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Mary Shelley Frankenstein.

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1 Mary Shelley Frankenstein

2 Birth Maiden Name: Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin August 30, 1797

3 Parents Father = William Godwin-philosopher/novelist
Mother = Mary Wollstonecraft-famous feminist

4 Parent Beliefs both parents were shaped by the Romantic movement
-both were radical thinkers Mom had an affair with a military captain which resulted in her first child, Fanny.  Soldier abandoned them. Mom attempted suicide.  Later met Godwin, had an affair.  Got pregnant again (w/ Mary) and they married to legitimate both kids

5 Death Mom died 10 days after Mary was born

6 Family Friends a lot of famous writers traced through their house-friends of her father (Percy Shelley, Coleridge, Charles Lamb)

7 Change Dad remarries, Mary Jane Clairmont—
mean woman jealous of Mary’s relationship with her father Convinces Godwin to send his daughter to a boarding house Clairmont tried to train Mary in the “womanly arts” but all Mary would do was read and write In her young teens Mary is sent to live at Ramsgate with Miss Petman.  While there took some time off to travel to Scotland with a friend of the family

8 Back at Home Returned home, a woman.  Became close with her father who she regularly talked Philosophy with. Mary is reintroduced to Percy Shelley. Percy is married, but they still fall in love .        -Father is outraged, but Shelley and Mary eventually run away to Switzerland with the help of Fanny (Mary 16, Percy 21)

9 Percy and Mary Life is tough for Mary & Percy.
Short on $-living in London Percy’s wife, Harriet, bares him a son Percy’s friend falls in love with Mary

10 Death Mary gets pregnant-has a daughter, who dies
       Fanny commits suicide        Harriet commits suicide

11 Around 1815 Finally, Mary & Percy marry and begin traveling around
Both are able to write and live as they please

12 1816 In the summer of 1816 (Mary 19) they go to stay in Geneva w/ Byron and Polidori        -rainy summer        -write ghost stories to entertain themselves (contest)        -gets idea for Frankenstein from a conversation they have about how life can be created.  -Completed the novel in May 1817 -Published January 1, 1818

13 Ideas for Frankenstein
Poems written by Percy Shelley John Locke’s Human Understanding Our brain starts out as a blank slate Alastor – transcending from earth to supernatural where finally everything is perfect Mont Blanc – Describes the scene at Chamonix

14 Death Percy dies when Mary is 24 and leaves Mary to support their only surviving son Percy Florence Shelley

15 Life She lives for another 29 years with people’s negative opinions of her relationship with Percy        -has a hard time getting work        -works as a professional writer (must also support her father) -Lived until the age of 54-died in 1851 of brain tumor

16 Is Victor… A reflection of the Monster??? A reflection of Percy???
A reflection of Mary????????

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