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Google Apps – 1 Year Later Resnet Symposium 2009 10,000 Lakes, Infinite Ideas Chester Andrews OBERLIN COLLEGE 28 June 2009.

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1 Google Apps – 1 Year Later Resnet Symposium 2009 10,000 Lakes, Infinite Ideas Chester Andrews OBERLIN COLLEGE 28 June 2009

2 Google Apps for Education – Cloudy or Partly Cloudy

3 Oberlin College Small Liberal Arts College/Conservatory of Music in NE Ohio 2800 students, 900 faculty/staff 4000+ e-mail accounts CAA/OC/Resnet093

4 Today’s Presentation Email in “The Cloud” provided by Google How did we get here Current Forecast: Partly Cloudy Where are we now Extended Forecast: More Cloudy The Future and Some Observations CAA/OC/Resnet094

5 920955?wpid=2541 920955?wpid=2541 p?option=com_hwdvideoshare&task= viewvideo&Itemid=54&video_id=192 p?option=com_hwdvideoshare&task= viewvideo&Itemid=54&video_id=192 ay/989722 ay/989722 CAA/OC/Resnet095

6 Google Apps at Oberlin Timeline October 2007 – March 2008 April 2008 - July 2008 July 2008 - October 2008 November 2008 - January 2008 February 2009 - June 2009 Planning, Internal Testing, Broader Pilot, Approval, Campus Introduction Documentation, Implementation Plans, Rollout to Incoming Class Open Migration of Students, Faculty, and Staff, Training, Individual Assistance Additional Google Apps planning Google Apps Rollout CAA/OC/Resnet096

7 Existing Environment (2007) CAA/OC/Resnet097 IronMail Spam Filter Mail Server Clam AV (anti-virus) User’s Inbox User Access via: * Mac Mail * Thunderbird * ObieMail (web)

8 Existing Environment (2007) Mail server SunFire V480 (UltraSPARC III) Solaris 9 OS iPlanet SunONE Messaging Server CAA/OC/Resnet098

9 Existing Environment (2007) E-Mail Quota 50 MB Students;100 MB Fac/Staff ~10% fac/staff accounts > standard 100 MB CAA/OC/Resnet099

10 Existing Environment Spam Used CipherTrust IronMail product Approx. 400,000 messages per day Approx. 90% spam, 5-8% suspected spam sent to quarantine, 2-5% real messages Required constant updates & tweaking CAA/OC/Resnet0910

11 Other Considerations Blackboard based On-campus portal Meetingmaker Calendar Need/desire for more/better collaboration tools, calendar, shared docs CAA/OC/Resnet0911

12 Other Considerations MeetingMaker Calendar Used mainly by administrative staff No calendar for students & faculty/academic staff Cost per license Limited calendar syncing with mobile devices Need/desire for more/better collaboration tools, calendar, shared docs CAA/OC/Resnet0912

13 Decision Point Upgrade existing environment New server hardware & software – support for e-mail, calendar, IM, LDAP More disk space Backup hardware & software replacement Need Sun’s Web Communication Bundle Training Professional services to assist with upgrade Ongoing licensing CAA/OC/Resnet0913 OR…

14 Decision Point Outsource Looked at Google Apps for Education and Microsoft Live CAA/OC/Resnet0914 GOOGLEMICROSOFT LIVE 7 GB quota & risingLarge quota Web, POP, IMAPWeb and POP – no IMAP Integration with Oberlin systems ~70% Extra onsite infrastructure required for integration

15 Google Pilot Fall 2007 – only e-mail at first Oberlin domain at Google for testing purposes Provided Gmail to CIT/ Client Services staff and selected others Maintain 2 concurrent e-mail accounts Met every other week Info online on CIT Wiki for participants CAA/OC/Resnet0915

16 Google Pilot: Questions and Issues Usernames: ObieID(flast) or e-mail address ( Change LDAP encryption algorithm to be consistent with Google’s in order to share passwords among systems. Does Google support handheld devices? CAA/OC/Resnet0916

17 Google Pilot: Questions and Issues Spam – Will users need to look in a spam folder? How to provision group accounts? Account names - Couldn’t use apostrophes in accounts/addresses – manually change 23 addresses No logs available CAA/OC/Resnet0917

18 Expanded Pilot Early 2008, other IT professionals on campus - record issues, concerns, and questions Everyone positive Some concerns about privacy CTO, Dir. Networking/Operations/Systems, and E-Mail Sysadmin Visited Google Offices in Michigan Discuss security, reliability, customization, migration process CAA/OC/Resnet0918

19 Moving Forward Go-ahead from higher administration CTO submitted memo to campus describing need, benefits of Gapps for Ed, plan Significant annual cost savings Greatly increased storage space Reliable performance; secure; supportive of web, POP and IMAP clients Full collaborative suite CAA/OC/Resnet0919

20 Moving Forward Held open meetings to get buy-in Special meeting for Dean of Students and Dean of Studies Concerns about computer forensics relevant to judicial process CAA/OC/Resnet0920

21 Legal Agreement Google Agreement to College’s lawyers for review Minor modifications Submitted final mark-up to Google in March 2008 Final agreement in May 2008 CAA/OC/Resnet0921

22 Plan of Action 1. All Client Services staff to OCMail for testing & doc Assign specific browsers & e-mail clients to record results – screen shots, etc. 2. One person in charge of documentation & training Training for early adopters – continue to refine training materials Update Wiki continuously CAA/OC/Resnet0922

23 Plan of Action 3. Develop OCMail branding 4. Migrate ObieMail Address Books 5. Migrate other CIT staff, then other early adopters 6. Develop user notification and education process (web, e-mail, posters, etc.) CAA/OC/Resnet0923

24 Plan of Action 7. Define coordination with other tools and data – Blackboard, Content Management System, calendar of events, Banner data, logins 8. Add other Google Apps (OCApps) tools at later date (Winter Term – Jan. 2009) CAA/OC/Resnet0924

25 Branding Logo to grab people’s attention – let them know this was something new and exciting - OCMail Message from staff member: “First, congratulations to everyone after all of the hard work it must have taken to get us to this point! Second, LOVE the logo.” CAA/OC/Resnet0925

26 Customization Oberlin College look and feel CAA/OC/Resnet0926

27 Customization Customized Start Page = OCApps E-mail weather Google News word-of-the-day Added links to password- changing program and OnCampus CAA/OC/Resnet0927

28 Forecast: Partly Cloudy CAA/OC/Resnet0928 OCApps

29 Early Results First users, Summer 2008 = first-year students, new faculty and staff Only OCMail account, no account on old mail system Mainly webmail client users Main Issues: Use of incorrect password by students (form provided ObieID info and two passwords – one for e-mail, one for online registration/housing Use of incorrect login page – used old login page – apparent on (Bb) Not connected to other Gmail accounts – separate domain CAA/OC/Resnet0929

30 Early Results CIT student staff member quickly drafted short doc answering issues Removed link to OCApps Start Page Confusion without other OCApps available Integration with OnCampus CAA/OC/Resnet0930

31 Migration Process Started sign-up (opt-in) for all 07 July 2008 E-Mail to all - info on website - posters Training sessions Complete “how-to” details on Wiki Online training doc Migration required before Fall Break, 18 October 2008 CAA/OC/Resnet0931

32 Interim environment CAA/OC/Resnet0932 IronMail Spam Filter Mail Server User’s Inbox User Access via: * Mac Mail * Thunderbird * OCMail (web) Google Server Mail Server Clam AV (anti-virus)

33 CIT Website Basic news and info CAA/OC/Resnet0933

34 CIT Wiki Complete how-to instructions& FAQs CAA/OC/Resnet0934

35 Sign-Up CAA/OC/Resnet0935

36 Issues Mail Transfer: All users needed to login to desktop client to transfer mail Needed to create new account for OCMail Moving large quantities of messages could be slow or could timeout Desktop Clients: Account Settings Username ( CAA/OC/Resnet0936

37 Issues Password Changing Needed to continue using existing mechanism, NOT OCMail (Google) LDAP Integration Did not enable Contact Sharing due to FERPA & desire to preclude use for mass mailings/spam Delays/Timeouts CAA/OC/Resnet0937

38 Other Considerations Vacation message On or Off – no way to set actual dates No longer able to block replies to Phishing messages Only one forwarding address allowed Added disclaimer to Start Page re: add- on “gadgets” CAA/OC/Resnet0938

39 Getting People to Migrate By 10 October 2008: 487 faculty/staff/org/dept/special accounts + 868 student accounts yet to be migrated Some expired accounts Lots of “away” people Big push at the end Directed e-mails One-on-one assistance Increased number of training sessions “I forgot that I had to change over until tonight, and I just submitted the change-over request, but the website says that it had to be in by 11am today, I think. Will I have a problem with my email now?” [17Oct] CAA/OC/Resnet0939

40 After Migration Date Continued moving accounts past Fall Break Old mail server accessible to Help Desk and all Client Services staff until end of Fall semester Fewer/shorter delays once OC e-mail server removed from service Improved spam filtering CAA/OC/Resnet0940

41 New Environment CAA/OC/Resnet0941 Password Changing: Using OC ObieID SelfService Tool Google Server User’s Inbox User Access via: * Mac Mail * Thunderbird * OCMail (web)

42 Results Opportunity for users to clean up mail Opportunity to have users set up password recovery questions Opportunity for users to have all mail – including what was in local folders Greatly increased quota (7319.198634GB as of 23 April 2009) Opportunity for us to clean up accounts CAA/OC/Resnet0942

43 Results Gmail already used by many “Conversations” – some like, some don’t Must open spam folder to view Password-changing – user education Anxiety mainly with set-up and moving of mail Most people positive President’s Office gives thumbs up CAA/OC/Resnet0943

44 Keys to Success Exceptional back-end Systems support Exceptional Client Services staff Help Desk Manager, Help Desk Coordinator, student staff, Client Support Analysts Offer of individual, one-on-one assistance CAA/OC/Resnet0944

45 Keys to Success Notification early and often, via multitude of mechanisms: E-mail Web – CIT website, OnCampus announcements Online news: “The Source” Student Newspaper, “The Oberlin Review” Solid documentation: CIT Wiki, paper docs CAA/OC/Resnet0945

46 Extended Forecast: More Cloudy CAA/OC/Resnet0946 OCApps

47 Further Into “The Cloud” CAA/OC/Resnet0947 OCApp s OCMail OCCal OCTalk OCDocs OCSites

48 OCApps PHASE 1 – by mid-October 2008: OCMail – e-mail PHASE 2 – Start 20 January 2009 (CIT staff, early adopters) OCCal – online calendars OCTalk – chat feature OCDocs – doc creation and sharing OCSites – website & Wiki development CAA/OC/Resnet0948

49 OCApps PHASE 3 – starting Spring Break ‘09 Move Senior Administration calendars from Meetingmaker to OCCal – online calendars Sync Blackberry’s and iPhone’s with Google provided Sync features Add additional offices CAA/OC/Resnet0949

50 Start Page CAA/OC/Resnet0950 Oberlin-specific

51 OCApps Policies CAA/OC/Resnet0951

52 OCApps Policies CAA/OC/Resnet0952

53 What’s Next Advertise other Google Apps – during Fall semester Conduct training sessions Continue to develop (e.g., OCCal resources, use of calendars on campus) CAA/OC/Resnet0953

54 OCApps Policies CAA/OC/Resnet0954

55 What’s Next Continue to develop (e.g., OCDocs, encourage use of docs for document sharing) Continue to develop (e.g., OCSites, incorporate some Sites into main Oberlin web sites)  Explore chat for campus use (e.g., OCTalk) CAA/OC/Resnet0955

56 QUESTIONS? 56 OCApps CAA/OC/Resnet09

57 Session Evaluations m/evaluation/ m/evaluation/ Chester Andrews: ws Twitter: chandrews CAA/OC/Resnet0957

58 Credits Original Presentation: Cindy Sanders, NERCOMP, January 2009 Modified presentation: Building Stronger Collaborative Relationships Across NITLE Institutions: An IT and Library Staff Collaboration Retreat, Centre College, Danville, KY; April 2009 Clouds: %20Partly%20cloudy%20sky.html %20Partly%20cloudy%20sky.html CAA/OC/Resnet0958

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