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Unit 5 Vocabulary.

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1 Unit 5 Vocabulary

2 Accomplice (N.) A person who takes part in a crime
Syn. – partner in crime

3 Brazen (adj.) Shameless, impudent Syn. – bold, saucy

4 Facilitate (v.) To make easier; assist Syn. – ease, simplify
Ant. – obstruct, impede

5 Militant (adj.) Active and aggressive in support of a cause
Syn. – truculent Ant. – peaceable, unassertive

6 Militant (n.) An activist

7 Paramount (adj.) Above all others; chief in importance
Syn. – primary, supreme Ant. -- secondary

8 Reprimand (v.) To scold; to find fault with Syn. – reproach
Ant. – pat on the back

9 Stagnant (adj.) Foul from standing still; not running or flowing
Syn. – still, motionless, sluggish Ant. – flowing, fresh

10 Annihilate (v.) To destroy completely Syn. – obliterate, decimate
Ant. – foster, nurture

11 Catalyst (n.) A substance that causes a change; any agent that causes a change Syn. – stimulus, spur

12 Incorrigible (adj.) Beyond control; not able to be corrected
Syn. – unruly, intractable Ant. – curable, reparable

13 Morose (adj.) Having a gloomy or sullen manner Syn. – morbid
Ant. – buoyant, lively

14 Prattle (v.) To talk in an aimless, foolish, or simple way

15 Prattle (n.) Baby talk; babble Syn. -- gibberish

16 Servitude (n.) Forced labor; slavery Syn. – bondage Ant. -- liberty

17 Succumb (v.) To give way to superior force; yield Syn. – submit
Ant. – overcome, master

18 Arbitrary (n.) Unreasonable; based on one’s wishes or whims without regard for reason Syn. – autocratic Ant. – rational, objective

19 Exodus (n.) A large scale departure or flight Syn. – escape
Ant. – arrival, immigration

20 Latent (adj.) Hidden, present but not realized
Syn. – dormant, inactive Ant. – exposed, evident

21 Opaque (adj.) Not letting light through; dense, stupid
Syn. – hazy, murky, obtuse Ant. – transparent, clear, bright

22 Rebut (v.) To offer arguments or evidence that contradict an assertion
Syn. – refute, shoot holes in Ant. – confirm, corroborate

23 Slapdash (adj.) Careless and hasty Syn. – slipshod
Ant. – thorough, in-depth

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