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Welcome to our Spring Term 2013 Mrs Taylors class.

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1 Welcome to our Spring Term 2013 Mrs Taylors class.

2 Welcome to our Spring term 2013. I hope that you have had a lovely time over the Christmas holidays and I am looking forward to working with your children once again over this new term. It is another term full of excitement and learning and I hope that you will continue to help your child and join in with their learning where possible. Our new topic this term is called; TREASURE BOXES. Each week we will have a treasure box full of different learning activities and THEMES. During our first week back we will be learning about the weather, snowmen stories and cold places. We will be developing an igloo in our role play area and introducing special stories in our book corner. I have lots of different objects to go into our treasure box which I hope will inspire your children to learn. All the children will at some time over the term once again receive home learning activities in some form or another. Please work alongside your child and help them with both reading books and home learning activities. Your first home learning task is to create a treasure box which your child can bring to school and share with us. Use a small shoe box or any other box you may have and help your child to decorate it. Then let them choose what they think is a treasure to them and place these objects in the box. Remember, treasure isn't just a piece of gold or silver, it is something which is special to you and your child for different reasons. I look forward to seeing what you come up with. We intend to carry on with our wellie walks and hope to visit different places as part of our treasure box theme and WOW moments. I look forward to talking to you during parent consultations before Easter and any other meetings we have for you. We will at some point this term have another Maths evening for you. I will let you know nearer the time.

3 COATS Unless the weather is really hot, your child will need a coat in school every day. SNACK TIME; We provide fruit every day but if you know that your child likes a certain piece of fruit then they can bring it to school in a named food bag and placed in the fruit basket in the cloak room. NAMING UNIFORM; Please ensure that all items of clothing and bookbags are named. It is so much easier for your child and the staff to recognise, if it has a name in. Please do not put water bottles into book bags. LUNCHBOXES. Please make these as healthy as possible. We do not allow any sweets in lunch boxes as we have a healthy school status. Also try not to over fill boxes. The children get upset if they cannot eat everything. Don’t forget to try our hot meals over the term. If at any stage you want to come and take a look at your childs learning or come and ask me a question please do not hesitate. Please continue to remember ;

4 What are we learning about this term? ) Our topic this term is based on; Treasure. Each week we will have a treasure box filled with different objects, stories and ideas which will hopefully inspire your children to learn and be excited about their learning. Treasure themes will include; Weather, hot and cold places, shiny things, worldly treasures, special stories, animals, dinosaurs and fossils and Indianna Jones. These are just some ideas. I await to see what your children would like to learn about within our new theme. Our role play will start as an igloo and a fish shop and later on we will have an Indianna Jones theme as well as a Jewellery shop. In Mathematics we will be learning about; Addition, Subtraction, More and Less, 3d shapes, numbers to 30 and Money. We will also be working on reasoning skills.

5 Reading with your child School is not the only place where children learn to read. Reading at home, or out and about, is an important part of every child’s learning experience. Here are some useful tips on how to best help your child learn to read. Allow your child to hold their own book, and encourage them to use words such as ‘cover’, ‘page’ and ‘title’. Talk about what might happen in the book before you read it. Look for clues on the cover and back cover. Talk about the pictures- look at the details of what is going on. Give your child time to recognise and correct their own mistakes. If your child is struggling to read a word, prompt them to look at the pictures for clues, or to sound out the first letter. If they really cant work it out, then tell them the word so that they don’t get frustrated. Talk about a book after reading it. Make sure your child understands what the book is about- this is an important part of being a reader. Avoid forcing your child to read if they don’t want to. If they are reluctant, try reading to them and encourage them to join in. Many children have favourite books that they want to read again and again. This is a good thing! Reading stories they know and love will help build your child’s confidence. Try to read to your child as often as possible. This doesn’t always have to be a book- it could be a shopping list, a menu, or a set of instructions. Remember that there are words all around us! Encourage your child to read names, signs, adverts and labels.

6 Your child will continue to receive two reading books each week and these books will be changed on a Wednesday only. Please use your child's reading journal to make comments and to complete any home learning activities. There will also be words for the week in this journal. This is the term to start helping your child learn these key words. It is vital to their development in so many areas of the curriculum. Please try to read with your child as much as possible and let us know how they are getting on. The more you read the better their progress will be over the year. Please try and put at least one WOW a week into your child's WOW book. The children love to show me what they do at home. Reading Books and WOWS

7 PE Our PE lessons are on Monday and Tuesdays each week. Please ensure your child has their PE kit in school. That is a white T shirt, navy shorts and plimsoles. Please make sure it is all named. Water We encourage all of our children to drink as much water as possible throughout the day to aid with their learning. Please provide your child with a drink bottle containing water only. Drinks bottles should not be put into book bags but placed on the shelf in the cloakroom. Please put names on all water containers and ensure that it is only water, not juice. They will not be allowed any thing else. Wellie Wednesdays To make the most of our local surroundings and to enhance our learning we will be going on walks on a Wednesday morning. Please Ensure your child has a coat and sensible shoes wellies if possible or trainers in a named carrier bag or ruck sack. If you would like to join us on our walk and help us in our learning you are more than welcome. Please come and talk to me or write me a note if this sounds like something you would like to do. General Reminders Once again. Show and tell Show and tell happens each week on a Friday. Children are encouraged to bring in something that links to our topic and their learning that week.

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