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Valediction Week Talk for International Graduates complete studies Application Techniques June Kay, Careers Development Consultant.

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1 Valediction Week Talk for International Graduates complete studies Application Techniques June Kay, Careers Development Consultant

2 ∂ Content Principals for marketing yourself Curriculum Vitae Application Forms Covering Letters Interviews

3 ∂ General Principals – Find out what the employer wants …. ……… relevant experience, education, transferable skills…..

4 ∂ Go through your life from the end of your school to now – make note of achievements / experiences For example…. Editor of school year book Member of the university choir who toured internationally Completed a sponsored bungee jump and raised £2000 for charity Learned how to play golf Worked part-time in a restaurant whilst a full-time student Successfully completed a qualification overseas Treasurer of the Badminton society at university Journal published in prestigious journal Role as student ambassador for my college Volunteer helping at a swimming club for disabled children

5 ∂ Go through these and reflect of the skills developed / demonstrated, knowledge or experience gained Learning to play golf….dedication, target setting, self motivation Member of choir… work, time management, dedication, attention to detail, confidence to perform in public Waiter / Waitress job….dealing with the public / interpersonal skills, team work, work under pressure, cash handling, training new staff Voluntary work….leadership, communication skills, commitment, understanding of voluntary sector, using initiative Treasurer….numeracy, handling a budget, work in a team, attention to detail, report writing, attending meetings, financial planning Studying Overseas…..independence, problem solving, understanding of different cultures, communication skills, language skills

6 ∂ Compare to the employers requirements – do they match

7 ∂ Use this information as basis for preparing …. CV – group like terms together e.g. excellent team work skills as demonstrated by membership of the university choir, my part-time job in catering and executive role for a college society. Application Form – select best example of a skills for competency based questions. Structure your personal statement of why you are suitable / want thi=e role Interview Preparation – familiarise self with example of skills, knowledge, experience gained

8 ∂ Curriculum Vitae Structure Content Spelling / Grammar Font / Layout Length Detail

9 ∂ Application Forms On-line Accuracy / Neatness / Spelling / Grammar Focus Why do you want this role Specific examples of situations where demonstrated the desired skills Deadlines

10 ∂ Interviews First Impressions exceptional important Body Language Anticipating questions Answering questions Your questions At the end

11 ∂ Employers views on recruiting International graduates “There are no restrictions on the number of international students we can recruit. All work permit applications were successful last year. Paperwork usually takes about 6 weeks to complete” – Deloitte & Touche LLP “We welcome applications from suitable non-EEA nationals to work in the UK.” – Goldman Sachs 100 international students entered their UK offices in 2004, out of 750 recruits - PriceWaterhouseCoopers “We welcome applications from international students in the following areas Investment Banking & Wealth Management Programmes, International Manager, Executive Management Programme.” – HSBC “We welcome applications from non EEA nationals and provide the necessary legal support for successful candidates” – J P Morgan KPMG Offers ‘Chinese National Graduates Programme’ for Chinese Nationals that have gained a UK degree to join them in UK’s audit or Tax department.

12 ∂ Durham Taught Post-Graduate Leavers Destinations Overseas Austria – Researcher – Ludwig Boltzmann Institute Belgium – Research Assistant – European Centre for Development Policy China – Sales Manager – Shell Ltd Germany – Lawyer – Allen & Overy Greece – Archaeologist – Archaeological Ephoryate - Software Developer – NET Info Hong Kong – Research Analyst – Mergel Market Lithuania – Mortgage Manager – AB Bank Luxembourg – Analyst – European Investment Bank Romania – Secondary School Teacher – International School Bucharest Slovakia – Lawyer – Ministry of Labour Sweden – Tax consultant – PriceWaterhouseCoopers United States – Shared Services Manager – Caterpillar Inc

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