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Can you ‘Beat the Inspector’?

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1 Can you ‘Beat the Inspector’?
An Inspector Calls Can you ‘Beat the Inspector’? SK

2 To revise ‘An Inspector Calls’. How to play:
Aim: To revise ‘An Inspector Calls’. How to play: Your team will answer a question, if you are correct you go to the next question. If you are wrong, the other team has a turn. If they get the question right, they have control and can answer the next question. SK

3 Round 1 Act 1 SK

4 Question 1 How does Eric behave at the start of the play? SK

5 Question 2 How do you know? SK

6 Question 3 What are Gerald’s parents called? SK

7 Question 4 Why is this important to Mr Birling? SK

8 Question 5 What does Mr Birling hope will happen to his business after Sheila’s marriage? SK

9 Question 6 What does Mr Birling think about the potential war? SK

10   Question 7 Why does Priestley make Mr Birling talk about Titanic?

11 Question 8 What is the effect of the following line: “…so long as we behave ourselves, don’t get into the police court or start a scandal”? SK

12 End of Round 1 “Well, I don’t want to keep you here. I’ve no more questions to ask you.” “No, but you haven’t finished asking questions have you?” SK

13 Round 2 Act 2 SK

14 Question 9 What evidence is there at the start of Act 2 that Sheila is more perceptive than the others? SK

15 Question 10 By what name did Gerald know Eva Smith? SK

16 Question 11 What does Mrs Birling believe is Sheila’s reason for wanting to know why Eva killed herself? SK

17 Question 12 What effect is created by Mrs Birling arguing with the Inspector? SK

18 Question 13 What is Mrs Birling’s view of Eric at this point in the play? SK

19 Question 14 Why is this lack of understanding about Eric’s behaviour and character so important? SK

20 Question 15 Where did Gerald meet Daisy? SK

21 Question 16 How does the Inspector know how Eva/Daisy felt about Gerald? SK

22   Question 17 “But you must understand that a lot of young men –”
What is the effect of Birling’s comment: “But you must understand that a lot of young men –” On Sheila? On the audience? SK

23 Question 18 Why does Gerald leave? SK

24 Question 19 How does Priestley make the audience dislike Sybil Birling? SK

25 Question 20 What is Mr Birling’s main concern about his wife’s actions towards Eva? SK

26 Question 21 How does Priestley build up tension in Act 2 ? SK

27 End of Round 2 “Well, I don’t want to keep you here. I’ve no more questions to ask you.” “No, but you haven’t finished asking questions have you?” SK

28 Round 3 Act 3 SK

29 Question 22 What effect is created by the opening of Act 3? SK

30   Question 23 What does Mrs Birling’s comment:
“Sheila, I simply don’t understand your attitude.” reveal about her ? SK

31 Question 24 When did Eric meet Eva? SK

32 Question 25 What did Eric do on the first night he met Eva and what does he say about it ? SK

33 Question 26 How does Mrs Birling react ? SK

34   Question 27 Eric says about Eva’s pregnancy:
“I was in a hell of a state about it.” What does this reveal about him ? SK

35 Question 28 What is Mr Birling’s reaction to Eric stealing money from the company? SK

36 Question 29 What does this tell the audience ? SK

37   Question 30 What is the purpose of the Inspector’s final speech ?

38   Question 31 After the Inspector leaves, how do the family react?

39 Question 32 What is Sheila’s role in Act 3? SK

40 Question 33 How are Eric and Sheila’s reactions different from those of their parents ? SK

41 Question 34 How does the mood in the house change after Gerald’s return? SK

42 Question 35 What does Gerald do to try to put Eric and Sheila’s minds at rest? SK

43 Question 36 What effect is created by Sheila repeating the Inspector’s words ‘Fire and blood and anguish’ ? SK

44   Question 37 Gerald says:
“Everything’s all right now, Sheila. What about this ring?” What does this reveal about him ? SK

45 Question 38 How does Priestley build up tension towards the end of Act 3? SK

46 Question 39 What is the effect of the final ‘phone call ? SK

47 Question 40 What similarity is there between the interruption caused by the Inspector in Act 1 and the telephone in Act 3? SK

48 The End “And I tell you that the time will soon come when, if men will not learn that lesson, then they will be taught it in fire and blood and anguish. Good night.” SK

49 Incorrect “No, Mr Birling.” SK

50 Incorrect “I’d like some information, if you don’t mind.” SK

51 Incorrect “One person and one line of inquiry at a time. Otherwise, there’s a muddle.” SK

52 Incorrect “That’s something I have to find out.” SK

53 Incorrect “No. She wanted to end her life. She felt she couldn’t go on any longer.” SK

54 Incorrect “It’s my duty to ask questions.” SK

55 Incorrect “Very awkward.” SK

56 Incorrect “No, sir. I can’t agree with you there.” SK

57 Incorrect “Well?” SK

58  Incorrect “If there’s nothing else, we’ll have to share our guilt.”

59 Incorrect “No, no. I never take offence-.” SK

60 Incorrect “Let’s leave offence out of it, shall we?.” SK

61 Incorrect “What’s the matter with him?.” SK

62 Incorrect “Isn’t he used to drinking?.” SK

63 Incorrect “We’ll see.” SK

64 Incorrect “No, I can’t do that yet.” SK

65 Incorrect “I’m sorry, but he’ll have to wait.” SK

66 Incorrect “You gave yourself away at once.” SK

67 Incorrect “What’s the matter?” SK

68 Incorrect “Why should you do any protesting? It was you who turned the girl out in the first place.” SK

69 Incorrect “I warn you, you’re making it worse for yourself.” SK

70 Incorrect “Just a minute, Mr Birling. There’ll be plenty of time, when I’ve gone, for you all to adjust your family relationships.” SK

71 Incorrect “And I’ll be obliged if you’ll let us get on without any further interruptions.” SK

72 Incorrect “Don’t start on that. I want to get on.” SK

73 Incorrect “What happened then?” SK

74 Incorrect “I don’t want any of it from either of you.” SK

75 Incorrect “So what did you propose to do?” SK

76 Incorrect “And my trouble is – that I haven’t much time.” SK

77 Incorrect “You’ll be able to divide the responsibility between you when I’ve gone.” SK

78 Incorrect “No. She told me nothing.” SK

79 Incorrect “Stop! And be quiet for a moment and listen to me.” SK

80 Incorrect “I don’t need to know any more.” SK

81 Incorrect “But each of you helped to kill her.” SK

82 Incorrect “Remember what you did-” SK

83 Incorrect “No, you won’t forget.” SK

84 Incorrect “You helped – but didn’t start it.” SK

85 Incorrect “You made her pay a heavy price for that.” SK

86 Incorrect “You’re offering the money at the wrong time.” SK

87 Incorrect “You can’t do her any more harm. And you can’t do her any good now.” SK

88 Incorrect “Just one last question, that’s all.” SK

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