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To Live (Lifetimes) 活著 Melvin W. Wong, Ph.D. Licensed Clinical Psychologist

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1 To Live (Lifetimes) 活著 Melvin W. Wong, Ph.D. Licensed Clinical Psychologist

2 Shadow Puppet Show 皮影 A form of ancient Television Puppets were made of leather for flexibility & durability with portability Illuminated from behind the scene This art: The common thread over the events A man’s accidental career with this art form A way to illustrate the powerlessness & helplessness of the masses “Survival” “To Live”

3 To Live (Lifetimes) 活著 Features of the movie Chinese man: The gambler (addicted) Chinese man: The spoiled brat (scoundrel?) Chinese man: The irresponsible husband Chinese man: The irresponsible father Chinese woman: The servant (roles) Chinese woman: The neglected wife Chinese woman: The enabler Chinese woman: The the whistle blower

4 Plot of the movie The redemption of a traditional Chinese man Introduction to the last fifty years of modern day China 1.C ommunism: The emergence & justification of 2.N ationalist government: The problems –L–L–L–Low morale with the soldiers: Opportunistic –I–I–I–Irresponsibility: Abandoned the sick to die in the cold –A–A–A–Atrocities were committed by the leaders (Abuse, corruption) Introduction to the specific political movements –“–“–“–“Communes” for of idealistic community living –“–“–“–“Big Leap Forward” (“Backyard blacksmiths”) –T–T–T–The Red Guards: Cultural Revolution

5 1940’s Master Xiu Fugui: A spoiled brat and his gambling addiction Grandiose: Took over the puppeteer's work Gambling

6 Gambling Addiction Pregnant wife confronts husband at the casino “Losing face” of the husband Wife decided to leave him –H–He was overcome with shame and wept He lost his father’s house: Overcome with rage and suffered a stroke? Heart attack? He lost his father

7 Father and son relationship He disappointed his father by losing the house He caused the death of his father “shame” He accepted his wife’s naming of son “Don’t gamble” He cares for his son He care for his grandson

8 Husband and wife relationship Husband can be redeemed because of his good wife Wife was long-suffering and smart –L–Let husband be homeless until he gets it –S–Survived the family upon husband’s disappearance Daughter held the hand of his dad to their home –C–Child is expected to be go-between

9 Chinese Communism & Psychological Effects Psychological effects on the Chinese people on the mainland Common Psychological Effects (PTSD features) –P–P–P–Pain and tragedy: “Eating Bitterness” “Survival for the fittest” –F–F–F–Fears-safety: Unable to control or predict future political events –M–M–M–Mistrust: Disruption of “Basic Trust Bonding” Parent-Child –T–T–T–Trauma-Bonding: “Good & Bad” Reinforces family living –P–P–P–Passive-Aggressiveness: “Back Door” “Get around the system” –E–E–E–Encouraged “Mindlessness”: “Dumbing Down” Effect –D–D–D–Deprivation of resources: “Entitlement” expectations –“–“–“–“Blame” mentality: Unable to self-reflect, grandiosity –“–“–“–“Flee at all cost” “Make it no matter what”

10 Psychological effects on the Chinese people off the mainland Survivors’ guilt: Grief for family members on mainland Estrangement & Separation of family members –P–P–P–Political ideas separate family member for life –B–B–B–Broken families: uncle & niece constitute a family “The Abandoned” syndrome –“–“–“–“You owe me”: “It costs so much to go home!” –S–S–S–Scheme & scandals: To milk money from abroad

11 Psychological effects on the Chinese people in Taiwan They escaped the communists take over of the mainland –S–S–S–Self-determination: Starting over –P–P–P–Preferred to be called “Taiwanese” not Chinese –W–W–W–Wanting to be independent but fear of Chinese invasion Psychological effects on the Chinese migration –D–D–D–Determination to rebuild at all cost: Casualties –A–Anti-Communists, anti-Japanese –O–Only the well to do or intellectuals can emigrate

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