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No Huddle Concepts Chelsea High School Brad Bush Head Coach

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1 No Huddle Concepts Chelsea High School Brad Bush Head Coach

2 WHY NO HUDDLE? Practice time is reduced…more plays
Control the tempo of the game Forces the QB to become the leader during practice… 2 minute situations are an extension of the offense More plays…more players play Puts stress on the defense in preparation and games

3 DISADVANTAGES Must practice the mechanics of the offense, which takes away from other skill work When playing fast it can create quick 3 and outs, putting pressure on the defense Coach loses some “control” of the offense Limits some of the terminology that you can use when you huddle

4 TEMPOS Huddle “Cruise” “Check” Call plays using a wristband
QB wears the game plan all week “Cruise” Not in a hurry…run the play that is called “Check” Lineup and call a cadence…offense checks with the sideline to determine if play is on or changed

5 TEMPOS “Attack” “Indy”
Players can change formations, but will line up immediately Oline lines up in stance as soon as ball is marked Run the play that is called “Indy” Use the same formation; no change Use a list of plays to call the play EX: Indy 1 would be Trap

6 TEMPOS “Rocket” “2 Minute: Hurry, Hurry” “4 Minute:
As fast as possible Only the head coach signals A select list of plays “2 Minute: Hurry, Hurry” Based on the situation No different than other people’s 2 minute system “4 Minute: Snap the ball in last 5 seconds of the play clock We will huddle during this situation and use the wristband for the QB

7 CALLING THE PLAY Coaches signal to the skilled players
Formation is first Players will line-up in the previous formation after the play is over Play is signaled second Offense stays in the same tempo unless the coach alerts the QB to change the tempo QB communicates with the Offensive Line They only receive the information they need

8 CALLING THE PLAY 2 Signalers QB at the LOS
One is “hot”; one is “dummy” Switch signalers during the game QB at the LOS “#, #, Odd-Set” One number is “hot”; one is “dummy” Allows for the QB to run Check with Me at the LOS Start each series with a sideline huddle…everyone knows the signaler , number, tempo, and situation

In Indy mode the offense is signaled using number 1-10 The QB communicates this number to the Offensive Line These are a series of numbers that are memorized EX: “Indy 1” Belly to the left If it is a protection the route is signaled to the skilled players

The play must have a name and number The name of the play correlates to the signal The numbers are given to the offensive line Offensive linemen only hear the numbers QB may check the play at LOS or call the play based on a package PASS PLAYS The route combination is signaled to the skilled players The offensive line only hears the pass protection The QB has to know the protection that goes with the route or the QB will check at the LOS

11 DRILLS / PRACTICE Everything is no huddle…all drills, groups, team…we never huddle The coach can not become the QB…force the QBs to be the leaders in practice; they must call the plays Do not stop practice to coach during group or team. Coach everything on the fly Coach team period from the sideline…not behind the offense

12 DRILLS / PRACTICE INDY PERIOD: 5-10 minute period early in practice
6 to 8 plays in a row vs. air Practice plays vs. air and the tempo Has a conditioning element to the drill. We don’t condition at the end of practice. Can be done with 1 offensive group or 2. Can mix tempos during the drill.

13 DRILLS / PRACTICE PRESSURE PLAY Done at the end of practice
Goal of drill is to execute a critical play when tired Align the offense on the 3; rest of the team in the back of the end zone. On the whistle, the team runs 40 yards and back. The offense executes the play. Work three 2 point plays every Wednesday

14 DRILLS / PRACTICE INSIDE RUN / PASS SKELLY Every play is signaled
Coach is on the sideline signaling The QB must call all the plays The drill is filmed; coach from the film Inside Run: Coach is behind the offense signaling to the QB / RB QB communicates to Offensive Line

15 DRILLS / PRACTICE TEAM All team periods are scripted
Only one signaler on the sideline Use multiple tempos during the period 8-10 plays before rotating The scout defense must get coached on “the fly” Team is always a short fast paced period…do not stop to coach…we want as many plays as possible

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