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Nortel Networks Passport 1600 Intelligent Ethernet Switches.

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1 Nortel Networks Passport 1600 Intelligent Ethernet Switches

2 Passport 1600 - 2 Passport 1600 series Business Climate Introducing the Passport 1600 Product Attributes Feature Summary Applications and Solutions How to Order

3 Passport 1600 - 3 Business Climate “(Enterprises) More than half (56 percent) are increasing relying on technology to differentiate their businesses.” VAR Business “Enterprises are tapping VoIP solutions to benefit from network convergence in the LAN and WAN.” C. Broders, Current Analysis “Over 60% of Enterprises agree that implementing telephony is no longer a question of “if we should to it but is now a question of “when we should do it”.” IP Telephony : Probing the shift in Market Demand, InfoTech

4 Passport 1600 - 4 Infrastructure Drivers Revenue and Productivity Opportunities: –Network demands are changing –Increased demand for performance and reliability –Network as flexible as business needs Cost-Saving Opportunities: –Greater intelligent bandwidth requirements –Reduced infrastructure costs –Simplified connection management –Reduced network operating complexity Major Events: Political / Environmental Factors –VoIP trials are the “hot” topic –Networks seen as the competitive edge

5 Passport 1600 - 5 Nortel Networks Ethernet Switching Passport 8600 BayStack 380-24T BayStac k 470-48T Price/Port Performance BayStack 450 & BPS2000 Passport 1424T BayStack 420-24T New Passport 1612G Passport 1624G Passport 1648T BayStack 380-24F

6 Passport 1600 - 6 Nortel delivers “end-to-end” solutions BayStac k 470-48T Stackable 10/100 switching GBIC gigabit connectivity DMLT BayStack 380-24T 10/100/1000 switching MLT SNMPv3 BayStack 450 & BPS2000 Stackable 10/100 switching QOS enabled DMLT Passport 8600 L2-7 switching Wire speed routing Five 9s reliability Passport 1424T L3 switching Wire speed routing Multicast BayStack 420-24T Stackable 10/100 switching Auto polarity GBIC gigabit connectivity Wiring Closet Network Core New L3 switching Wire speed routing SMLT and QoS Passport 16xx BayStack 460 Power over Ethernet 10/100 switching Gigabit uplink BayStack 380-24F

7 Passport 1600 - 7 Passport 1600 series Application performance –Wire speed routing and non-blocking switch fabric –QoS support with Diffserv and.p –Policing and shaping* –Network core and wiring closet models Reliability in the network core –Passport proven reliability –Redundant power supplies –SMLT* and MLT –Multi-layer resiliency Security of Data –Packet filtering –Multi-level access and access policies* –Radius and SSH* support –SNMPv3* * Implemented in Phase 2

8 Passport 1600 - 8 Passport 1600 series definition Passport 1624G and 1612G –12 or 24 small form factor (SFP) GBICS (SX, LX, CWDM) –Wire-speed non-blocking switch fabric –1U high –4 hardware priority queues –JDM and OSM support –Redundant power supplies Passport 1648T –48 10/100 Ethernet ports plus 4 SFP GBICs (SX, LX, CWDM) –Wire-speed non-blocking switch fabric –1U high –4 hardware priority queues –JDM and OSM support –Redundant power supplies Passport 1612GPassport 1624G Passport 1648T Fixed-port hardware-based L3 Routing Switches Core Access

9 Passport 1600 - 9 Application Performance Wire speed routing means better application response times Non-blocking architecture means packets aren’t dropped 4 hardware queues provide granularity for multiple applications Network core scalability with 32k records and support for up to 2048 VLANS Policing and shaping* smooth traffic for better bandwidth utilization DiffServ and 802.1p deliver varied levels of service for time sensitive applications * Implemented in Phase 2

10 Passport 1600 - 10 Reliability Split MultiLink Trunking* eliminates single points of failure Dual power supplies guarantees uninterruptible business activities JDM and OSM decrease errors and increase network uptime Port mirroring means monitoring without suspending packet traffic VRRP* ensures default gateways are always available * Implemented in Phase 2

11 Passport 1600 - 11 Security Wire speed filtering reduces network congestion and limits access to resources Port mirroring allows monitoring and analyzing of network traffic Multi-level access and policies prevents unauthorized access SNMPv3* enables secure communication for messages and access control SSH* and RADIUS support means reliable secure authentication * Implemented in Phase 2

12 Passport 1600 - 12 Feature Summary Wire speed routing 4 hardware queues Policing and shaping* DiffServ and 802.1p Split Multi-link Trunking* Port mirroring JDM and OSM support Dual power supplies Wire speed filtering Multi-level access and access policies* SNMPv3* SSH* and RADIUS support Reliability Application Performance Security

13 Passport 1600 - 13 Network Edge Passport 1648T BPS Passport 8600 Servers High Density Core level reliability QoS with 4 queues New

14 Passport 1600 - 14 Aggregation BPS Passport 1624G Passport 5430 Gigabit Port aggregation Increased network performance Fewer router ports New BS 460

15 Passport 1600 - 15 Putting it all together! Headquarters Remote Passport 1424Ts Passport 5430 Gigabit aggregation Application performance VoIP enabled End to end QoS Passport 1624G Passport 1648T Passport 1612G

16 Passport 1600 - 16 Nortel Networks Support Services A Portfolio of Support Services Packs Key Differentiators Increased operational efficiencies Reduced operating and administrative costs Dependable turnaround times Quality workmanship and genuine Nortel Networks replacement parts Moves non-revenue producing assets into revenue producing assets Extended quality workmanship onto the customer’s site

17 Passport 1600 - 17 Order Info Partner locator / Part#Description DJ1412x02Passport 1648T Routing Switch with 48 10/100TX ports and 4 SFP GBIC slots. Dual AC power supply DJ1412x03Passport 1612G Routing Switch with 12 small form factor (SFP) GBIC ports. Dual AC power supply DJ1412x04Passport 1624G Routing Switch with 24 small form factor (SFP) GBIC ports. Dual AC power supply

18 Passport 1600 - 18 Key Points Better bandwidth utilization and application response times Increased network scalability Granular control of network traffic Eliminate single points of network failure Decrease errors and increase network uptime Monitor traffic without impacting switch throughput Limit access to network resources Prevent unauthorized switch access Enable secure communications for switch access Application Performance Reliability Security


20 Passport 1600 - 20 Back up slides

21 Passport 1600 - 21 Competitive comparison Passport 1600 series Cisco 3550Extreme Summit 48si Passport 1612G/1624G Cisco 3550- 12G Packets per Second Wire Rate 10/100 Ports 48 00 Gigabit Pts.42112/2412 (2 10/100/1000) SMLT*YesNo, HSRPNoYesNo, HSRP SNMPv3*Yes IGMP, IGMP filtering YesNo, CGMPYes No, CGMP Cost per port $134$140$214$458$832

22 Passport 1600 - 22 Competitive Items Cisco –Difficult and complex to configure –Limited stacking with 2 GB point to point between two units, or 1 GB in configurations with three to eight units –Many of the Integrated Operating System (IOS) features offered have been developed for specific customers, and have little value to the majority of clients Extreme –Summit technology is becoming dated –Extreme relies on Spanning Tree for Layer 2 reliability –Extreme has not kept up in the overall technology realm including IP telephony, optical, VPN’s, or wireless

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