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Selling Addressable Systems: MS-9050UD

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1 Selling Addressable Systems: MS-9050UD

2 Product Overview MS-9050UD Ideal for small to medium facilities
Perfect for replacing conventional systems A single PC board, includes: All electronics 3 amp power supply Built-in digital communicator Optional Internet Communicator (IPDACT) Converts DACT-UD signals to Ethernet Planned for June 2006 release MS-9050UD Sales Presentation

3 Product Overview MS-9050UD Continued Easy to install, program and use
Meets many application requirements Features new larger enclosure with electronics on easy-to-remove chassis MS-9050UD Sales Presentation

4 Product Overview MS-9050UD Continued
Look and feel of larger Fire-Lite addressable panels Menus and selections follow standard Fire-Lite panels and reduce training required Support for 50 addressable devices of any type on one signaling line circuit MS-9050UD Sales Presentation

5 Product Overview MS-9050UD Continued Standard features:
User-friendly LCD Display 2 NAC circuits with built-in synchronization for System Sensor, Wheelock, Gentex, AMSECO and Faraday devices 3 Form-C relays standard Trouble (non-programmable) Alarm and Supervisory are programmable for other functions 3-amp power supply MS-9050UD Sales Presentation

6 Product Overview Programming options
From the front panel keyboard or PS-2 keyboard A standard PC keyboard can be plugged into the board's PS-2 connector to facilitate keystrokes From any computer serving as a programming terminal Requires Windows® 98 or greater, a modem and Fire-Lite's PK-CD Upload/Download software kit Information that can be retrieved includes: History file Walk test data Current status and system voltages MS-9050UD Sales Presentation

7 Options ANN-80 Remote Annunciator Liquid Crystal Display
80-Character Display (4 lines 20 characters each) Provides complete event description Maximum of 8 per system, 6,000 feet max between each Permits remote displays at convenient building locations Switches for the remote execution of Acknowledge, Alarm Silence, Reset and Drill functions Permits system control from remote location Access controlled by key switch Prohibits unauthorized operation MS-9050UD Sales Presentation

8 Options ANN-I/O Lamp Driver module for interfacing with custom graphic annunciator displays Permits first responders/fire fighters to quickly locate devices in alarm EIA-485 6000 ft ANN-I/O Graphic Annunciator MS-9050UD Sales Presentation

9 Options Ann-S/PG Printer Gateway
Allows serial or parallel printer to be placed anywhere on ANN-Bus 6,000 feet max from panel Permits remote printer at convenient building locations Supports new UL listed PRN-6F printer or any low-cost serial or parallel printer 6000 ft EIA-485 MS-9050UD Sales Presentation

10 Options ANN-LED LED Annunciator module CE-TR Trim Ring
Can be mounted in special dress panel DP-5150LED for applications where LEDs are required CE-TR Trim Ring Continuous metal trim ring dresses panel for flush mount up to hinge of panel door MS-9050UD Sales Presentation

11 Options 4XTMF Transmitter Module
Reverse polarity alarm and trouble transmitter Permits connection to municipal central stations MS-9050UD Sales Presentation

12 Selling Strategies Target Markets (Who will buy this system?)
Smaller facilities including: Apartment Complexes Banks Cinemas Child Care and Elementary Schools Department Stores Food Stores Places of Worship Restaurants Strip Malls Small Retail Outlet Stores MS-9050UD Sales Presentation

13 Selling Strategies Mid-Rise building targets
Buildings less than 75 feet in height: Dormitories Small Motels Small Hotels Extended Stay Facilities MS-9050UD Sales Presentation

14 Selling Strategies Vertical Market targets
Commercial buildings including: Light Manufacturing Stand Alone Warehouse Telecommunication Systems Smaller Corporate Headquarters Healthcare including: Smaller Hospitals and Clinics Nursing Homes Retirement or Assisted Living Facilities MS-9050UD Sales Presentation

15 Selling Strategies Typical Customer Profiles (Who do I talk to?)
Security or Facility Manager in a small to mid-sized business or public facility: Example: A building such as a small or elementary school or day care facility or place of worship Building Owner or Contractor: Examples: A standalone department store or municipal building MS-9050UD Sales Presentation

16 Selling Strategies Qualifying questions (determine customer need and overcome objections) How dispersed are the devices from the panel? The MS-9050UD's SLC loop can be up to 10,000 feet long What type of building is it? (Motel, Assisted living, Department Store) A single MS-9050UD can support up to 50 devices of any type, detectors or modules. Built-in software logic zones can be programmed to meet any critical need MS-9050UD Sales Presentation

17 Selling Strategies Qualifying questions (determine customer need and overcome objections) Are you constrained by budget limitation? For smaller applications, the MS-9050UD is a compact, cost effective Fire Alarm with built-in control panel/communicator that provides large system technology and quality at a reasonable price MS-9050UD Sales Presentation

18 Selling Strategies Selling Points
Designed for small-sized installations User-friendly interface for easier programming and maintenance Compliance - UL 864 (Fire), NFPA-72 and ULC Supports a wide range of addressable sensors: Photo, Ion, Beam, Heat detectors, Duct Detectors and all the SLC devices supported by Fire-Lite’s larger products MS-9050UD Sales Presentation

19 Selling Strategies Selling Points (Continued)
Supports a variety of notification devices such as: Horns and Strobes (including SpectrAlert Advance Selectable output series of strobes, horns/strobes and speaker/strobes) Integrates or retrofits existing conventional devices Drop in upgrade for MS-9200 Uses existing wire Uses existing intelligent devices MS-9050UD Sales Presentation

20 Features and Benefits FEATURE BENEFIT
One isolated intelligent Signaling Line Circuit (SLC) Style 4, 6, or 7. The MS-9050UD's 1-loop system supports 50 devices of any type. Standard 80-character LCD backlit display, (4 lines x 20 characters). Easy to Use and very intuitive. Allows programming without any additional hardware required. Four (4) Notification Appliance Circuits (NACs) rated at 2.5 amps with Synchronization for System Sensor, Wheelock, Gentex, AMSECO and Faraday devices. Built-in synchronization allows conforming to present day code requirements without need for additional hardware or labor. MS-9050UD Sales Presentation

21 Features and Benefits FEATURE BENEFIT
Fully programmable from local keypad, local PS-2 keyboard or PC via PK-CD Windows® utility. The MS-9050UD is easy to configure and is 100% programmable either locally or remotely. Auto-programming The MS-9050UD has the capability to identify devices by detector or module type to establish fire protection across the entire facility within minutes. MS-9050UD Sales Presentation

22 Features and Benefits FEATURE BENEFIT Programmable Sounder/Relay Base
Provides added functionality by selectively isolating notification local alarms without having to evacuate the entire building. Permits verification of actual alarm, therefore offering cost savings in equipment, labor and time. Remote Programming and Monitoring Permits upload/download of system programming information as well as verification of system parameters, including detector sensitivity without having to leave your office. MS-9050UD Sales Presentation

23 Key Applications Department Store Example
MS-9050UD Sales Presentation

24 Additional Benefits Why sell Addressable over Conventional?
Lower Wiring Costs Shortened Installation Schedule Greater Device Supervision Superior Troubleshooting Rapid and direct identification of the fire threat Simplified fire design and layout MS-9050UD Sales Presentation

25 Conventional Fire Panel
Lower wiring costs Conventional VS Addressable Conventional Fire Panel MS-9050UD MS-9050UD Sales Presentation

26 Shortened installation schedule
Less cabling Less conduit Less hardware Greater flexibility via software Elevator recall HVAC shutdown Access control override MS-9050UD Sales Presentation

27 Greater device supervision
Device presence Is it there or not? Device condition Functional or not Clean vs Dirty Alarm Trouble Type of Device Smoke detector, pull station, etc. MS-9050UD Sales Presentation

28 Superior troubleshooting
Detailed trouble messages Pinpointed device location Individual walk testing Maintenance warnings Alert Urgent Failed Automatic Test MS-9050UD Sales Presentation

29 Rapid and direct identification of fire threat
Advanced notice of pending condition (pre-signal) Detailed alarm messages Specific threat location with label MS-9050UD Sales Presentation

30 Single SLC Simplifies System Design
HVAC Elevator Control MS-9050UD Sales Presentation

31 Compatible Intelligent Detectors
AD355 Adapt Multicriteria Smoke Detector SD355 Photoelectric Smoke Detector SD355T Photoelectric w/Thermal CP355 Ionization Smoke Detector H355 Fixed Thermal Detector H355R Fixed Thermal w/Rate-of-Rise Separate B350LP base (with each head) D350P Photoelectric Smoke Duct Detector D350RP Photoelectric Smoke Duct Detector with Auxiliary Relay SD355 CP355 H355 D350PL MS-9050UD Sales Presentation

32 Intelligent Detectors
AD355 Adapt™ Multicriteria Detector Automatically adjusts sensitivity levels without the need for operator intervention or programming - sensitivity increases with heat Combination photo and thermal technology Alarm verification The intelligent fire sensor that never stops learning. MS-9050UD Sales Presentation

33 Intelligent Detectors
Rotary switches for setting address 00-99 Easy to set in field with screwdriver No programming tools required Easy to identify address MS-9050UD Sales Presentation

34 Addressable Input Modules
MMF-300 Monitor Module For monitoring a circuit of normally-open contact conventional alarm initiating devices MMF-302 Monitor Module For monitoring 2-Wire Smoke Detectors (requires filtered resettable 24 volts) Can be used to retrofit conventional systems to Addressable without costly detector replacement MDF-300 Dual Monitor Module For monitoring normally-open contact alarm initiating devices NFPA Style B only Assumes two sequential addresses on the SLC Provides convenience for monitoring two doors or HVAC fans/dampers and other normally open contacts MS-9050UD Sales Presentation

35 Addressable Input Modules
MMF Ten Class B Initiating Device Circuits MMF Six Class B or Three Class A Initiating Device Circuit Module for Monitoring UL Listed two-wire smoke detectors (requires filtered resettable 24 volts) Both modules provide high density packages for monitoring multiple devices in a small space Mounts in BB-2F or BB-6F backboxes MS-9050UD Sales Presentation

36 Addressable Input Modules
The BB-2F will hold 2 cards (as shown) The BB-6F w/CHS-6 will hold up to 6 cards MS-9050UD Sales Presentation

37 Addressable Input Modules
MMF-301 Mini-Monitor Module For monitoring a single conventional, contact-type device in the same mounting box NFPA Style B only No polling LED MS-9050UD Sales Presentation

38 Addressable Input Modules
BG-12LX Addressable Pull Station Key Resettable Prevents unauthorized reset Dual Action Prevents accidental activation Polling LED viewable through front handle Reassures owner system is active MS-9050UD Sales Presentation

39 Addressable Output Modules
CMF-300 NAC Control Module NFPA Style Y (Class B)/Style Z (Class A) 24 VDC power must be supplied 3-amp maximum load capability Permits system software control of distributed NAC power supplies Programmable for the following: Auto-Silence (timed sounder cutoff) Silence Inhibit Silenceable vs. Non-Silenceable Enable/Disable MS-9050UD Sales Presentation

40 Addressable Output Modules
CRF-300 Relay Control Module Two Form-C Relays that work in unison Use for elevator recall, damper control, door holding, auxiliary control functions, etc. No tabs to break Easy to install Address can be set by simply removing front dress cover MS-9050UD Sales Presentation

41 Addressable Output Modules
CMF-300-6 Six Class B or Three Class A Notification Appliance Circuits High Density package for multiple NAC control circuits CRF-300-6 Six Form-C Contacts Provides high density package for multiple relay control functions Mounts 2 in BB-2F or 6 in BB-6F backboxes MS-9050UD Sales Presentation

42 MS-9050UD Summary Ease of installation and programming
Faster setup - reduces number of man hours required per system Individual point reporting through communicator Provides accurate location to first responders Two synchronized NACs for System Sensor, Wheelock, Gentex, AMSECO and Faraday devices Allows connection to different devices on separate circuits for easier and less-costly retrofit MS-9050UD Sales Presentation

43 MS-9050UD Summary Three Form-C relays standard
Trouble (non-programmable) Alarm and Supervisory are programmable for other functions Programmable from internal keypad, a PS2 keyboard or a personal computer MS-9050UD Sales Presentation

44 MS-9050UD Summary Provides advanced maintenance and troubleshooting
Auto Detector testing (no special tools or tester required) Drift Compensation Maintains alarm window as detector becomes dirty Maintenance Alert Alerts when detectors need to be cleaned Auto device type validation Immediately identifies what is connected to the panel for faster setup MS-9050UD Sales Presentation

45 Thank You

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