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Author: Suzanne Collins Published in 2009 Berli T.Period 6.

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1 Author: Suzanne Collins Published in 2009 Berli T.Period 6

2 Panem is the ruins of what once was North America. Panem is divided by 12 districts, every district has a different industry. Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Melark used to live in the poor rundown part of district 12. Now that they’ve won the hunger games they live in the victors village along with their families. The victors village is nothing like where they used to live. The victors village has huge houses, there is more than enough to eat and they don’t have to work.

3 Katniss Everdeen  She is independent  She puts others first  She loves her little sister Prim  She thinks that the capitol is cruel and unfair  She has long black hair  She has green eyes  She has olive skin  She is medium height Peeta Mellark  He is willing to give up his life for Katniss  He is blod  He is smart  He can figure out things easily  He is a great public speaker  He can figure out great strategies for the games  He has ashy blonde hair that falls in waves of his forhead  He has blue eyes  He is medium height  He has an artificial leg

4 Haymitch Abernathy  He is almost never sober  He may seen like he doesn’t care about Katniss and Peeta but he does  He has a sharp mind  He isn’t the nicest person but he does care about the future of Panem  He doesn’t like the capitol  He has grey eyes  He has dark brown hair  He is middle-aged Gale Hawthorne  He can be quick to anger  He is willing to fight for what he believes in  He is brave  He is an idealist  He isnt the type to run away from  his problems  He has grey eyes  He has black hair  He has olive skin just like Katniss  He is muscular  He is described as “good looking”

5 Since Katniss pulled out the berries in the arena, President snow thought that it showed an act of rebellion. So President snow goes to Katniss’s house to talk to her. He tells her that he doesn’t believe that Peeta and her are in love. To prove that they are she must get married to him. Also there is an uprising in a couple districts because of the berries.Katniss has an idea to run away with her family and friends, but it’s the quarter quell and this time the victors for all the districts have to go back to the arena. Katniss has to go, she is the only female victor. Haymitch gets drawn to but Peeta volunteers for him so he can keep Katniss safe. In the end of the book Katniss blacks out and wakes up in an unknown place she sees Gale she asks for her family is district 12 but Gale tells her that there is no district 12.

6 Haymitch has been part of a rebellion group and picks up katniss from the arena. There is a suggestion that they could secretly go to another unknown district (district 13 ).

7 I loved Catching Fire, its an amazing book. Its like an action, tragedy. It has some twists in it. At first their lifestyle seems perfect and as it couldn’t get any better But the conflicts just make better. After reading the book it started making me wonder about how we live and if those event that happen in the book could happen in real life. It just kept me hooked on every chapter I couldn’t stop reading it.

8 1-She wrote several Nickelodeon shows such as ‘Clarissa Explains It All’ and ‘The Mystery Files Of Shelby Woo’ 2-She was head writer for Scholastic entertainment ‘Clifford's Puppy Days’ 3-She wrote ‘The Underland Chronicles’ 4-Since 1991 she has been writing for children's television 5-SHE WROTE THE HUNGER GAMES SERIES!

9 1- What were the words that Wiress kept saying repeatedly about the arena? 2-What lie did Peeta say about Katniss so that people would feel sorry ? 3-Who did Katniss kiss in the forest? 4-Who was the old victor of district 12? 5-What does ‘The Mockingjay’ represent to some people?

10 Katniss and Peeta are on a Victory Tour to all 12 districts. When they get home President Snow goes to Katniss’s house telling her that he doesn’t believe the act that her and Peeta have of being in love. To protect her friends and family she has to marry Peeta. She is called to the quarter quell.Every 25 years there is a twist and this year the victors must compete in the arena again. Katniss must go and Hatmitch gets drawn but Peeta goes instead so that he can keep her safe and alive. When they get there they for alliances but for some reason everyone is lookin out for Peeta and keeping him alive.After a very severe accident, Katniss gets picked up by a group of rebels that Haymitch has been part of. But Peeta gets taken from the capitol. She sees Gale and asks about her family, but Gale tells her that there is no district 12.


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