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Words for Production 1. timing [`taImI9] n. [U] the ability to choose the right moment to do something 時機的掌握 Timing is extremely important when it comes.

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2 Words for Production 1. timing [`taImI9] n. [U] the ability to choose the right moment to do something 時機的掌握 Timing is extremely important when it comes to asking for a pay raise: never do it when your boss is in a bad mood. * When it comes to + N/Ving 當談到 … * in a bad mood 心情不好

3 Words for Production 2. appear [1`pIr] vi. to show up; to become visible publicly 出現 After hours of waiting, the rock fans finally saw the superstar appear on the balcony of his hotel room, smiling and waving his hand. 詞類變化 * appear = show up

4 appearance [1`pIr1ns] n. [C] 出 現 The hostess of the party made a brief appearance and then disappeared into the kitchen.

5 Words for Production 3. eloquent [`El1kw1nt] adj. clear, strong, and persuasive in expressing ideas and opinions 有說服力的,雄辯的 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. inspired numerous people across the world with his eloquent speeches. 詞類變化

6 eloquence [`El1kw1ns] n. [U] 雄辯 Once a shy boy, now the man can speak in public with eloquence. * in public = publicly * with eloquence = eloquently

7 Words for Production 4. toil [tOIl] n. [U] long, hard, and tiring physical work, usually with little reward 辛勞,勞苦 After years of toil and hardship, the family successfully built up a farm and a house of their own. 詞類變化

8 toil [tOIl] vi. 辛勞地工作 Experienced housekeepers don't toil over messy rooms. Instead, they know how to finish the job within a minimum amount of time.

9 Words for Production 5. sweat [swEt] n. [U] liquid that comes out through the skin when one is hot, ill, afraid, or doing exercise 汗水 The farmer stopped working, wiped the sweat from his face, and sat down on the ground for a rest. 詞類變化

10 sweat [swEt] vi. 冒汗,流汗 It was so hot that they were sweating all over.

11 Words for Production 6. weary [`wIrI] adj. fed up with or bored of something 厭倦的,厭煩的 After holding the same position at work for seventeen years, the manager eventually grew weary of his work. 詞類變化 * be fed up with 厭倦

12 weary [`wIrI] vt. 使厭倦,使厭煩 I would never offer to baby-sit my three little cousins. I'd be wearied to death with the constant noises and cries.

13 Words for Production 7. straightforward [&stret`fOrw2d] adj. direct, clear, and easy to understand; honest and open 簡單的,易懂的;坦率的,老實的

14 Words for Production 7. straightforward The problem is not quite straightforward as it seems. When asked about why she forgot to pay her phone bill, the woman gave a very straightforward answer — “I forgot.” 詞類變化

15 straightforward [&stret`fOrw2d] adv. 坦率地,直截了當地 Why don't you tell your boyfriend straightforward that the relationship will never work out? * work out 有結果

16 Words for Production 8. potent [`potNt] adj. very powerful and effective; convincing 有說服力的,有影響力的 He produced his potent argument at the meeting and won a lot of support. * potent = convincing

17 Words for Production 9. instantly [`Inst1ntlI] adv. immediately; at onc e 立刻,馬上 Although Nora and I hadn't seen each other for ten years, she recognized me instantly when she saw me at the airport. * instantly = immediately = at once = right away

18 Words for Production 10. numerous [`njum1r1s] adj. many 很多的,許多的 For numerous reasons, this five- star hotel is chosen to be the best beach-side honeymoon hotel on the island. * numerous = many = a lot of

19 Words for Production 11. remark [rI`mArk] vt. to say something as a comment 談到,評論 Mark Twain once remarked that “The best way to cheer yourself is try to cheer someone else up.” * cheer up 高興 ; 歡樂

20 Words for Production 12. confident [`kAnf1d1nt] adj. having strong belief and trust in someone or something 有信心的,充滿自信的 Jenny has studied hard. She is confident that she will pass the exam. 詞類變化

21 confidence [`kAnf1d1ns] n. [U] 信心,自信 They have every confidence in him. They believe he will win the game. * have confidence in 對 … 有信心 * win the game 比賽獲勝

22 Words for Production 13. purposeful [`p3p1sf1l] adj. determined with a clear aim 堅決的,果斷的,有決心的 The new manager has impressed everyone in the department with her positive and purposeful attitude.

23 Words for Production 14. hearty [`hArtI] adj. cheerful, energetic, and enthusiastic 開朗的,熱忱的 At the airport, each member of my homestay family greeted me with a hearty handshake.

24 1. Churchill [`tS3tSIl] n. Sir Winston Churchill, a British statesman and prime minister, one of the greatest political figures of the 20th century (1874-1965) 邱吉爾 Words for Recognition

25 2. Roosevelt [`roz1&vElt] n. Franklin D. Roosevelt, the 32nd president of the United States (1882-1945) 羅斯福 Words for Recognition

26 3. Lenin [`lEnIn] n. Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, a leader of the Russian Revolution(1870-1924) 列寧 Words for Recognition

27 4. simplifier [`sImpl1faI2] n. [C] a person who is good at making things less complicated and therefore easier to do or understand 善於使事情簡單明瞭化的人 Words for Recognition * good at 精於 ; 擅長於

28 5. Ford [fOrd] n. Gerald R. Ford, the 38th president of the United States (1913-) 福特 Words for Recognition

29 6. polio [`polIo] n. [U] an infectious disease that mostly affects children and can cause paralysis in serious cases 小兒麻痺症 Words for Recognition

30 1. on the scene being present and seen where something happens 出現,到現場 Ten minutes after the car accident, the paramedics arrived on the scene, only to find that the driver was already dead. Idioms and Phrases

31 2. cut through to quickly understand or deal with something that is difficult and usually causes problems 切入要點,直搗核心 He always manages to cut through problems and find their solutions. Idioms and Phrases * deal with 處理

32 3. stand out to be much better than others 傑出,出類拔萃 As a judo fighter, she stands out from all the others. Idioms and Phrases

33 4. a great deal of much; a lot of 許多的,大量的 Carter invested a great deal of money and time in exploring the tomb of King Tut, which turned out to be greatly rewarding. Idioms and Phrases * a great deal of = much = a lot of = a great amount of = a great quantity of 修飾不可數名詞 * turn out to be 結果變成

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