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Implementing & Practicing the No-Huddle

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1 Implementing & Practicing the No-Huddle
Jay Wilkinson Offensive Coordinator Broken Arrow High School

2 Offensive Coordinator Broken Arrow High School
Jay Wilkinson Offensive Coordinator Broken Arrow High School

3 Reasons why we don’t Huddle
Hate teaching the huddle! Coaches get mad at practice. Wastes valuable practice time. Get a lot more reps at Practice. Something new for the Defense. Control the Tempo of the Game. Kids like it. Freeze - Coaches check the game. Don’t have to practice 2 Minute Offense

4 No Huddle Considerations
Players going both ways! Conditioning Level. Playcaller Not really time to look at a script. Field or Box. If Field, Upstairs communication. Signalers Head Sets Defense How fast do you want to go? Are you going to sell out?

5 Negatives Everything has to have a signal or use bands.
Sometimes you get into a fast rhythm and it is tough to slow down to run the clock. Missed signals. People are always trying to steal your signals. Must make first downs or it puts your Defense in a tough spot. Four Minute Offense

6 Types of No Huddle Systems
Wristbands Signal to Everyone Signal to Skill (QB Must Relay to OL)

7 No Huddle Terminology Words Numbers Combinations of Numbers and Words
Flip Board / Signs

8 Examples of Words Pro Teams are Runs Cars are Quick Game
Dallas = Left, Cowboys = Right Cars are Quick Game One word for run + direction Iowa = Inside Zone, Orange = Right

9 Examples of Bands 1 11 18 2 19 75 3 50 Y CORNER 4 21 5 14 22 6 23
20 2 70 19 75 3 50 Y CORNER 91 HITCH 4 60 MESH Z POST 21 5 14 22 78 Z 6 71 23 50 Y STICK 7 51 H CORNER 24 24 BLUFF 8 61 MESH 25 79 X 9 15 26 51 X STICK 10 72 Z 27 25 BLUFF 60 MESH 28 26 Q 12 18 T 29 27 Q 13 73 X 30 61 H SHALLOW 31 19 T 32 88 16 74 33 99 17 90 HITCH 34 1 11 18 91 SLANT 2 72 T 19 18 H 3 78 T 20 60 Y CROSS Z POST 4 73 Z 21 61 X CROSS Z POST 5 79 Z 22 LANCE 6 91 MINI 23 19 Z 7 24 60 Y CROSS X POST 8 15 25 61 CURL Y CORNER 9 26 91 SPACING 10 60 CURL Z CORNER 27 61 MESH Z POST H WHEEL 61 X SHALLOW 28 78 Z 12 50 SPACING HITCH 29 79 X 13 51 X CORNER 30 88 Q 14 72 Z 31 99 Q 73 X 32 16 90 SLANT 33 73 T 17 DORMAN 34 61 VERTICAL

10 Multiple Tempo System Fast as Possible Indy Regular Freeze
One Word gives formation and play. One or Two each week plus Dummy. Indy Regular Freeze Double Freeze Sugar Huddle Specials, Milk the Clock

11 Hurry Up System Just go as fast as possible all of the time!
Tulsa Use Check and Freeze as Slow Down.

12 Procedure Personnel Group or Tempo Formation – Formation Play
Never try to up tempo with new personnel group or Major Formation Changes. Hurry Up – No Tempo Call Formation – Formation Play Yes – No (Check with Me) (New Play)

13 Questions to ask before we begin
Are we going to keep our current terminology or start fresh? What system are we going to use? Are we going to implement this system in the Junior High? Is this definite or just trying it out? SELL OUT!

14 How to Set it Up Write down everything in the offense.
Don’t use specifics or numbers. Start with the categories first. Personnel Groups, Formations, Tempos, Runs, Snap Count, Quicks, 5 Step, PA, Screens, etc…

15 Make a List Great way to see how much Offense you have.
We do this every Spring / Fall. READY LIST

16 Names, Numbers, Signals, etc…
Once you get your list it is time to start giving everything a name, number, and/or signal. Play Description Number Code Words Signal Inside Zone 34 – 35 Dallas – Cowboy Roping

17 Teach Let kids help with signals.
Start signaling from the first day of practice. Also give the verbal call so everyone is on the same page. Make the guys not going watch the signals. Put the signals on DVD / Hudl.

18 Practice Signal all phases of practice. Work your tempos.
Inside Run is the exception. Work your tempos. Use headsets if possible. Try to go faster than game speed! Everything Scripted. Wristbands. Scout Defense. Team on Air for Conditioning.

19 Building the Gameplan Script in the Tempos Script in the Freezes
Layout needs to be where you can find everything quickly. Either Ors Half Time Script Sample Script 1 Sample Script 2 Sample Script 3

20 Calling the Game Not much input while you have the ball. Play caller needs to get in a rhythm. Have an opening script. Between series, go over what is working and not and script some plays for next series. Sharpie to Hi-lite things quickly. Script next 2 to 3 starters ?

21 Offensive Coordinator Broken Arrow High School
Questions Jay Wilkinson Offensive Coordinator Broken Arrow High School

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