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Ja’Net Holliday- Stephens Fairy Tale. Characters Jay Mate B-Boy Tee Ernest Darius.

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1 Ja’Net Holliday- Stephens Fairy Tale

2 Characters Jay Mate B-Boy Tee Ernest Darius

3 “What True Friends” Once upon a time there were twin girls named Jay and Tee. They had special powers but hid them from their friends. They were scared that her friends would hate them and want to kill them because of what they can do. Every time they got angry with each other or their friends, they would run off and not return for several days.

4 “ I’m tired of hiding my true self from my friends. I want them to know the real me,” said Tee after running away from Ernest, a friend. “It was so close… it almost happened. I want him to know but I’m scared. What happen to our good friendship?” “Look sis, I know how you feel. I want all our friends… well the ones we have left to know what we truly are. They need to know for their and our sake.

5 A knock came to the door and the girls jumped with a little fright. They heard people laugh in front of the door. They knew it was their friends. “Ernest must be coming to apologize to you, Tee.” “I want nothing to do with him.” “Well you can stay here and I’ll answer the door.” Jay appoarch the door and Tee let out a scream.

6 Jay turned around to see what in the world Tee was screaming at. Tee stared wide-eyed at Jay’s back pointing at her back side. Jay looked down and saw what Tee had screamed at. She screamed to and began to cry. The boys on the other side of the door started to knock even harder. “What’s going on in there? Are you guys ok?” asked Ernest. A muffled “I’m fine” is all they heard. Then it got quiet and the boys began to worry even more. Finally the door opened and

7 Jay stepped out with tears still falling down her eyes. Tee walks out next holding her hand behind her back. The girls try to crack a smile but they couldn’t. “What are you girls hiding?” asked Mate, Jay’s boyfriend. “What was all the screaming for?” “Nothing…for you to worry about. We were just watching a scary movie,” said Jay while wiping her eyes. The boys looked at them weird and then brushed it off. They asked the girls if they were going to left them come in.

8 The girls let the boys in. The girls lived alone in a rickety old house. They were only 17 and all alone in house by their selves. All they know is that their mother was killed and their father ran off. Ernest, Mate, B-Boy, T-Bone, and Darius looked around like they always did when they entered the girls’ house. The girls kept their hands behind their back. The boys were wondering what the girls were hiding.

9 “What’s behind your back, Jay?” asked Mate. “Nothing. Not a thing.” Jay answered shyly. She slide across the floor and to the other side of the living room. Mate looked at her with concern. “What?” “Put your hands out in front,” commanded Mate. “Don’t play put it out in front. At the same time.” Jay slowly rubbed her hand into the front of her.

10 “See, now was that so bad?” asked Mate smiling. “No.” Mate sat down but Jay stayed in one spot. She knew that was behind her back was still there. She knew that if she moved it was going to move. Mate looked up at her and then looked at Tee who was wrestling Ernest. He was trying to see what was behind her back. Tee is yelling for him to stop. Slowly her hands are starting to come forward.

11 As her hands got pulled out into the front something came out with them. Jay yelled to make all the boys look at her. “Jay, why are you yelling? They’re just playing around,” said B-Boy and T-Bone. Tee looked down to her hand and noticed why Jay was yelling. The thing she was hiding was in her hand and moving. As she stared on at the object T-Bone turned to look at her and saw what she was looking at. His mouth open and…

12 “Oh My God!!” yelled T-Bone as he stared on. Tee looked up startled. “You have… You have…” “A tail!” B-Boy finished T-Bone sentenced. He walked over to Jay and turned her around. There was a tail too, but the tail looked nothing like Tee’s. “Why is your tail so different?” “Why didn’t you tell us that you were just hiding your tails?” asked Mate. The girls didn’t know what to say so they stood their as their tails wagged or wiggled around.

13 “Answer the question,” commanded B-Boy. “I am not human. Neither is Tee but we are twins. Where we come from… we can transform into animals. I, a wolf and Tee, a tiger,” said Jay looking dead into B-Boy’s eyes. “If we would to transform at this point in time we would show you how big we are and what we are capable of,” said Tee while holding back tears. Mate got up and walked towards Jay. He gave her a hug and looked at the door.

14 “If you want to leave then go ahead. We’re not going to stop you.” Darius walked toward the door and B-Boy, T-Bone, and Ernest followed. When they reached the door, they opened it, looked back and walked out the door. Only person that stayed was Mate. He was Jay’s best friend and her soul mate and he stayed loyal to his girl. “I don’t know why they are making a big deal with it. I’m just like you guys, but I’m a wolf. I think wolf’s attract each other,” said Mate. Jay and Tee looked at him surprised.

15 A knock came to the front door and Tee walked over to answer it. When she opened the door her friends stood there with huge smiles on their face. “You actually thought we were going to ditch you guys,” said Darius. “No matter what you are and where your from… your still our friends,” stated Ernest. “We’ll be together through thick and thin,” said B-Boy. The End.

16 Moral Of the Story Don’t judge people because of what they are, but for who they are.

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