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WNYRIC Data Warehouse User Group Meeting March 2015 WNYRIC DW Support Team

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1 WNYRIC Data Warehouse User Group Meeting March 2015 WNYRIC DW Support Team (

2 Meeting Agenda Welcome and Introductions: D. Atkinson WNYRIC DW Security: M.Maloney New Report Development: B. Fosbury Regents Report Development: D. Atkinson Workspace Advanced Cubes and Cube Views: S. King WNYRIC Item Mapping Process and Standards DataBase: D. Atkinson Questions/ Other things on your mind.

3 Data Warehouse Security M. Maloney

4 WNYRIC DW Security Policy Current security provides “district” level access to data. This means a user has access to all data for the district, charter school, BOCES, or non-public school. We recommend access is limited to administrators. Each educational institution has a limited number of users dependent on the type of institution. For public school districts, the number of users is 3. Additional users beyond the limit can be purchased for $150/user.

5 WNYRIC DW Security Process To establish access for a new user within a district, charter school, non-public school, or BOCES, please access the on-line form appropriate for your organization. Forms are found via the WNYRIC On-Line Forms Library.

6 WNYRIC DW Security Process Completed, signed, scanned forms are sent to the WNYRIC DW Support team via ▫The form is reviewed for completeness. ▫The number of authorized users are checked. If within limits, a user access request is submitted. ▫Once access is established, an automated e-mail is sent to the user advising him/her to establish password and password security questions. If the current number of users exceeds the limit, we will e-mail the DDC to advise him/her of this. ▫The DDC can request deletion of an existing user or request authorization for additional user (s). ▫For WNYRIC districts, additional user charges will be requested via a budget increase letter coordinated by the WNYRIC CSR assigned to the district.

7 Common Problems Encountered With Security User already exists under another e-mail address. User existed in another district; user ID was not inactivated. To minimize these problems, we have updated the security forms to include prior user information.

8 Common Problems Encountered With Security User left the district, charter, school or BOCES but still has access. We have created a report called the WNYRIC Data Warehouse Audit Report – Current Users for use by administrators to monitor security. Please use prior to sending new requests for user access. Please run on a regular basis to ensure current users should have access.

9 Common Problems Encountered With Security User forgets password. User forgot to set up password security questions User can access links on left side of WNYRIC Dataview Site: ▫ Under Documentation: Manage My WNYRIC DW Account or ▫Under Contact Us: Forgot My WNYRIC DW Password

10 New Report Development B. Fosbury

11 Current Teacher Roster Reports



14 Teachers at Risk of No Growth Score

15 This sample shows prior year data with both scores.

16 Run the report to show the current year enrollment.


18 There are multiple prompt pages to make selections. The finished report provides data needed for the federal Civil Rights Data report. Civil Rights Data Report

19 More prompts to complete to run the CRDC report


21 Regents Report Development D. Atkinson

22 WNYRIC Data Warehouse IBM Cognos Workspace Advanced Cube General Navigation Overview March 2015 By: Sally King, WNYRIC DW Training Coordinator

23 Out with the OLD and In with the NEW!!! How many of you currently use PowerPlay Cubes? PowerPlay is going away! Series 7 button will be gone. Beginning April 1 st … IBM Cognos Workspace Advanced Cubes & Views will debut.

24 WNYRIC DW Presentations… We will place this Presentation along with the PowerPoint for IBM Cognos Workspace Advanced Overview Navigation on our website: > Documentation > User Documentation eServices/DataWarehouseSupportPage.aspx Handout provided to you today…

25 LIVE Demonstration… Regents Science Performance Levels – by Ed Types Earth Science – MC Items – Number and Percent Correct & Incorrect

26 WNYRIC Item Mapping Process D. Atkinson


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