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Convergence from a Customer’s View A journey or a destination.

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1 Convergence from a Customer’s View A journey or a destination

2 Why UC Not going to talk about : Why UC Not going to talk about : What is UC Not going to talk about : Best UC company If you are going to UC there are choices now on the voice side for how to IP enable your phones

3 Goals for the Discussion 1.Challenge the paradigm that IP voice must go on a Data LAN to be fully converged 2.Provide you a choice that you never knew you had before 3.Give you knowledge so you can make the best decision for your organization

4 Internet Cell PSTN DATA LANVOICE LAN DATA LAN Unified Communications Applications CONVERGENCE Tremendous Business Value in Unified Communications & IP Telephony IP Phone A Complete End to End Solution Including a Sound Foundation

5 Understanding Your Objective Ensure a good user experience –Quality of Service & Reliability. Eliminate or reduce financial risk –Pre, During and Post Deployment. Proper Budget Allocation –Foundation, Gear, Applications Build Sound Network Foundation –QoS –Voice Continuity –Non Disruptive –Easy To Manage –Future Proof Network Brand Protection –Success - on budget on time. Highest Return on Investment… …Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

6 The Value of the Current State Desktop Voice Data Five 9’s QoS Built for Real Time Voice Requirements Point-to-Point topology Built for Data Distributed Topology Near Time Delivery Acceptable Desktop Data Path Voice Path PSTNInternet PBX 1234 1234 Data Packets Voice Packets

7 The Right Foundation - Key To Success Your Choices: Prior to Innovation: Converge at every desktop with IP phone acting as switch for data device. After Innovation: Converge once centrally leveraging your existing voice infrastructure. Converged LAN foundation is critical to IP telephony and Unified Communication success.

8 Prior To Innovation Internet One Network One Paths Existing Voice Infrastructure Not Used Data switch reach limitations and wiring requirements did not give businesses many options. Convergence Point is every IP phone.

9 Post Innovation Internet IP Phone PhyAdapter One Network….Two Paths Data PathVoice Path PSTN Ethernet & PoE over existing voice infrastructure with 4 times the reach. Convergence is once centrally in main closet.

10 Review Your Options What’s best for your business eliminating any industry biases and conflict of interest. Desk Top ConvergenceCentral Convergence

11 Understand Your Options Knowledge is Power - Technology Considerations ConsiderationDesk Top ConvergenceCentral Convergence LAN assessmentRecommended to understand if data network can support voice requirements. Not Required - Dedicated bandwidth for voice. New InfrastructureCabling - CAT 5E or more is recommended. Not Required - Leverage existing proven reliable. Time To Deploy.Professional Service Time Required - High for your staff and ours. Quicker and Lower Cost allocated to Professional Services for Planning. IDF ClosetsBack up power & Cooling.Not Required - All switches in main closet.

12 Understand Your Options Knowledge is Power - Business Considerations ConsiderationDesk Top ConvergenceCentral Convergence Network or Business Disruption. Rip and replacing your infrastructure and network may cause disruption. Complimenting existing data LAN leveraging proven reliable voice infrastructure minimizes disruption. Financial Considerations Difficult to provide complete pricing for overall project given unknowns of a rip and replace strategy. We can provide you with a not to exceed pricing once we complete the no cost site survey. Voice Quality of Service Subjective and will require monitoring and management. Guaranteed on a Phybridge backbone given dedicated bandwidth for each phone. Voice ContinuityDependent on Data LAN. If data LAN fails, voice fails. We can configure for voice to continue if data LAN fails.

13 Understand Your Options Knowledge is Power - Business Considerations ConsiderationDesk Top ConvergenceCentral Convergence LAN ManagementMore involved given every device impacts every other device on the network. May require software & professional services. Simple given physical separation. Data changes and increasing bandwidth loads will not impact voice quality or reliability. Provider Dependency Potentially - Given complexity of network management you may require more support and greater maintenance requirements. Non - Voice switches compliment data switches while providing an integrated management capability. Two vendors, we will keep them both honest.

14 Understand Your Options Knowledge is Power - Business Considerations ConsiderationDesk Top ConvergenceCentral Convergence Return on Investment. More of budget will be allocated to the infrastructure to support and manage the IP telephony solution. By reducing LAN readiness and management costs we can allocate more of your budget to Applications and application adoption driving a better return on investment for you. Future Communication Requirements More Data speeds required to desk top you will spend more on: New Phone, New PoE, and New higher speed switches. Significant savings - No new IP phone, No need for PoE to support higher bandwidth for computers.

15 15 $75 per phone savings Only difference is PoE - $5,000 per 48 port switch Convergence Today, Gigabit Tomorrow $50 to $100 per phone savings. Gigabit phone not required Up to $5000 per switch savings PoE Not Required. New POE New Gigabit Phones NO POE 10/100 IP Phone SAVINGS Per 48 Users: 48 Port Switch$5,000 48 Gigabit Phones$3,600 Phones & PoE $8,600 Plus: less disruption & risk.

16 Blinded by Industry Biases? The Unfortunate Reality: Your data switch provider may not recommend the alternative even if it is better for you. We are committed to your success with no biases. Your Success - Our goal.

17 Your Objective, Our Goal.  Ensure a good user experience  Quality, Reliability, Application Focus  Eliminate or reduce financial risk  Pre, During and Post Deployment.  Proper Budget Allocation  Foundation, Gear, Applications  Build Sound Network Foundation  QoS  Voice Continuity  Non Disruptive  Easy To Manage  Future Proof Network  Brand Protection  Success - on budget on time. Highest Return on Investment Lowest Total Cost of Ownership.

18 Hosted IP PBX Offering Router MPLS or Fibre Small Office Router MPLS or Fibre Large Office Home Office Router Hosted IP PBX SERVER Making Office Deployment Quick, Easy, Repeatable, Predictable, Scalable Wiring Closet

19 Emergency response Local responders need the EXACT location so they can react immediately Remote responders need the address Point to point topology is the only way to accurately pinpoint exact location Allowing the movement of devices throughout the buildings or across the campus, while maintaining control Dynamic or Manual updates

20 High Quality Network Switch  24 & 48 port configuration, stackable  Two Ethernet ports for daisy chaining or spanning tree for redundancy  Fiber connections for multiple buildings, campuses  Remote management  Ethernet with PoE over a single pair with 1200 foot reach. – NO LOCAL POWER REQUIRED.

21 21  Used for hosted deployment across many locations  To corporate offices with thousands of users  Deployment and management experience will be the same given standard topology  Eliminate risk, reduce stress and save money. Eliminate Risk With Standard Deployment London Toronto New York Los Angeles

22 Customer Experiences Trans Union Credit - 1,400 end points Competition Offering Estimated Provided to customer - $1,800,000 1.5 years to deploy Phybridge Partner Offering $300,000 - Savings of $1.5 million Fast track project by approximately 9 months Eastern Illinois College - 600 users. Competition Offering No economically viable way to address LAN readiness requirements and cost. Phybridge Partner Offering Introduces Phybridge creating a winning differentiator with significant financial savings.

23 Customer Experiences European Government - 20,000 end points Competition Offering No option for IP telephony on existing infrastructure. Not aware of Phybridge Offering Phybridge Partner Offering Introduces Phybridge Ability to customer Customer tests and re issues RFP Partner wins deal, displacing competition as provider. State Government - 50,000 end points Competition Offering Pilot Failed - Quality issues Could not provide pricing Phybridge Partner Offering Successful Pilot of 7 sites, all deployed in a single day. Partner provided pricing for end- to-end solution.

24 Which is Better for Customers? Lower Total Cost of Ownership Leverage proven infrastructure Non-disruptive deployment Easy plug-and-play deployment Quick, overnight deployment Graceful migration –IT Brand Protection. Voice continuity regardless of LAN Simple UPS management Dedicated Physical Path for Voice, no configuration required. QoS guaranteed regardless of Data loads. Repeatable, Predictable, Scalable Guaranteed Pricing, Timing and QoS Better Return on Investment Higher Total Cost of Ownership Replace or add new cabling Disrupt business and data network Expertise required to configure & manage IT Team Brand Risk Long deployment cycle Rip and replace solution Voice outages issues Complicated UPS strategy Complex configuration required to create a VLAN for voice QoS. Voice QoS Through Continual management and monitor networks. No Two LAN’s Are Alike No Guarantees Converge OnceConverge at Every Desk

25 Opportunity. Gain Knowledge - Make the Right Decision. –The questions they hope you never ask but should. Demonstrate Our Confidence –No obligation proof of concept –Backed by the Phybridge UniPhyer QoS guarantee Commitment to the Best Return on Investment –Work with you to ensure users adopt the applications that will drive cost savings, higher efficiency, and improved customer satisfaction.

26 Thank You We’re migrating 1,400 users and are saving over $1.5 million in LAN readiness costs while fast tracking the migration to IP telephony by 9 months thanks to the Phybridge UniPhyer”. IT Director, Credit Agency Customer References Available.

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