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The DV Website and YOU! /

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1 The DV Website and YOU! /

2 Do I need to log in? No, most of the information on the web site is available without logging in. This is the tab for the Online Grade Link. Through this link you will be able to access the Synergy program, which is the same program that the Kyrene schools use so some of you are familiar with it already. This is the log in for the school web site. You will use this if you are going to download or upload a file for a class, or if you want to use your personal calendar on the site, contact a teacher through the website, or respond to a blog or discussion question for a class.

3 Logging into SchoolFusion Username: Student ID Password: Lastname (first letter is a capital, all the others are lower case letters, example: Smith

4 You can help your parents register on the DV web site… 1.Go to the Parents Tab 2.Click on “Parent Website Registration

5 Make sure they have your 8 digit student ID number and your birth date, then all they do is finish the page and submit the information.

6 The top navigation bar… The first tab is the Information tab. Here you will find general information about the school such as a map, dual enrollment info, summer school info etc.

7 Parent Tab The second tab is the Parent tab. This tab has information your parents might need such as tax credit donation information.

8 Staff Tab This tab is the Staff tab and has a Staff Directory that will help you find contact information for your teachers.

9 Student Tab This is the student tab and you will find information about your bell, bus and lunch schedules, on the Daily Life Link on this tab. The Student Handbook and the Research Handbooks are also linked here.

10 Website Help and Search Feature If you have questions about the website or how to log in, click on the Website Help tab. You will notice that right next to that are the Twitter and Facebook Icons. You can also sign up to get an RSS feed sent to your email by clicking the RSS Icon. If you can’t find what you are looking for on the web site don’t forget to use the Site Search bar!

11 The side navigation bar… There are many items included in the side navigation bar that pertain to life at school. This tab is about the activities available at DV. Here you will find the link to all of the Student Activities and Club Web Pages.

12 Administration, Staff, Departments & Classrooms If you need to find out about a Department and it’s courses you can find that information on the Department pages through this tab. You can also find a link to the classroom fusion pages and the Staff Directory here.

13 Announcements & Newsletters Need to find out when a club is meeting or miss an announcement? Check out the announcement tab and click on “A Daily Bolt of Information” all the important things going on around campus will be listed here!

14 Athletics Anything and everything relating to sports can be found through the Athletics tab. Don’t forget the most important link is the first one…the Clearance Information – you must do everything on this list before you can try out for a sport at DV. Team Web Pages can also be accessed through this link.

15 School Calendar A mini school calendar is available on every page of the school site. If you click on a day that is highlighted a mini pop-out will tell you what is happening on that day. You can also get a large version of the school calendar by clicking on the Calendar tab on the side navigation bar.

16 Counseling Fusion Page The counseling department page is available through the side navigation bar. There are many pages related to this site that will help you during your years at DV and as you plan for your future!

17 Library Link The library has many resources for you. Many of them can be linked from home or school through the library home page.

18 Accessing your own page and “personal Dashboard” by logging into SF (School Fusion) Log into SF: Username: your 8 digit ID number Password: your Lastname, first letter is a capital, all others are lower case

19 Once you log in, you need to find Your Personal “Dashboard” When you first log in you will receive a welcome message, read it and follow any instructions. Next look down on the left side bar for your Personal Dashboard. You will see your name listed there and your AKA – or Code Name. You can change your code name by looking right under “My Profile”. Click it and choose an animal name and a color. For example “pink pig” This is the name that will show up when you participate in discussions and blogs in your classes.

20 My Account Tab - Calendar This tab will link you to your own calendar. If your teachers use their fusion pages your homework and assignments will show up on your calendar. Any club and/or sports pages you join will also have data on their calendars and so that data will show on your calendar too. You can also input your own info on your calendar to use it to organize your time and deadlines.

21 My Account Tab - Files With the Files tab you can upload a file you are working on at school so that you have access to it at home. Then once you have completed it at home you can overwrite it to your files and then have the revised copy at school the next day. You can save multiple files online so you have them when you need them.

22 My Account Tab – Message Center Don’t have an email? No problem, you can send and receive messages to/from your teachers through the SF message center.

23 Quick access to your Teachers Click on the Teachers tab to see the list of all your teachers. The teachers who are sponsors of your clubs/sports will also show in this listing if you have joined their pages.

24 Quick access to your Classroom Fusion Pages Need to get to a classroom, club or sport page quickly? If you are a member of that page you will see it in the Fusion Page Listing in your Personal Dashboard.

25 Teacher Web Pages at DV Teacher web pages vary at DV, but you will find them linked to their SF pages. Some teachers have created their own pages using web programs, others have used a program called TUOL for their sites, and still others are using the School Fusion web pages. Each teacher will tell you how and when they expect you to use their websites. Here are 2 examples:

26 Sample of a teacher web page that is done in SchoolFusion… Teacher web pages done in school fusion will look similar and may have any of the following classroom items: Calendar, Announcements, Files, Agenda, Class work, Links, Discussion Topics, Videos, Blogs etc. They may also have homework drop boxes, if they do, the teachers will review those with you in class.

27 Teacher web site linked through SF… This teacher links to her web page that uses the TUOL system, others will have their sites linked through their Announcements or Link sections of the page.

28 Sample of a club page that is done in SF … If you want to join a club page just click on the “Join this FusionPage” link. The club sponsor will see your name and approve you to join. Once you are added you will see the club page added to your fusion page listing in your Personal Dashboard.

29 So get familiar with the website…go play around with it! The more you use it, the more it can help you achieve your goals at DV!

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