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By: Max Novick.  The setting first starts in district 12, a district is a small city with not a large population. District 12 is a destroyed city, there.

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Presentation on theme: "By: Max Novick.  The setting first starts in district 12, a district is a small city with not a large population. District 12 is a destroyed city, there."— Presentation transcript:

1 By: Max Novick

2  The setting first starts in district 12, a district is a small city with not a large population. District 12 is a destroyed city, there are run down, small house, and the people don’t get a lot of food. This is where the main character, Katniss Everdeen lives. Where she lives there is luscious green grass, and flowers blossoming. Katniss has a beautiful home with hot water, electricity, and air conditioning. The setting next moves throughout the districts on Peeta and Katniss’ victory tour, the most important district they go to is district 11. District 11 is much bigger than district 12, there is a wide open field with crops stretching for miles. Katniss and Peeta are amazed about how far it stretches. The setting is then moved to the arena of the hunger games, at the start, the tributes are surrounded by a big ocean. This stretches for a while. This banked by a jungle, there are tall trees but no water, this is a problem for the tributes.  /  This is district 12 in the movie hunger games

3  Katniss Everdeen is the main character she is dynamic and always changing she is a protagonist, she tries to overthrow the capitol. Katniss is very pretty, she has one long braid running down her back. She is also very good at archery, she can hit a bull’s eye from a long way away. Katniss is dependable, when her dad died in a mine explosion, she took over her family because her mother broke down and fell into a deep depression. Katniss hunted in the woods and sold it on the market for money. Katniss also donates to the other families, some don’t take it because their pride, but most do. This is Jennifer Lawrence, she plays Katniss in the hunger games movie /julia-bailey-and- kamehana/images/31217152/t itle/katniss-photo

4 Peeta is one of the main characters, he is very strong, which helped him win the hunger games. Peeta very smart and strong willed. Peeta acts like he loves Katniss for the capitol and is good at it. He is a static character, he keeps the same point of view throughout the book. Peeta is a protagonist in the story, he tries to help Katniss and rebel against the capitol. This is Josh Hucherson, he plays Peeta in the hunger games movie ainment/who-is-a-better-man- for-katniss/question-2483261/

5  Gale is a minor character in this book. Gale is Katnis's best friend, he works in the mines of district twelve. He is a true rebel at heart and want to beat the capitol. He will do anything for his family and even sacrifice himself in the hunger games. When Katniss tells Gale that she wants to run away in the forest, He is all in. Gale is a static character in the story, he stays the same in his ideas to defy the capitol. Gale is a antagonist to the capitol and a protagonist to the rest of the country. This is Gale in the movie hunger games http://thehungergames.wikia. com/wiki/Gale_Hawthorne

6 Haymitch is one of the hunger games mentors, he is always drunk and does not keep himself clean. He has long blond hair and is always in a bad mood. He won the hunger games in the fiftieth anniversary of the hunger games. He is a minor character in the book. He is pretty static too, he always has the same grumpy mood. He is a protagonist, he helps Katniss and Peeta in the quarter quell. This is Woody Harrison, he plays Haymitch in the movie The Hunger Games ki/File:Haymitch_abernathy_promo.j pg

7  Cinna is the dresser for Katniss and Peeta in the 74 th and the 75 th hunger games, he is very good at it too. Cinna designed the dress for Katniss to change in to a mocking jay, the symbol of rebellion for the districts. This got Cinna executed though. He is a minor character, he is dynamic too, he changed his mind about how to dress Katniss for the interview. Cinna is a protagonist, he is one of the main catalysts for the rebellion. This is Lenny Kravitz, he plays Cinna in The Hunger Games movie na?file=Cinna_profile.jpg

8  President snow shows up at Katnis’s house, tell her that a rebellion is starting up  Katniss and Peeta go on victory tour  In district 11, two people are shot while rebelling  District eight is going into rebellion  Peeta proposes to Katniss under the capitols control is  Katniss sees that  Gale is beaten for fighting the peacekeepers  Katniss meets Bonnie and Twill from district eight outside of district 12, they are going to district 13  Katniss is stuck outside district 12, hurts herself jumping over the fence  President snow announces the quarter quell, Katniss and Peeta are entered back into the hunger games

9  There are a couple of climax’s in Catching Fire. The first is the announcement of the quarter quell, where president snow announced the Katniss and Peeta are going back into the hunger games. This changed the story drastically. Katniss was so freighted that she freaked out, she was having nightmares ever since she came home from the first hunger games and she thought it was over. This sent the story into another gear, after this, the book e other was much more exciting. Peeta and Katniss had to train, study their opponents, and get ready for the games. The next climax is the opening of the games. The blood battle in the start of the hunger games, Katniss and Peeta teamed up with some of the other participants. Katniss is a killing machine, she kills three people and she doesn’t want to. The main climax in the story is the giant explosion caused by Beetees trap. After the explosion, the head games keeper, Pultarch Heavensbee, takes Katniss away from the hunger games arena and to district 13.

10  Katniss wakes up in a hovercraft, she is out of the arena.  Pultarch Heavensbee took her out of the arena.  Haymitch explains to Katniss the plan to overthrow the capitol.  The plan was to blow up the force field, and they would go to district 13 to help the rebellion.

11  Character vs. Nature  Katniss vs. the hunger games arena  The arena of the hunger games is like a big clock. Every hour is another doom. Plus there is not any water to drink. Katniss almost dies a couple times from dehydration, and from the clocks terrors.  Character vs. Self  Katniss vs. Herself  Katniss is torn between trying to rebel or staying under the capitols control, she is miserable under the capitol, but they will hunt her down if she tries to run.  Character vs. Fate  Katniss vs. certain death  Katniss knows she is going to die In the quarter quell, but she does a great at it. She comes close to death many times, she is getting closer to death by the second, with trained killers on the lose.

12  Resolution- District 12 is blown up by the capitol, the district isn’t on the map anymore  Theme  Never count out the unexpected  Katniss thought she wasn’t going back into the hunger games again, she was wrong and was put in again.  Katniss thought she was the only one trying to rebel, she was wrong, almost everyone in the country is trying to rebel.

13  Imagery-  A-”Snow begins, thick and wet, making visibility even more difficult” Page 111  B-”The crops begin, stretching as far as the eye an see” Page 55  C- “Time and space lose meaning as the fog seems to invade my brain, muddling my thoughts, making everything unreal.” Page 209  D- “We crawl until the vines turn to a narrow strip of sandy beach and the warm water that surrounds the Cornucopia laps our faces.” Page 211 For C and D -fire-imagery/ Foreshadowing  A- “Were headed for district 13,… “There is no district 13” Page 147  B- "He will suffer for his failure. Probably lose his life“ Page 381  For B-

14  Simile-“The four adults are watching me like hawks."   Metaphor- A metaphor is the title, you can’t actually catch fire  Alliteration- No specific alliteration examples seem to be mentioned  it-on  Personification-  A-"The shoes pinch my toes as I crunch along the cinder street.“ Page 7   B- " I am aware of the sharp bite of the wind, but I don't stop.“ Page 174   Onomatopoeia –  A few examples of onomatopoeia are beep, drip, baa, purr, bow-wow, and choo-choo 

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