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Book by: Susan Collins Presentation by: Ann Karaskiewicz

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1 Book by: Susan Collins Presentation by: Ann Karaskiewicz
Mockingjay mockingjay Book by: Susan Collins Presentation by: Ann Karaskiewicz Book by: Suzanne Collins Presentation by: Ann Karaskiewicz

2 S The story takes place in Panem. It the United States in the future and it is divided into 13 districts and a Capital. A war between the districts and the Capital left District 13 destroyed. At least that is what most of the country thought for 75 years. In Mocking Jay we learn the people of 13 are more alive then ever and they are working underground to defeat the capital and stop the hunger games forever.

3 S Throughout the story the main characters visit many of the districts and the Capital. The Capital is very colorful place were the people depend on the districts for everything. The districts on the other hand have nothing because they send all their wealth to the Capital

4 C Katniss is a 17 year old girl, who is strong, loves to hunt and be in the woods. She is very protective of her sister and her mother. She is also confused about who to love between Peeta and Gale, She cares a lot about both them. Katniss becomes they symbol of the revolution against the capital, which is the Mockingjay. Katniss is the main and dynamic character she is also protagonist.

5 C Peeta is in love with Katniss. He has blonde hair, was in both Hunger Games with Katniss. Peeta was held prisoner and hijacked or brainwashed in the Capital. Petta is dynamic and major character and is also a protagonist.

6 C Gale loves to hunt and is very independent. He has been Katniss’s best friend for many years. Gale is tall, has black hair and comes from the same background as Katniss. He plays big part in the war. He is about 18 or 19. Gale is dynamic and major character and is also a protagonist.

7 C Prim is Katniss’s sister, She is 12 years old. She is gentle and a “healer” or someone who helps the sick and injured. Prim is very brave for her age and helps her mother as a healer. She also has a cat named Buttercup. Prim is major and static character and also she is a protagonist.

8 C Haymitch is Katniss’s and Peeta’s mentor in the Hunger Games. He is a past victor in the games. He sometimes acts like father towards Katniss but other times is moody and difficult. His age is about mid- fortes and he has blonde longer hair. Haymitch is major and dynamic character, he is also a protagonist.

9 P RISING ACTION Tanning with Johanna The wedding Back 13 with Johanna
Katniss agrees to be the mockingjay The 1st propos The district 8 bombing Katniss sees Peeta on TV The propos in 12 Peeta says “I will be dead by morning” to Katniss on the TV The bombing in 13 They rescue Petta Petta has been high jacked Katniss goes to 2 Katniss’s speech in 2 Back 13 with Johanna The wedding Tanning with Johanna

10 P rising action Katniss meets Snow Prim dies They are in the basement
Katniss goes to the Capital Petta shows up The mission, Boggs dies They go underground The mutts start to chase them They are in the basement Prim dies Katniss meets Snow

11 P The climax is when is at President Snow’s execution Katniss does not kill Snow as planned. She kills President Coin instead. Katniss does this because she realizes that Panem would be losing one dictator and replacing it with another dictator. That surprising move where both dictators are stopped is why I think that part of the book is the climax

12 Falling Action Katniss tries to kill herself She returns back to 12
Katniss and Peeta are back together and have kids She returns back to 12 Katniss tries to kill herself

13 C Man vs. self when Katniss starts trying to kill herself. Man vs. man through the whole book when Katniss’s biggest enemy is President Snow. Man vs. self is Peeta as he tries to get his memory back after the hijacking.

14 t I think the theme is that loves conquers all. There are examples in all three Hunger Games books about what Katniss will do for her family. It is also shown when Katniss and Peeta have loved each other though both Hunger Games, the war, and even after Peeta is brainwashed.

15 r The resolution is that Panem does not have to deal with the a dictator and the Hunger Games are stopped. The people of Panem are happier this way and live a better life knowing that their kids won’t have to be sent to the Hunger Games.

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