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Do Now ESAT Warm Up Homework Check: Assignment #12 Agenda Update TOC Turn to Assignment #11 and wait for Do Now instructions Homework: 1.Finish Propaganda.

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1 Do Now ESAT Warm Up Homework Check: Assignment #12 Agenda Update TOC Turn to Assignment #11 and wait for Do Now instructions Homework: 1.Finish Propaganda Poster 2.Flashcards 3.Quiz next class!

2 Table of Contents DateTitleAssign. # 1/13Nationalism, “Race” and Empires (HW) 12 1/19Historical Timeline13 1/19Notes: Nationalism and Propaganda 14 1/19Nationalism, Identity and Power in Europe 15 1/19Propaganda Poster & Rubric 16

3 Where are we in History?

4 Journal #3 List the different ways someone would brag about themselves to another person. For example, if someone was trying to show off, what would they say or do? Why do you think they do this?

5 Objectives IWBAT: Analyze propaganda and nationalism in mobilizing the civilian population into Total War.

6 Class Empires Find students in the classroom who are part of the same empire as you: Germany, Austria-Hungary, Great Britain, France. As a group with the same empire, choose a spot in the room to stand in. Find similarities and differences within your empire. As a group, you will be expected to brag about your empire to the other empires based on your similarities and differences! Which religions/languages does your empire have that the others don’t?

7 Choose an Empire you’d Befriend! After hearing the countries brag about themselves, take 30 seconds to discuss which empire you’d most likely be allies with. Allies- states cooperating with one another for military or other purposes, typically by treaty. A friendly association.

8 Nation-States You will now get into groups based on color. Each color represents a country. Green= Germany Blue= Great Britain Orange=Austria Purple= Poland Grey= Italy Red= France

9 In your new groups, talk about what your similarities and differences are. Be ready to share what you and your group members share in common.

10 Journal #3 Compare and contrast what you noticed from transitioning from one empire to a country.

11 European Empires In the 1800s, Europe consisted of empires Inhabited by people with different languages, cultures, and ethnicities (multi-ethnic) These people shared a common background on an occupied land Created allies with other empires

12 A. Creation of Independent States By the 1800s, nations became independent from empires they were part of. A nation-state is an independent state inhabited by all the people of one nation sharing a common language, religion, history and culture. For example, Germany was part of Austro- Hungarian Empire but broke off to self-rule

13 B. Nationalism Definition: A deep devotion to one’s nation, a group of common people based on territory, ethnicity, common language and/or religion.

14 C. Tension Among Nation-States m/videos/causes-of- world-war-i#causes- of-world-war-i m/videos/causes-of- world-war-i#causes- of-world-war-i

15 Nationalism Maintained The media helps maintain Nationalism throughout each country Definition of media: the means of communication, as radio and television, newspapers, and magazines, that reach or influence people widely:

16 Map of Europe after WWI

17 Propaganda A form of advertising that is meant to persuade its audience to a certain point of view. – Simple message that can be easily understood – Appeals to emotion more than intellect – One-way communication – Influences your thinking – Comes from an official institution – Indoctrination

18 Types of Propaganda Media Posters Literature architecture

19 Methods of Propaganda Bandwagon Patriotic Guilt Fear Emotional appeal Testimonial Generality

20 Bandwagon Suggests “everyone is doing it” and so should you What does this poster want citizens to do? How does this refer to total war?

21 Patriotic Guilt Suggests that it is your duty as a citizen of the United States to do something; implies you are not a “good American” if you don’t

22 Fear Suggests harm is coming if you do or don’t do something

23 Emotional Appeal Words or images that make you feel sympathy or another emotion deeply.

24 Testimonial Uses a well-known public figure to support something.

25 Generality Exaggerations designed to persuade.

26 Analyzing Propaganda Assignment #16 In your Home Groups, you will have 1.5 minutes to discuss what you believe the message of each propaganda poster is. You will take notes in the box to the right of each picture. Use your notes to figure out which Method of Propaganda was used to convey the message and write it in each box. Also, take notes about what you think is the significance of symbols, colors, objects for each picture.

27 What’s the message? What colors are being used?







34 Propaganda Posters Directions: Review your notes on the posters you have analyzed. Imagine we are at war today. Create your own poster on the back of this paper to persuade people to help out in the war effort. Use at least two Methods of Propaganda as listed on your Cornell Notes. Draw and color your poster on the back of this paper.


36 Homework: Nation-state #14 Nationalism #15 Propaganda #14 Media #14 Reich #15 Aryan #15 Study flashcards Finish propaganda poster Quiz next class!

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