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Preposition Tina Rodvong Mods 5-7.

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1 Preposition Tina Rodvong Mods 5-7

2 Preposition Preposition is a word that relates two other words in the sentence. Preposition show a relationship between one word in the sentence and the noun that follows the preposition.

3 Common Preposition A- About Aside Above According Across Apart After
Against Along Among Around At Ahead Aside According Apart Away As A- Along the sidewalk, an old was walking his dog. Among all the people, the girl stood out because she was different.

4 Common Preposition B - C
Before Behind Below Beneath Beside Between But By Concerning But is very seldom a prepositions. When it is use as a preposition, but means the same as except. Preposition Everyone loves that car, but Kristy.

5 Common Prepositions D-L Despite Down During Except
For From In Inside Into Like D-L Be careful For can be use as a coordination conjunction

6 Common Prepositions N-P Near Of Off On Onto Out Outside Over Past
Near the door, there was a broken computer.

7 Common Prepositions S-T Since Through Throughout Till To Toward
Throughout the day, she was sleeping.

8 Common Prepositions U-W Under Underneath Until Up With Within Without

9 Two and Three Word Prepositions
According to Because of In addition to In back of In front of In place of In spite of Instead of Next to

10 Examples Chi is sitting in the rain. The umbrella is over Chi’s head.
Chi is outside the house.

11 Prepositional Phrase Preposition + optional modifier + noun
Understand how to form a prepositional phrase, Preposition + optional modifier + noun Examples at home - at (preposition) home (noun) under the sink – under (preposition) the (modifier) sink (noun)

12 Examples Chi is a computer according to the book.
In spite of the fact that Chi is a computer, she has emotions. Because of Chi’s emotions, she is almost human.

13 Warning A preposition always comes at the beginning of a Prepositional phrase which ends with a noun. Some of the words cited as prepositions here can be used as adverbs.

14 Be Careful But and For usually functions as a coordination conjunction. Examples as coordination conjunction Nicky, my friend, loves to design clothes but hates sewing clothes. Sissy hates to cry in front of people, for it makes her feel weak.

15 Be Careful Some preposition also function as subordinate conjunctions
After As Before Since Until Subordinate conjunction have both a subject and a verb following it.

16 Example of subordinate conjunctions
Before I walked away... Before=subordinate conjunction I=subject Walked=verb If you have a noun following one of the preposition, then it is a prepositional phrase.


18 Good Luck

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