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Vocabulary Week 2.

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1 Vocabulary Week 2

2 1. compensate Definition: pay Sentence:
Maddie was compensated for babysitting her nieces. Examples: compensate for helping compensate for a price rise

3 2. curtail Definition: reduce, lessen Sentence:
The U.S. plans to curtail the number of troops being deployed. Examples: curtail supplies curtail homework

4 3. options Definition: choices Sentence:
Jane was given a few options when she went to purchase a new cell phone. Examples: leave your options open several options to work

5 4. surmise Definition: guess Sentence:
There is so little to go on, we can only surmise what happened. Examples: surmise the answer surmise where someone went

6 5. expenditure Definition: payment Sentence:
They should cut their expenditure on defense. Examples: foolish expenditure reduce public expenditure

7 6. expedite Definition: accelerate, speed up Sentence:
We tried to help you expedite your plans. Examples: expedite an answer expedite a shipment

8 7. foremost Definition: most important Sentence:
He was one of the world’s foremost scholars of ancient Indian culture. Examples: foremost problem foremost thing

9 8. deteriorated Definition: become worse, worn down Sentence:
Grant’s health steadily deteriorated. Examples: deteriorated barn weather conditions deteriorated

10 9. nonexistent Definition: not present, not existent Sentence:
Hygiene was nonexistent: no running water, no bathroom. Examples: nonexistent ghost nonexistent homework

11 10. wrangled Definition: argued Sentence:
The two sides wrangled over the procedure problems. Examples: wrangled a problem wrangled about plans

12 11. relinquish Definition: give up, yield Sentence:
The child did not want to relinquish the TV remote to his father. Examples: relinquish your pride relinquish power

13 12. passionate Definition: emotional Sentence:
I’m a passionate believer of public art. Examples: passionate dislike passionate commitment

14 13. treacherous Definition: dangerous Sentence:
The current of the river is fast flowing and treacherous. Examples: treacherous journey treacherous drive

15 14. unappealing Definition: not interesting Sentence:
Kaylee found the fresh pineapple unappealing. Examples: unappealing person unappealing decor

16 15. embark Definition: depart, set out Sentence:
Bob will embark on a new journey tomorrow. Examples: embark on a trip embark on a new job

17 16. conceive Definition: think up Sentence:
He conceived of the first truly portable computer in 1968. Examples: conceive a plan conceive a solution

18 17. horrendous Definition: terrible, awful Sentence:
We were stuck in a horrendous traffic jam while driving through Los Angeles. Examples: horrendous monsters horrendous storm

19 18. extract Definition: remove Sentence:
The dentist will extract a tooth today. Examples: extract honey extract a dress from the rack

20 19. deficiency Definition: shortage Sentence:
They did blood tests on him for signs of vitamin deficiency. Examples: deficient of money deficient of food

21 20. audition Definition: try out Sentence:
The dancers will audition for the Nutcracker tomorrow. Examples: audition the part of a movie audition for a music chair

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