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Careers In Academia – How to beat the competition! June Kay Careers Development Consultant.

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1 Careers In Academia – How to beat the competition! June Kay Careers Development Consultant

2 ∂ Contents Routes into academic career Sources of Jobs What do academic depts want? Academic CV Application Forms Interview Questions

3 ∂ Routes to an academic career First Degree Higher Degree Tutorial Assistant & Publications Temporary Lecturer & publications Lecturer Post-doctoral fellowship & publications Research assistant & publications Research officer * publications Senior research officer

4 ∂ Academic Jobs The Time Higher Education Supplement www.thesjobs/comwww.thesjobs/com The Times Education Supplement Higher Education & Research opportunities in UK Professional Bodies e.g. BPS, IMechE etc

5 ∂ Five Key Aspects of Professional Activity for An Academic Career Networking Teaching Researching Writing Managing Blaxter, Hughes & Tight (1998,22)

6 ∂ What do academic departments want? Research Reputation Teaching experience Administrative Competence Others

7 ∂ Research Reputation Publications in well recognised, high impact journals Collaboration with other groups, nationally & internationally Experience of applying for and securing research funding Giving talks / papers here and at other universities Attending / contributing to conferences to raise your profile within your discipline (peer reviewed practice first) Demonstrating good project management skills – deliver within budget & on time Investigate reputation of colleagues before accepting short-term work

8 ∂ Teaching Experience Contributing to the supervision of PhD students Demonstrating to undergraduate and postgraduate students Running tutorials Gaining experience of designing, delivering and evaluating degree level courses Giving papers at inter-departmental or inter-university level

9 ∂ Administrative Competence Involvement in grant proposal writing and funding/budgeting issues Project management experience e.g. taking on a supervisory role Organising a symposium / conference / guest lecture series Representing the department / unit / group on relevant university committee Responsibilities re equipment. Materials and licences for experimental work Volunteering for unpopular administrative tasks

10 ∂ Other….. Prizes / Awards & Professional Membership Networking Extra Qualifications e.g. management, IT Knowledge of bigger picture in your field Awareness of current issues in HE e.g. RAE

11 ∂ Academic CVs Longer than business / commercial CV More emphasis on academic achievement Specific details of research, publications, conferences etc Smaller sections on other work experience transferable skills hobbies

12 ∂ Education PhD Specific Details of Current research Title Description Supervisor First Degree Grade Dissertation Title and brief description School A level subjects and grades, GCSE number and grades

13 ∂ Professional & Research Experience Techniques / Methods used Industrial Placements Professional development courses attended Teaching / Demonstrating Publications Conference Papers

14 ∂ Other Other work experience – for transferable skills IT skills Interests Achievements Positions of Responsibility Membership of professional bodies References

15 ∂ Application Forms Personal Statement / Why do you want the job / What can you bring to the post? Match your education / experience / transferable skills to those on the desirable / essential criteria Be specific, relevant & give evidence Vital to show passion and commitment

16 ∂ Interview Format Panel Interview – 4/5/6 members, Impartial Chair – represent the interests of the university not dept. Head of Department Head of Section (research group / area of teaching) Member of different department – lateral comparability Questions split according to panel members area of interest and map onto person specification

17 ∂ Interview Techniques Research – department, staff, HE, subject Preparation – anticipate questions and prepare possible answers Match your selling points to their wish list Body Language – eye contact, handshake, posture etc Voice – pitch, tone Time to think Enthusiasm & PMA

18 ∂ Top Tips from a Deputy Dean Answer interview questions giving example and output Be prepared to discuss how your publications have been received Publication and Research Grant Applications are paramount in CV Must demonstrate well guided career decisions and where this role fits Do your homework on the department – staff and areas research

19 ∂ Help Available Careers Information Room Researchers Section – books, DVDs One-to-one advice appointment for up to 1 hour telephone / e-mail / call into CAS to book

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