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Lesson 5 Vocabulary Mrs. Frazee.

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1 Lesson 5 Vocabulary Mrs. Frazee

2 Jaded

3 Kate became jaded about love after the third boyfriend in a month broke up with her.

4 Jaded Adjective Worn out; dulled, as from overindulgence
Synonyms: exhausted, wearied, tired, spent Antonyms: fresh, unused

5 Gist

6 I never did understand the gist of the story!

7 Gist Noun The main point Synonyms: idea, essence

8 Advocate

9 When the majority of people in the community were in favor of school uniforms, Johnny stood up and advocated against school uniforms.

10 Advocate Verb To recommend; to speak in favor of
Synonyms: promote, encourage Antonyms: oppose, contest

11 Efface

12 He tried to efface his memories of her by burning all her pictures.

13 Efface Verb To obliterate; to wipe out Synonyms: erase
Antonyms: allow, permit

14 Charisma

15 The candidate had charisma and good looks, but little knowledge of important issues.

16 Charisma Noun Personal appeal or attraction; magnetism
Synonyms: charm, captivation Antonyms: repulse

17 Ogre

18 The ogre occasionally emerged from this mountain cave and terrorized the villagers.

19 Ogre Noun A brute; a large monster; a frightful giant

20 Mesmerize

21 The fast music and spinning dancers mesmerized the audience.

22 Mesmerize Verb To hypnotize Synonym: captivate, entrance
Antonym: bore, disenchant, turn off

23 Entity

24 Ann thought that she saw a ghostly entity hovering over the graveyard, but it turned out to be a flag.

25 Entity Noun Anything having existence, either physical or mystical

26 Bandy

27 Let’s not bandy words about the deal any more; just sign the papers and leave, please.

28 Bandy Verb To exchange words to discuss casually

29 Dastardly

30 The dastardly thief stole money only from helpless, elderly people

31 Dastardly Adjective Cowardly and treacherous
Synonyms: dishonorable; shameful Antonyms: righteous

32 Latent

33 Don’t you think it’s sad that many people use only a small fraction of their latent abilities?

34 latent Adjective Hidden; present but not realized
Synonyms: dormant, inactive, undeveloped Antonyms: exposed, manifest, evident

35 Succumb

36 Most dieters occasionally succumb to the lure of a high-calorie dessert.

37 succumb Verb To give way to superior force, yield
Synonyms: submit, die, expire Antonyms: overcome, master, conquer

38 Stagnant

39 It is dangerous for hikers to drink water from any source that appears to be stagnant.

40 stagnant Adjective Not running or flowing; foul from standing still; inactive, sluggish, dull Synonyms: still motionless, inert, dormant Antonyms: flowing, running, fresh

41 Brazen

42 Behavior considered brazen in one era may be deemed perfectly acceptable in another.

43 brazen Adjective Shameless, impudent; made of brass
Synonyms: blatant, bold Antonyms: deferential, respectful

44 Incorrigible

45 Criminals deemed incorrigible can expect to receive maximum sentences for their offenses against society.

46 incorrigible Adjective Not able to be corrected; out of control
Synonyms: unruly, hopeless, incurable, persistent Antonyms: manageable, obedient, good

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