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Five Themes of Geography

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1 Five Themes of Geography

2 What is Geography Geography
Geography is the study of where people, places and things are located and of the ways in which things relate to each other

3 The Five Themes of Geography
Location Place Human-Environment interaction Movement Region

4 Location Absolute Location - A places position on the globe
Equator – circles the globe halfway between the north and south poles. It divides the world into north and south hemisphere Lines of Latitude – run parallel to the equator and measures distance north or south Lines of longitude – they run north and south between the tow poles and measure distance east and west Prime Meridian – line of longitude at zero degree that runs through Greenwich, England Relative Location – Where a place is located in relation to other places

5 Place Place – how places are similar and distinct from one another
Physical characteristics – unique characteristics such as landforms, vegetation, and climate Human characteristics – urban growth, farming techniques, architectural styles, religion, and politics

6 Human-Environment Interaction
Human-environment interaction – How people use their environment Some changes are intentional and some are accidental Some changes are positive and some are negative

7 Movement Movement – impact that geography has upon the movement of people, goods and ideas through a place

8 Regions Regions – Group of places with at least one common characteristic Formal Region – certain characteristics are found throughout the area Functional Region – one central place and the surrounding places affected by it Perceptual Region – a region in which people perceive, or see the characteristics of the region in the same way * A place may be part of more than one region Examples Formal – U.S.A., Nebraska, , grain belt, sun belt Functional Region – Omaha Metro area, New York and the surrounding areas

9 Omaha Explain Location Absolute Relative Place
Human-Environment interaction Movement Region

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