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Age of acquisition and Critical period Hypothesis

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1 Age of acquisition and Critical period Hypothesis
Spada, p Miss. Mona AL-Kahtani

2 What is Critical Period Hypothesis in L2? When?
Do you think it is related to success in second language acquisition?? Miss. Mona AL-Kahtani

3 For Example: Joseph Conrad
He is regarded as one of the greatest novelists in English, though he did not speak the language fluently until he was in his twenties (and then always with a marked Polish accent). Miss. Mona AL-Kahtani

4 After Critical Period, Adults rely more on learning abilities, more than the biological innate structure that has been suggested to help acquisition. It has been suggested that these learning abilities can be less affective than the innate ability in regards to language learning. Miss. Mona AL-Kahtani

5 Comparing young language learners and adults is not only affected by CPH. The conditions for learning are different. Miss. Mona AL-Kahtani

6 Some researchers suggested that younger learners have the advantage over adult learners.
Young Learners Adults Ample time. More opportunities. Pressure to talk Errors Ample Time Forced to talk embarrassment affect motivation Miss. Mona AL-Kahtani

7 Other researchers believed that adults can be more successful than younger learners.
Metalinguistic awareness Problem-solving skills Memory strategies Miss. Mona AL-Kahtani

8 Does this mean that there is no critical period fro second language acquisition???
Miss. Mona AL-Kahtani

9 Take a minute and think of what describes a native-like speaker.
Language and accent ? is not only an accent? Miss. Mona AL-Kahtani

10 With CPH Against CPH Patkowski (1980) studied the relationship between age and language acquisition features other than accent. He found that the age of acquisition is very important factor in the development of native-like mastery of L2. Snow & Hoefnagel-Hohle (1978) found that adolescents and adults are more successful in learning that younger learners. Miss. Mona AL-Kahtani

11 So, What is the best age to start teaching a language?
“Younger is better” Maturity in language acquisition. Accent : So What?! ample time vs. age of acquisition Is it important to be native-like speaker? L2 early instruction and first language. Early age and amount of instruction. Miss. Mona AL-Kahtani

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