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1 CV Writing for Post-doctoral Researchers June Kay Careers Development Consultant Durham University Careers Advisory Service.

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1 1 CV Writing for Post-doctoral Researchers June Kay Careers Development Consultant Durham University Careers Advisory Service

2 2 What can you PhD graduate sell?  lateral and creative thinking  adaptable / flexible approach to work and research  ability to absorb, analyse and interpret detailed data and information  advanced computer literacy  able to challenge premises, question procedures, interpret meaning, offer alternatives  capacity to access information from a wide range of resources and sources

3 3 What can PhD Graduate sell?  self discipline and motivation when working in isolation  perseverance – able to overcome difficulties  priority setting – time management  report writing  oral communication when undertaking presentations, lectures and delivering papers at conferences  team working / collaboration – undertaking research with academic colleagues on similar areas of interest  others?

4 4 So what else have you gained since completing PhD ?????  Development, preparation, delivery of courses  Supervising research of others  Motivating and monitoring students work  Writing of research funding proposals  Additional responsibilities with department  Building networks and collaborating  Profile Raising – you, subject, dept, university  Professional Training & Development  Involvement in committees  Understanding of HE structures  Knowledge transfer / commercial applications

5 5 CVs for Researchers A CV and covering letter should include evidence of relevant:  Knowledge – specific or general  Experience – tasks, processes, responsibilities  Skills – specialist and transferable / generic  Interest / Enthusiasm / Commitment

6 6 CVs for Researchers  Structure – logical, clear  Presentation/layout – attractive / professional  Content – Relevant / Explicit  Length – 2 pages A4 Non- Academic - 3 or more for Academic  Impact !!!!!

7 7 Action words for CVs Negotiated Devised Promoted Identified Generated Led Delivered Tested Facilitated Managed Analysed Solved Resolved Initiated Represented

8 8 CVs for Researchers You should have a different type of CV for posts inside / outside of academia Many same skills and experience Different Focus / Language Academic / Commercial application

9 9 How might you structure it? Reverse chronological order Standard Headings  Personal Details  Education  Work Experience  Additional Skills – IT, Technical, Languages  Positions of Responsibility  Hobbies & Interests  References

10 10 Targeted / Skills Based  Useful if you know what the employer is looking for  Highlights on Page 1 the key skills and qualities you possess which are relevant to the post (skills profile) and where you have obtained these  Therefore ‘plagiarises’ the advert  Then follows on with a standard reverse chronological CV

11 11 Page one might start like this… Communication: Excellent oral and written skills required for planning preparing and leading seminars with undergraduate students. Several conference papers presented and well received by a wide academic audience. Active listening and diplomacy as demonstrated through voluntary work on student helpline for 3 years. Team Working: Demonstrated when rowing for university where I proved my commitment to succeed and encouraged others to also do so, as part of a successful multi-disciplinary research group and whilst working in a pressured retail environment part-time for 4 years. Project & Time Management: Successfully planned the most effective use of my time and resources to complete my research project ahead of schedule whilst submitting papers for publication, supervising undergraduate students research and renovating my new home. Computer literacy: Confident user of a wide variety of packages including Microsoft Word, Access, Excel, SPSS and C++. Designed, developed and updated the International Students Society website. Easily adapt to specialist employer software e.g. stock control in retail

12 12 Covering letters  Explain who you are  Say why you want the post  Give examples of your suitability  Explain why you want to work in that organisation  Provide other general information  Say when you are available for interview

13 13  Lynda Ali + Barbara Graham, Moving on in Your Career; A guide for academic researchers and postgraduates (RoutledgeFalmer London + New York 2000)  AgCAS/University of London Careers Service, University researchers and the job market  Mary Anne Thompson, The Global Resume and CV Guide (John Wiley + Sons New York 2000) Publications

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