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Upay User Guide WELCOME TO UPAY This guide aims to help you use the upay website. You will receive a welcome email from Wolfson College.

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1 Upay User Guide

2 WELCOME TO UPAY This guide aims to help you use the upay website. You will receive a welcome email from Wolfson College containing your unique Wolfson College ID and the Wolfson College Company ID. To launch upay you will need to navigate to on your internet Click on Create New Account. You will then be prompted to enter your unique User ID, your Company ID and confirm that your name is stored correctly. Next you will be asked to enter the email address that you wish to use for this account. All future correspondence will be sent to this address, unless you subsequently change it. Once you have completed this step you will receive an email with your user account details. Please take care when entering the password as a space counts as a character. This password can be changed once you are logged in. To log in please click the log in button as shown here. If you have a upay account in place at another college then please use the same email address for both. You will then receive a welcome email for the new account and your login will be your email address with _2 at the end e.g. for the second account that has been created. When you are logged into either account, at the top of the screen, you will be able to select the other account from the drop-down list, to manage and top up any funds.

3 WELCOME TO UPAY You will then be presented with a secure page to enter your unique username and password. Please note that if you forget your password, click on the Forgotten password link on this page. Once you have entered your registered email address a new password will be emailed to you. When you log in for the first time, you will automatically be directed to amend your password to something more memorable.

4 Once logged in you will be presented with your account page, branded with your company’s details. You will see your menu options on the left hand side of the screen. The first menu heading is Account Balance; by clicking here you can check your most recent balance. The date and time displayed next to your current balance is the date of your last account activity.

5 PAY AS YOU GO TOP UP You will see within the Account Top Up menu that you have a number of ways to top up your account. The first is a Pay As You Go option that allows you to select an amount and manually enter your credit/debit card details (please see screenshots below). NB: After any top up to your account you will receive a confirmation email. If this email has not been received within one hour please contact

6 AUTO TOP UP Another way to top up your account is using Auto Top Up. This allows you to set a minimum balance; every time that you reach this amount your account will be topped up automatically using your credit/debit card. The amount by which you wish to top up each time is also customisable within the setup. Select your minimum balance. Then select how much you would like to top up by each time. You must then confirm your credit/debit card details before progressing. These details can be amended at any time through the My Account Details screen. You can cancel Auto Top Ups on your account by selecting Auto Top Up from the Account Top Up menu and selecting Disable Auto Top Ups.

7 TOP UP REMINDERS The Top Up Reminder service is designed specifically for upay account holders who wish to be reminded when their account balance has fallen below a pre-set level, but who wish to have control over whether to top up at that time or not. Please note that you will not be able to use Top Up Reminders if you already have Auto Top Up set up on your upay account. Firstly, you need to enter a minimum balance at which you will receive an email reminder inviting you to top up. You will then be asked to set the amount to be credited to your account. Please note that by setting this amount you will not be completing the transaction, merely preparing it for future use. You can cancel Top Up Reminders on your account by selecting Top Up reminders from the Account Top Up menu and selecting Remove Top Up Reminders

8 GUEST PAY Guest Pay is designed to allow a non-registered Upay user to top up a registered user’s cashless account, e.g. a parent topping up the account of their son or daughter.  Go to and select the option Guest  You will now see a screen that details all of the non-registered user’s account information that you will need to enter.  You will be asked to enter the registered account user’s Username (registered email address) and User ID (This can be found in the Account Details option when logged into Upay).  You will now be shown the Account details for the registered account.  The final screen will ask you to enter the payment details for the non-registered account user.

9 UPAY MOBILE upaymobile is a mobile-enhanced HTML5 site that allows you to top up on the go. It can also be used to check balances and statements.  Go to and select the option Click here on the home screen to access upaymobile. This will send a link to your mobile  Alternatively, you can access by browsing on your phone to

10 MY ACCOUNT DETAILS You can manage all aspects of your upay account through the My Account Details menu. This includes managing your SMS Auto Top Up and Auto Top Up facilities, your saved payment methods, spend limits, changing your personal details and disabling your account if you lose your card.

11 STATEMENTS Two types of statements are available within the Statements section. The first is a full statement of your cashless account, including purchases at the till and revalues at both loaders and online. The second statement lists online transactions, giving you only the information on any transactions that have been made through the Upay site. You can request a full statement to be emailed to you on a regular basis; this will provide you with a list of your full purchase transactions and all revalues to your account. Please note that all reports from Upay can be exported into a variety of different formats; these can be accessed from the drop down list at the top of the page reading Select Format.

12 SUPPORT Through the Support menu you can find a copy of the upay Help Guide, along with FAQs. Should these features not resolve your problem, there is also a link to our online support service. Alternatively, you can email

13 UPAY FEEDBACK We appreciate any Feedback received regarding either the upay website or the service itself. Should you wish to make a comment you can do so by submitting a suggestion via the Upay Feedback menu. Please note that this service should not be used for reporting technical difficulties; instead, please email If you need any further assistance regarding upay please email

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