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Copyright © 2010 by Walter R. Underwood. All rights reserved. Permission granted for Scouting units to copy or use this material, in whole or in part,

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1 Copyright © 2010 by Walter R. Underwood. All rights reserved. Permission granted for Scouting units to copy or use this material, in whole or in part, so long as attribution is given. Others please contact the author. Lightweight Gear for Scouts Walter Underwood Asst. Scoutmaster, Troop 14


3 Lightweight Gear – Nov. 2010Slide 2 Why Go Lightweight? Safer than heavyweight Fewer injuries Tired leaders are not good leaders Cheaper Less gear Simpler gear 20 pounds is a lot for a Tenderfoot 25% of body weight! More fun!

4 Lightweight Gear – Nov. 2010Slide 3 What is Lightweight? Pack Weight Base Weight Traditional30-40Over 20 Lightweight20-30Under 20 Ultralight10-20Under 10 Superultralight (SUL)Under 10Under 5 Definitions: Pack weight: with food, water, fuel Base weight: only non-consumables

5 Eight Days in the Sierras 18 lbs personal gear 4 lbs crew gear Crew first aid kit (1.5 lbs) 2m ham radio Stove and fuel 10 lbs food 4 lbs water 36 lbs Plus, 6 pounds luxury Chair, camera, book Lightweight Gear – Nov. 2010Slide 4

6 Lightweight Gear – Nov. 2010Slide 5 How to Lighten Up? 1.Enough gear to be safe, comfortable, and confident (depends on skill and planning). 2.Know the actual weight of each item. 3.Use multipurpose items. 4.Consider the heaviest items first. 5.Use the smallest items that will meet your needs. 6.Choose gear that is lightweight, useful, sturdy, and dependable.

7 Lightweight Gear – Nov. 2010Slide 6 The Big Three About half of base weight is in three areas: Pack Shelter Sleep system (bag + pad) Also your most expensive gear Traditional: 3 to 5 pounds each Lightweight: under 3 pounds each Ultralight: under 2 pounds each

8 Lightweight Gear – Nov. 2010Slide 7 Pack Advice Big enough for your stuff (does your sleeping bag fit?) 55-65 liters (3400-4000 in 3 ) is plenty Must be comfortable Try it on with 25-30 pounds and walk around More rigid frame is easier to pack Pockets, zippers, and straps add weight Ultralight fabrics may be too fragile for boys More and lighter choices with internal frame

9 Lightweight Gear – Nov. 2010Slide 8 How to Make Packs Lighter Get rid of: Pockets Zippers Straps and buckles Lid Use less-rigid frame (or no frame) Use less or lighter padding on hipbelt/straps Use non-adjustable frame Use lighter fabrics

10 Lightweight Gear – Nov. 2010Slide 9 Packs at 5, 3, and 2 pounds

11 Lightweight Gear – Nov. 2010Slide 10 Example Packs BagLitersWeightPrice Gregory Baltoro 70705-9$290 Kelty Coyote 4750785-1$160 REI Ridgeline 65654-4$200 Gregory Z55553-5$200 REI Flash 65653-2$150 Six Moon Designs Starlite651-14$175 Gossamer Gear G4651-0$135

12 Lightweight Gear – Nov. 2010Slide 11 Sleeping Bag and Pad Bag keeps you warm from the cold air Pad keeps you warm from the cold ground Pad cushions the hard, lumpy ground Trapped air (“loft”) is insulation Mummy shape is much lighter and warmer 3-season bag (15º–25ºF)

13 Lightweight Gear – Nov. 2010Slide 12 Sleeping Bag Trivia 600 fill down is same weight as synthetic, more expensive, but packs smaller 800+ fill down is expensive (over $350) PrimaLoft packs like down (almost) Smaller bag allows a smaller pack Half the weight is in fabric and zipper Most of the cost is in sewing Check if the zipper gets caught Some bags are skinny (and lighter), try it on!

14 Lightweight Gear – Nov. 2010Slide 13 Example Sleeping Bags BagRatingWeightPrice Coleman Crescent 15+15°F4-4$50 Marmot Trestles 15+15°F3-14$100 Kelty Light Year XP 20+20°F3-5$120 Marmot Axiom 25+25°F2-12$140 The North Face Cats Meow+20°F2-10$150 The North Face Orion+20°F2-8$190 Marmot Helium (850 down)+15ºF1-15$370

15 Lightweight Gear – Nov. 2010Slide 14 Sleeping Pads Best bets: Closed-cell foam (blue Ensolite ® ) Z-Lite (folding waffle foam) Try it in the store for comfort ¾ length is probably enough Self-inflating are expensive Air pads are a big bother (blow up, deflate) Ideal for Scouts: Z-Lite Small, $30, 10 oz.

16 Lightweight Gear – Nov. 2010Slide 15 How to Make a Lighter Tent Make it as simple as possible Get rid of: Inner tent Floor Bug netting Poles Use trekking poles for support Use ultralight fabrics: silnylon, cuben

17 Lightweight Gear – Nov. 2010Slide 16 Lightweight Pyramid Shelter Black Diamond Betamid, 2 lbs. 10 oz, $99

18 Lightweight Gear – Nov. 2010Slide 17 Ultralight Pyramid Shelter Mountain Laurel Designs Speedmid, 1 lb. 4 oz., $185

19 Lightweight Gear – Nov. 2010Slide 18 Example Tents BagWeightPrice REI Half Dome 25-8$180 REI Quarter Dome T24-8$270 Sierra Designs Clip Flashlight 23-14$200 Black Diamond Betamid2-10$100 Black Diamond Beta Light1-8$180 Mountain Laurel Speedmid1-4$185 8x10 silnylon tarp0-14$110

20 Lightweight Gear – Nov. 2010Slide 19 The Big Three: Showdown PackShelterSleepTotalCost Kelty Coyote REI Half Dome Marmot Trestles 15 5-12-144-412-3$459 REI Flash 65 BD Beta Light TNF Cats Meow 3-21-73-47-13$408 SMD Starlite MLD Speedmid TNF Cats Meow 1-140-113-45-13$505 Therm-a-Rest Z-lite pad used for all choices. Half of the weight used for the shelter (two person tents). Floorless shelter weights include 2 oz. for personal groundsheet.

21 Lightweight Gear – Nov. 2010Slide 20 Lightweight Stuff That Works Eating Plastic bowl Lexan spoon Cup (optional) Raingear Equinox silnylon poncho, 8 oz, $45 Frogg Toggs Pro Action rainsuit, 17 oz, $50 ULA rain wrap, 3 oz, $25

22 Lightweight Gear – Nov. 2010Slide 21 More Light Stuff That Works Platypus water reservoirs Soda bottles (a Nalgene weighs 6 oz) Aqua Mira water treatment ($15 for 120 liters) Polycryo ground cloths ($8 pair, 1.5 oz ea.) Photon micro light Petzl Zipka headlamp Milk jug basin

23 Lightweight Gear – Nov. 2010Slide 22 Stuff You Don’t Need Extra shirts, shorts, and pants (wear BSA zipoffs) Big knife Plate, fork One multi-tool per person Camp shoes (hike in comfortable shoes) Water filter (use tablets or Aqua Mira) Daypack (your pack is already light) Extra anything Duplicate crew gear, like big first aid kits, …

24 Lightweight Gear – Nov. 2010Slide 23 Ultralight Suppliers (also has kits and fabric) (freezer bag cooking) (articles, gear)

25 Lightweight Gear – Nov. 2010Slide 24 Discounts on Gear Campmor, sales, 10% Scout discount (call) Sports Basement 10% Scout discount Sierra Trading Post (closeouts) (closeouts) REI Used Gear Sale, first Saturday of every month, 10am, show up early

26 Lightweight Gear – Nov. 2010Slide 25 References Lighten Up, Don Ladigan & Mike Clelland The Complete Walker IV, Fletcher & Rawlins My Sierra gear list: erver/2009/08/gear_list_for_the_emigrant_a nd.html erver/2009/08/gear_list_for_the_emigrant_a nd.html


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