By Nick Pignatore

2 What is Geography? Geography is the study of physical things and cultural things found on earth. Geo means “Earth” Graphy means “to write or describe” Linked to:

3 Five Themes of Geography
Location Place Movement Human-Environment Interaction Regions

4 Latitude A set of imaginary lines that circle the earth to help find locations Lines run from east to west Lines of latitude are also called parallels Measured in degrees North and South of the Equator Image obtained at:

5 Longitude A set of imaginary lines that circle the earth to help find locations Lines run from north to south Lines of longitude are also called meridians Measured in degrees East and West of the Prime Meridian Image obtained at:

6 Similarities and Differences: Latitude and Longitude

7 Special Lines Equator Prime Meridian International Date Line
Tropic of Cancer Tropic of Capricorn Explain that Tropics are there, but don’t go into detail about them: They are not important enough to risk confusion.

8 Lat./Long. Relationship Analogy

9 Location Absolute Location: Uses latitude and longitude to indicate a specific point on earth. Example: Lincoln, NE is at 45 deg. North, 110 deg. West Relative Location: Tells where something is in relation to something else. Example: Salt Creek is near Lincoln Linked to:

10 If you can trace two lines…
…You can find ANY location on the globe! Find the absolute location of New York City What is the relative location of California? What is at 40N,105W? New York City is located at 40N, 74W. Denver, CO

11 Challenge: Next to Pizza Hut is to Relative Location as Coordinates are to _________? 45 degrees North is to 45 degrees South as 50 degrees West is to ________? Absolute Location 50 Degrees East Image obtained at: Machu Picchu 13S 72W Bonus!! What is this famous landmark and what are its coordinates?

12 Review Latitude runs east-west but is measured north-south.
Longitude runs north-south but is measured east-west. The Equator and Prime Meridian are VITAL reference points. What is the difference between absolute and relative location? Allow class to practice finding various cities on maps and globes. Use absolute and relative location to describe each place. Break into groups of 3-5 and locate 10 major cities per group. Bonus question: What is the purpose of the International Date Line?

13 Equator

14 Prime Meridian Prime Meridian obtained at:

15 International Date Line

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