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2 EQUIPMENT Consider what equipment is necessary for safety what equipment should each person have individually what equipment can be shared within a group? what equipment can be shared by the entire expedition? It may be possible to borrow or hire equipment to save on costs If you are going to buy your own, watch for sales at camping shops

3 EQUIPMENT - PACKS Consider how much gear you need – your pack should be big enough your size and strength – lightweight and not too big the conditions – is your pack waterproof? material – ripstop material is less likely to tear badly support – good support is more comfortable ability to move through bush – not too bulky how easy is it to get the pack on and off? pockets and compartments – keep water and snacks handy and also maps, raingear, compass etc

4 EQUIPMENT – PACKING YOUR PACK Make sure you adjust the straps to suit you The pack should fit snugly against you with the weight mainly on your hips To help keep your balance: make sure heavier items are packed lower down in your pack distribute the weight evenly from side to side What will you need most often / urgently? Make sure it's handy Tent may be handy in sleeping bag compartment Keep warm clothes dry in a plastic bag

5 EQUIPMENT – SLEEPING BAGS Consider: - size, shape, weight, material - the conditions Bags are graded according to the temperatures in which you can use them comfortably. Are you a cold or warm sleeper? Ripstop material will prevent tearing Waterproof sleeping bags are expensive, and only necessary if you are sleeping outside Sleeping bag liners help keep your bag clean and warm and can be used on their own in warmer weather

6 EQUIPMENT - TENTS Consider weight, size, construction, material will it protect against the elements, especially wind and rain? how many doors and openings? is there vestibule space for packs? do you have to carry the tent with you? Discuss your needs with the staff at the camping shops – they will be able to advise you on the most suitable tents

7 EQUIPMENT – FIRST AID KITS Keep your own personal first aid kit handy You can make up your own or purchase one from St John / a camping shop / pharmacy Make sure medications are clearly labelled with use and dosage in case of emergency As always, consider weight and size Group first aid kit - consider duration and remoteness of expedition

8 EQUIPMENT - ROPE Is a rope necessary? Do you and other group members have the skills to use ropes?

9 EQUIPMENT – COST TO SET UP Take what you need to be safe, warm and dry in the outdoors - anything else is a waste Tramping is NOT an opportunity to look glamorous Make use of camping shop sales – you can pick up some bargains If you are not a keen tramper, consider borrowing or hiring any equipment you require.

10 EQUIPMENT – MOUNTAIN RADIOS Small battery powered high frequency device that should work even where phones can't Mountain radio service maintains radio communication and provides weather information, message and emergency assistance etc - check times for your area.


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