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The Phoenix magazine Take a look at Manor Leas Junior School’s magazine. Inside you will find all the latest school news and dates, useful phone numbers,

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1 The Phoenix magazine Take a look at Manor Leas Junior School’s magazine. Inside you will find all the latest school news and dates, useful phone numbers, items for sale, local advertisements, announcements and an update from the community policing team. Issue: 9 Spring 2013 Supplied free of charge thanks to help from sponsorship, advertisements and donations Safe, Happy and Ready to Learn

2 The Phoenix Magazine Team Dates for your Diary Monday 15 th April-Term starts Thursday 2nd May- School closed for local elections Monday 6 th May- School closed for Bank Holiday Monday 13th May –SAT’s week starts Monday 20 th May-Multicultural Week Friday 24 th May-Term ends Monday 3 rd June- Term starts Hello! We hope you enjoy our bumper Spring edition. Happy Easter to all our readers!

3 Manor Leas Junior School has a new Twitter account. Please follow us on Twitter: @MrJGreenwood Headteacher’s Corner The school continues to go from strength to strength. That is down to each and every one of you and the support that you show for our school. Thank you and enjoy 2013!

4 Additional Opportunities at Manor Leas Junior School At Manor Leas Junior School we have lots of opportunities to try out new things at our many clubs! MondayDrama, Cooking, Newspaper, Football and Film Club TuesdayGymnastics WednesdayChoir, Homework and Netball ThursdayArt and Dance FridayAikido

5 Bubbles @ Manor Leas Breakfast Club Opening Times: 7.45am until school begins Held every term time morning at Manor Leas School Children attending club will receive a nutritious, balanced breakfast and will be provided with a variety of activities ranging from arts and crafts to team games. Price: £4 per session For more information on how to enrol, or if you have any queries then speak to Stacey at the club, or alternatively phone Toni or Katie on 01522 692000. After School and Holiday Clubs are also available – Please ask for details.

6 Bubbles Breakfast and After School Club Breakfast club is held in the Smile Room (which is behind the Junior school in the mobile) at Manor Leas. Children from both schools are encouraged to attend the club. In the morning when you have breakfast you can choose from lovely cereal or crunchy toast. You can be dropped off at anytime from 8am and the staff send us out to play on the playground at 9am. After we have eaten we play different types of exciting games, such as jigsaws, chess, Four in a Row, drawing and Kerplunk. Breakfast club is really fun and a great place to be when your parents have to go to work. In the evening, the Bubbles staff pick up children from both Infant and Junior schools at 3:45pm. We walk to the Bubbles Nursery and Kids Club which only takes 5-10 minutes. We enjoy the walk because we can chat with our friends! When we arrive, we see all of our friends from other schools and we play even more exciting games with them. One of the most popular games is the Wii. Everyone enjoys playing the Sports games. When the weather is good, we all dash outside to play games like tig. We need to burn off our energy! At around 5pm everyone tucks into a fantastic snack. You can choose from healthy fruit, yummy breadsticks, delicious cakes, delightful crumpets and lots more. You even get a drink of squash or milk to wash it all down with! Bubbles closes at 6pm. We think Bubbles Club is perfect to stay at in the morning or at night. It is a great place to make new friends and learn new games. Why don’t you come and join us and see for yourself?

7 Gambia What have we been learning ? For many years, Manor Leas Junior School has worked hard to create a link with our Gambian, school, Nyofellah Lower Basic. We celebrated this hard work once again by completing lots of different activities that taught us more about life in the Gambia. Each year group were given a different topic to consider. Here are some of the things they looked at. In Year 3, they learnt about music in the Gambia by looking at various Gambian instruments. They also drew a picture of their own house to show where they live. In Year 4 the children read several amazing stories about Gambia and then moved on to learning about different types of Gambian games. They then had to make their own powerpoint about the games that we play in the UK. The Year 5 children also learnt about Gambian musical instruments and then they used their ICT skills to create fantastic powerpoints about British and Western musical instruments. In Year 6 they looked at what communication they use in the Gambia. They were surprised to find out how common it was for people to have a mobile phone, but not a computer in their home! Then they had to send something back about the communication we use in the UK. They also looked at money they use in Gambia and what things are worth. Again the children sent something back explaining the currency in the UK. To end Gambia week we had an assembly about Shelter Boxes. Two men came in to talk to us about what a shelter box is. A shelter box is a large green box, which includes items such as blankets and tents and all of the equipment needed to make a home e.g. pans, bedding, pillows etc. These boxes are sent out to families who are in desperate need of help because their homes have been destroyed by natural disasters. Our school is now raising money to buy a shelter box so that we can help those less fortunate than us.

8 DO YOU WANT TO WIN AN EASTER EGG? Question & Answer Challenge! This term’s focus topic is Italy. Your question is… What’s the name of the place where the Gladiators used to fight? Put your answers in the Newspaper Club Question & Answer Box which is located outside Mrs Tyas’s classroom. Make sure you write on your name and class! The names of those people with the correct answer will be printed in next term’s edition and win an Easter Egg! Meet the Teacher! This term we have interviewed Mrs Dawson Q: What other schools have you taught at apart from here? A: Fosse way. Q: How long were you teaching at your old school? A: 4 Years (part time). Q: What is your favourite book? A: The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. Q: What is your favourite subject to teach? Why? A: Maths because I love numbers and I love teaching R.E because I love exploring different cultures that have developed. Q: Do you play any instrument? A: I used to play the Oboe but now I would like to learn to play the guitar. Q: Do you enjoy teaching at Manor Leas Junior School? Why? A: Yes because we are always safe, happy and ready to learn. Q: What do you think about the members of staff in this school? A: They are fantastic!

9 Frankie and Benny’s! Year 3 are learning all about running an Italian Café and have been to Frankie and Benny’s to experience it first hand! During their visit they made fruit cocktails and enjoyed tasting them. Also they learnt how to hold a tray like a waitress or waiter. They were very heavy! Most importantly, they made pizzas and cooked them in the oven. When they came out they ate them. Mary Ann told us “They were delicious!” Everyone had a great time and Year 3 can’t wait to run their own café. Read all about it in next term’s issue. Miss Stanney’s Street Dance! Every Thursday there is Street Dance Club. It is held in the hall at 3.30pm to 4:30pm. At the moment, they are learning a new dance to put on a D.V.D to show to their parents. They are dancing to the song ‘End of Time’ by Beyoncé. Last term, they learned a dance to show in assembly and also to their mums and dads! This term they are close to finishing the dance to the song and they are going to show it in assembly! Good Luck!

10 Parent, baby and Toddlers Wednesdays 10-11:30am (term time) @ Bracebridge Community Centre Play --- Crafts ---Relax with and make good friends Free 1 st session - £1 per family after Contact: Liz (535241); Angela (823868) Run by What’s making you ‘smile’ today? Every day at lunch, we are lucky enough to have the amazing opportunity to attend the school’s Smile Room. The Smile room is a place where you can have a fabulous time. The children do activities including cooking, crafts and games. Each group talks about the schools value of the month and their activities link to this throughout the term. To get into the Smile room, you need to be nominated by your teacher. Different children are chosen from each class every term to work with the different adults who run Smile Room. The adults running this club are Mrs Lightfoot, Mrs Patterson, Miss Stanney and Mrs Chester. The Smile Room is a good way to develop your skills in things you can’t do. Usually in the children’s last session, they practise their cooking skills and end the day with something yummy to take home, for example rocky road or chocolate cookies! The children can take the items they make home and use them however they want,. For example if they made a bookmark they could use it as a gift. Every child has a chance to attend the Smile Room and I would highly recommend it. It is a brilliant opportunity to make new friends, learn new skills and take home exciting things to show your family.

11 Community Police News Find out more about your local policing team at It was great to meet and chat to PCSO Flack again this half term. Year 3 would like to say a huge thank you to PCSO Flack for organising the police dogs visit. You can read about the visit in this term’s magazine! PCSO Flack said “We had a number of cars which have had items stolen from them near to Manor Leas. We would like to ask the owners of the cars to remove all property from them when they are not in use and not leave valuables on display!” He also wanted everyone to keep the entrance to our school safe by not parking near to the white zigzag lines. More from our community policing team in next term’s issue! PCSO 2148 FlackPC 310 Garside PC 1322 Seal We need your help! A clothes recycling bank has been sited outside the main school gates. The clothes bank is managed by the National Police Aid Convoys and part of the money raised through the collection is donated to our school. Please donate any unwanted items or clothing to this worthy cause and also raise some money for our school!

12 Instructor Neville Coupland 07925 188 363 www. Want to keep fit, make new friends, learn Japanese, raise your confidence, become more flexible & balanced? Then why not give Aikido a go!?? Aikido is a self defence Martial Art, offering a wide range of benefits to all students. We have a class running in your school right now, every Friday 3.45pm-4.45pm during term time. Classes are £6.00 per session. Other classes are available all across Lincoln, please get in touch if you are interested. Monday 3.45pm Sir Francis Hill Community Primary School, Bristol Drive 6.00pm—7.00pm The Boiler House, Birchwood Community Centre, Woodfield Ave, Birchwood 6-10 yrs 7.00pm—8.00pm The Boiler House, 11yrs+ 8.00pm-9.00pm The Boiler House, Adults and 14+ Tuesday 3.35pm Waddington All Saints Primary School, Mere Road, Waddington 4:40pm Waddington All Saints Primary School, Mere Road, Waddington Wednesday 3.20pm St Michaels Primary School, School Lane, Thorpe-on-the Hill 6.00pm-7.00pm The Ark, All Saints Church Halls, Moor Lane 6-10yrs 7.00pm-8.00pm The Ark, 11yrs+ 8.00pm-9.00pm The Ark Adults and 14+ Thursday 5.00pm-6.00pm Witham St Hughs Primary School, Muntjac Way 6-11yrs 6.00pm-7.00pm 10-14 years 7:00pm-8:00pm Adults and 14+ Friday 3.45pm Manor Leas School, Hykeham Road 6.00pm-7.00pm The Scout Hut, Grantham Road, Bracebridge Heath, 6-10yrs 7.00pm-8.00pm The Scout Hut, 11yrs+ 8.00-9.00pm The Scout Hut, Adults and 14+

13 Useful Numbers Manor Leas Junior School 01522 881370 Manor Leas Infant School 01522 681810 Bracebridge Infant School 01522 520591 NON- Emergency for Lincolnshire Police 101 Produced by: Manor Leas Junior School, Hykeham Road, Lincoln, LN6 8BE. Telephone: 01522 881370 E-mail: If you are a business/ company and wish to advertise in the magazine please contact us on the email/phone number below.

14 Ruston Sports & Social Club Near Forum, Newark Rd. Lincoln Wednesdays 6:00 - 7:00pm Fridays 6:00 - 7:00pm Sundays 10:00 - 11:00am £4 per class..................................... Call: 07986 094485 E-mail: Class Instructor – Ewa Turner

15 Maths Mania! Here is hopscotch. It goes up to 10. Where would 83 be? If 10 is in the middle should 70 be in the middle as well? Take your answer and put it in the Question and Answer box outside 5T. If you get it right you could be in with a chance of winning an Easter egg. Do you want to advertise here? Contact the Phoenix Magazine Manor Leas Junior School, Hykeham Road, Lincoln, LN6 8BE. Telephone: 01522 881370 E-mail:

16 Comedy Corner Why did the Easter egg hide? He was a little chicken! Why shouldn’t you tell an Easter egg a joke? It might crack up! What do you call a rabbit that tells good jokes? A funny bunny! How many Easter eggs can you put in an empty basket? Only one because after that it’s not empty anymore! What do you get if you pour hot water down a rabbit hole? Hot cross bunny! How does the Easter bunny stay fit? Eggs-ercise and Hare – robics! What’s yellow, has long ears and grows on trees? The Easter bunana! How do you know where the Easter bunny has been? Eggs (X) marks the spot!

17 Cooking club! Cooking Club is after school on a Monday night in the mobile. You get the chance to try a variety of cooking methods, including chopping and grating. Also you will prepare lots of different dishes, sweet, sour and healthy too! You may make pizzas and can choose your very own fabulous flavour for your pizza toppings. The Cooking Club found that the pizzas that they made were one of their favourite meals to make and they really enjoyed making them too. The reason Mrs Brown does cooking club is because it is fun and you can learn good skills and learn how to prepare healthy dishes. Mrs Brown would advise that children should always eat one third vegetables and one third carbohydrates and a bit of everything else. She said “No food is bad food you should get a mixture of food in your diet.” E-SAFETY In the last week of last half term, Mr Jefferies came in to talk us about E-safety. This time it was about cyber-bullying on mobile phones, he also reminded us about what SMART means. Safe- be safe online Meeting-don’t arrange to meet someone that you don’t now online Accept-don’t accept messages from someone you don’t now Reliable – make sure you know who you are speaking too Tell- always tell a trusted adult. He also told us to beware of trolls. They are people who pretend to be other people like your friends. He also reminded us to never give personal information to strangers. An important message is to report abuse when someone is saying nasty things about you or someone else. Finally he talked about being under age on Facebook or other social networking sites. Want to know more? Check out

18 EJ Hair and Beauty Salon At the Forum in North Hykeham. Contact Name: Liz Telephone:01522 694631 Special Offer with Emily Available Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Colour: Full head £25.00 Highlights: Full £25.00 Roots £15.00 Half £20.00 Wash, cut and blow dry £15.00 Hair ups from £15.00 Dip Dye £15.00Set £10.00 Perm £20.00Gents Cut £6.00 Due to popular demand Spa Sunday is EVERY Sunday Have a hot stone massage and facial followed by a manicure and pedicure. While the polish is drying sit back and enjoy a glass of Champagne. All this for £45 Opening Times Mon 9am to 5pm Tues 9am to 5pm Wed 9am to 6pm Thurs 9am to 7pm Fri 9am to 7pm Sat 8:30am to 5pm Sun by appointment only( Spa Sunday)

19 Jaffa Club! Every Monday lunch time, several lucky Year 3 children go to Jaffa Club. Jaffa club is run by Mr Housam and Mr Farley from the Joy Foundation. It is an exciting place, where the Year 3 children can get together and make new friends. We take part in lots of games, as well as dancing and most importantly having fun! One of the games we play is called the Newspaper Game, where you have to dance to music and then when it suddenly stops, everyone dashes to stand on a piece of newspaper. If you’re the unlucky one and you’re not stood on a piece, then you’re out! We keep playing the game until there is only one person left and they are obviously then the winner! We enjoy playing all the different types of games, but at the end of the club we need time to calm down and so we put our hands together to say a special prayer. Then we get to go outside to run off any energy we have left! JAFFA club is an exciting opportunity – I hope to see you there next week! Thank you ASDA! ASDA have kindly donated £200 towards the Manor Leas Junior School musical garden. Along with donations from our Friends of School Association we are hoping to buy outdoor instruments for use in lessons and at playtime. We will keep you up to date with the progress of our musical garden!


21 Snow! On Monday 14 th January it started to snow! It was so exciting! We enjoyed lots of playtimes outside and showed how fantastic we are at playing sensibly and safely together. Then on Thursday 24 th January, Mr Greenwood said that we could have a snow sculpture competition and he would award prizes for the best one. The children were very excited, building sculptures of all shapes and sizes, including snow people and snow insects! It was a very tough decision for Mr Greenwood to make, but eventually he chose a group of year 4 and year five children who built an amazing snow caterpillar. The snow was so deep, we were so lucky getting ‘that’ much snow! We’re looking forward to more snow in the future, and we hope we have as much fun as this year! Multi–Coloured Day! On Friday 11 th January, after an exciting Christmas holiday, Manor Leas Junior School returned with a BANG as they dressed in multi- colours to raise money for the Joy Foundation! Our school works very closely with the Joy Foundation, particularly during assemblies where Mr Housam tells us fantastic stories from the Bible. He also works hard at lunchtimes during JAFFA club with Year 3. In the morning, we had an amazing assembly where Mr Farley and Mr Housam told us a story about colours. They used different colours to help us understand how God wants us to live our lives. For example, red is for danger and tells us not to do something that could harm us! We all had a great day, with some of us wearing some wacky and colourful outfits. We were pleased to be able to tell the Joy Foundation that we raised a spectacular £173, which Mr Greenwood kindly agreed to double, meaning the final total stood at… £346!

22 Christmas Dinner On Monday 22nd December, we had a gorgeous, delicious Christmas dinner! We had turkey and other delicious Christmas food. We pulled colourful crackers and we put on our paper crowns. We also read out our jokes and it made everyone laugh. All staff members joined in and even PCSO flack had some fun singing the Christmas songs. Everyone liked Mr Botham’s funny turkey hat. Everyone sang Christmas songs, even Mr Greenwood Everybody was very happy and they all laughed and chatted to each other. Guess how many people were there for the Christmas dinner? Almost everyone joined in for the amazing flamboyant Christmas dinner! Thousands gather to share their voices ! On 7 th February 2013, the phenomenal choir went to the Young Voices celebration in Sheffield. They joined thousands of other schools in a rare opportunity to create an enormous choir. The choir started learning the 18 songs required back in October. They had to memorise the words as well as perfect several different dance routines! The children’s journey started shortly after 12pm on the Thursday afternoon. They travelled by coach to the spectacular Motor Point arena. When they arrived, they leapt straight into action with a long and tiring rehearsal. In no time at all, the evening arrived and they were ready to sing their hearts out to the gathering audience. Many of the children’s parents joined them in the evening to watch the magnificent concert. The children thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Louise O’ Rourke commented, “This was an amazing time to gather together to sing our hearts out in front of a crowd and I would definitely do it again!” The choir would like to thank Mrs Tyas for all of her hard work and the dedication that she gave to this event. We look forward to our next singing challenge!

23 Maths Mania! On Tuesday 29 th January, Year 5 and Year 6 Triangle maths sets went head to head in an exciting maths competition. They had 20 questions to answer in a certain amount of time. They were in groups of 3 and 4 and they all put their brains together to solve the tricky questions. They all did exceptionally well but only 3 teams could go through to the final in Monday’s assembly. During Monday’s assembly 3 teams went head to head again to answer 10 mental questions. But after a long competition the winners were crowned results are- In 3 rd place Adam Johnston’s team, in 2 nd place was Joshua Worrell’s team and in 1 st place was Lesley Clarke’s team. Well Done! Here is an example of one of the questions they had to work out during Maths Mania- Four fifths of a number is 60. What is the number? Book Review Gangster Granny By David Walliams This book is about a boy called Ben who has to go and stop with his Granny every Friday night. She smells like rotten cabbage and all she eats is cabbage soup! Ben thinks his Granny is boring but he hasn’t found out her other side yet! One night he goes to his Granny’s and finds a stash of sparkling, shiny jewels. Astounded, Ben asks his Granny why they are there. She explains that she is a Gangster and has stolen many jewels! Ben then comes up with a daring plan to steal the Crown Jewels… I would recommend this book to be read by anyone who has a good sense of humour, aged 7 or older. Both boys and girls will like this book. In my opinion this book is humorous and interesting to read because the characters are easy to connect with and you can understand their point of view. I would give this book a spectacular 9 out of 10! By Ellie Botham

24 Fun Day On Tuesday 18 th December Funday was a great success. As usual, everyone made a massive effort with their costumes. This year the theme was jobs! There were doctors, policemen, nurses and Mr Greenwood was a vet! Everyone thought Chloe Walker’s DJ outfit was the best and she won the competition. In the afternoon, everyone had fun playing games and buying all sorts of things. The Year fours also did their Enterprise project and raised… over £300! At the end of the day our bags were all filled up with sweets and toys! Some people won extra things that couldn’t fit in their bag! Everyone had a super day! Have you seen our new look website? Find out all the latest news on what we are learning, term dates, hot school meals, clubs and much more!

25 Peer mediation There are 24 peer mediators. Their job is to help you solve your problems, not to tell you what to do! Peer mediation takes place in the library. If you’re not sure who’s on duty you can ask a dinner lady or in the library there is a list. And there will be two people on duty each day. All peer mediators wear badges and bibs so that other children can recognise them out in the playground. At peer mediation there are three rules and three promises. If you don’t keep them then the session will not go on. If the other person doesn’t want to go to peer mediation they can’t be forced, or they can wait until they calm down. The three promises are: we will not gossip, we will not take sides, we will not tell you what to do. Year 6 PSHE- Drugs and Drug Abuse We spoke to Mrs Patterson about PSHE in Year 6. Why is it important to teach about drugs? A.So that children know the danger of taking drugs. B.What do you teach the children? All drugs can be harmful if they are not used properly. Why does PCSO Flack come in? He comes in because he has a lot of knowledge and experience of drug abuse. He can educate the children about what might happen if they take drugs. What work do the children do? The children look at boxes of fake drugs so they can see what they look like. They also do a word search. What is the most important message you want the children to remember after the lesson? That all drugs can be harmful if not taken appropriately. The consequences of taking illegal drugs affect the drug user and their families.

26 Gainsborough Old Hall On Monday 11 th and Wednesday 13 th February, Year 4 visited Gainsborough Old Hall for their Tudor topic. When they got there, they were astonished by how old fashioned the building was and looked and how high it was. When they got inside, they grabbed a mat and listened to the tour guides. The tour guides told them the rules and then they split into 2 groups and went up to the tower. It was very exciting. They played Tudor activities, like Cup and Ball. After their tour, they met back in the main hall and acted out a Banquet. They had a Queen, King, Lady and a Lord. They also had jugglers, jesters and dancers to entertain them. Unfortunately 2 jugglers had their heads chopped off! The king decided if he liked the jesters jokes or not by putting his thumb up or down. In the afternoon they went off in groups and did a bit of sketching. It was a bit scary going up the tower and sketching up by the battlements. As they came down the stairs they started to feel uneven and warned the next group to be careful and don’t barge into each other on the stairs because they might fall down. They all hope they can go back again soon! The School Blog Here at Manor Leas Junior we have an exciting blog with new problems and ideas. On the home page there is a list of classes you can choose from. When you choose a class you get on the class home page, then on the top of the page there is a list of things you can go on like maths or English and write your comment. When you are writing your comment you have to write your name and an email address Sometimes you go on the blog for homework which is great fun. Or you could go on it to write your comment about a topic discussion. You can reply to people’s comments or they can reply to you. Go on, have a look at your class blog. Visit

27 Writers Wonderland! Sweat pouring! Heart racing! Victims screaming! “Rarrgghh!” The Minotaur growled as his meal screamed in terror. Musky crumbling walls shook in fear as the Minotaur came stomping through the labyrinth. Thump! Thump! Thump! I heard the Minotaur nearing and I stopped dead on my track, a cold shiver went down my spine. Suddenly a bulky, black shadow emerged from out the corner of my eye. I quickly turned around and their it stood grunting like a dog as well as dribbling on his dirty, damp, dark black club. His eyes were deep pools of scorching lava, his teeth were vampire teeth ready to sink into my arm at any moment, and he had horribly twisted horns as sharp as nails and his dribbling saliva ran down his swaying arms. The Minotaur swung his club at my face and let out a horrific ear splitting roar! I turned and ran for my life like a race horse going for gold. As I ran an obnoxious smell came charging at my face and nearly knocked me out. I could see the door to freedom but I stumbled and fell down onto the cold stone floor and the demonic beast dragged me into the Minotaur’s lair… Suddenly a heroic man sprinted in like the bravest warrior and swiftly broke the Minotaur’s neck. He helped me up and led me out of the notorious maze, like an expert, to safety. What would you do if you were face to face with the Minotaur? Written by Fred Disley (Year 5 ) The Mayor’s special visit On Monday 4 th February the Mayor visited Manor Leas School for her official birthday! This day was another person’s birthday from school. Freya Codling was 9 on the day and she got an unexpected certificate from the Mayor and her Sheriff. The Sheriff’s job was to support the Mayor and take her place if she was sick. We asked her questions and she gave good answers. She suggested that the school council should come to the Guildhall sometime and have a school council meeting there. They could even have a tour around the building! It was very exciting meeting the Mayor and her Sherriff. Next year we will meet a different Mayor. We all can’t wait until next time!

28 Rumbling tummies are no more at Manor Leas Junior School! The School Council have been talking about a tuck shop to sell break time snacks like fabulous fruit, marvellous milkshakes and fantastic fruit muffins! Mr Greenwood thought that it was a great idea and decided to write to several companies for financial support. The School Council were pleased to hear that Sainsbury’s had been kind enough to donate £500, as well as receiving support from our hot dinner provider, The Farm Kitchen. The School Council have decided to use some of the money to buy a shed for the tuck shop, which will be built on the school playground, so that children can visit the tuck shop during their break time. The tuck shop will be run by 4 tuck shop leaders from different year groups. The 4 tuck shop leaders for this year are Jennifer, Ella, Madeleine and Niamh. The School Council took part in an interesting food tasting session and were asked to think about the packaging and the most popular food that people would like to have at playtime. The School Council also thought about the size of the products and if they were too big to eat during the time we had at break. In a final discussion, prices were decided and set at being between 20p and 50p. The tuck shop is hopefully going to be ready in April 2013. Bethan McRobbie (Y4 School Councillor) commented, “I think the tuck shop is a good idea because people who don’t bring break time snacks can now buy one so that they don’t get hungry and can concentrate better in lessons”. The school are all looking forward to the opening of the tuck shop, but until then we will have to continue to bring our own healthy snacks for break!

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