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Smokies E Equipment and Outfitting for backpacking.

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1 Smokies E Equipment and Outfitting for backpacking

2 Importance of Equipment The need for proper equip. isnt based on extremes in climate. Rather, the smokies are an area of extreme changeability in both precipitation and temperature. It can be 70 today and 20 tomorrow night. Snow can fall as early as Oct. or as late as May. Elevation gain adds to this fact. Also, the humidity is always high.

3 Raingear Rainsuits are a must and should be breathable. They also make an excellent outer layer for cold and wind. Red Ledge is reported to be an excellent brand.


5 Footwear/Boots Hiking boots are rated by load capacity and support. A light pair is made for dayhikes/light loading. A midweight is a good overall pack boot. Heavyweights are for extreme support or loads. Reputable brands include saloman, merrell, scarpa, asolo, and raichle.


7 Clothing-less is more Clothing should be layered and NEVER cotton( not even underwear). Coolmax is preferred for briefs, liner socks, and T- shirts. Trail pants and shirt are excellent. A light layer of fleece and/or thin longjohns are also good.


9 Socks and accessories Socks are of paramount importance. A minimum of 3 pairs will include liners, hikers, and an insulated pair (boots are rarely insulated). Extra items such as hat and gloves can be necessary. Compression stuff sacks are great for packing bulky clothing.

10 Backpacks Packs can be external frame or internal frame (preferred). They are measured in cubic inches (3,800+) & by torso length. There are various features including hydration bladders. Look for capacity, comfort, & cost. Some brands are Kelty, Mountainsmith, Jansport, and Gregory.

11 internal Frame

12 External Frame

13 Sleeping Lightweight bags can be down or synthetic (preferred) & are rated by temperature (20). Brands are Kelty, Slumberjack, Marmot, Coleman, North Face, REI, & Campmor. A thermarest mattress adds comfort & insulation. Also a pillow or a sack stuffed with clothes.


15 Tents/Shelter Tents are rated on season, either 3 or 4. The best are aluminum framed, double walled, and free standing. Attributes include strength, weight, and room (a tent can be 2 not 3). Other features include vestibule size, # of doors, set up, & cost. Brands include Kelty, Eureka, Sierra Designs, North Face, MSR, & Big Agnes. Sized by person & sq. feet.

16 Hot Deals


18 Stoves Stove features are cost, ease of use, compactness, fuel, & simmering. Some have an external tank. Always take extra fuel because fuel is life. Some brands are Coleman, Snowpeak, & MSR.


20 Cookware Your cookware can be simple with the addition of 1 large teapot/kettle. There are cooking utensils & eating utensils. An insulated mug is great.


22 Lights There are 2 types of headlights with an LED being advantageous in regards to size, battery life, & less interference with night vision. A candle lantern is a good idea.


24 Water Purification is best done with a filter. Look at speed, cost, filter life, & ease of operation. Use nalgene bottles(2), cantenes, or a bladder to store water. Boiling & tablets are alternatives. Brands are Katadyn & MSR.


26 Miscellaneous 1 st Aid, Matches, Personals, Trowel, TP, Soap, Toothbrush, Trekking poles, Watch, Compass, Map, Fire starter, Knife, Sunglasses, insect repellant, sunscreen,?


28 Food MRE, Dehydrated Backpackers Gourmet, One pot noodle/rice meals with packaged meat, oatmeal, trail mix, smoked sausage, jerky, cheese, pita bread, chips, etc.. Look at cost, bulk, & palatability.


30 Other Manufacturers REI-tents, clothes, packs Boots-Hi-tec, Vasque, Columbia Packs/clothes-Lowe Alpine

31 Retailers,,,, others

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