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Noah Sample’s Book Share

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1 Noah Sample’s Book Share
The Hunger Games Noah Sample’s Book Share

2 The Beginning In the ruins of the U.S.A. rose the nation of Panem consisting of 13 Districts and one Capitol. District 13 rose up and rebelled against the Capitol. District 13 was blown of the map by the Capitol. To show that they were all one big, happy nation President Snow made the Hunger Games. Each district, 1 through 12, was to give one girl and one boy, ages ,12 through 18, to the Capitol for the Hunger games where cruel people of the capitol would watch innocent children get killed. The winner, or Victor, of the Hunger Games would be showered with food and riches.

3 Katniss In District 12 lives a young girl named Katniss Everdeen who plays the main character in THE HUNGER GAMES. She has a younger sister Primrose or Prim for short. She has a mother but no father (he died in a coal mine accident). She has a friend named Gale Hawthorne who hunts illegally on capitol grounds with her every Sunday. Katniss ,pictured below, is about to go to a thing called “Reaping” with her little sister.

4 Reaping

5 The reaping is when all the people of the district gather of the front of the justice building, stand in line, and wait for the names of the tributes to be picked and called. Effie Trinket ,District 12’s Capitol sponsor, picks ladies first and pulls out the slip of paper and reads aloud “PRIMROSE EVERDEEN” Katniss almost immediately volunteers for her little sister. She is called up on to the stage. She says her name to the people of District 12. Effie goes and picks the boy name. “PEETA MELLARK” They stand up on stage for about 5 seconds and walk into the justice building.

6 TRibutes “ Marvel” Dist. 1 “Glimmer” Dist. 1

7 District 2 Cato Dist. 2 Clove Dist. 2

8 District 3 Tribute Dist. 3 Tribute Dist. 3

9 district 4 Tribute Dist. 4 Tribute Dist.4

10 District 5 Tribute Dist. 5 Foxface Dist. 5

11 District 6 Tribute Dist. 6 Tribute Dist. 6

12 District 7 Tribute Dist. 7 Tribute Dist. 7

13 district 8 Tribute Dist. 8 Tribute Dist. 8

14 District 9 Tribute Dist. 9 Tribute Dist. 9

15 District 10 Tribute Dist. 10 Tribute Dist. 10

16 District 11 Thresh Dist. 11 Rue Dist. 11

17 District 12 Katniss Dist. 12 Peeta Dist. 12

18 Haymitch Haymitch is one of the victors of the previous hunger games and is the mentor of Peeta and Katniss. He is responsible for almost anything regarding Katniss and Peeta. Fast Fact: Haymitch is a drinker and he doesn’t drink anything that’s not alcoholic.

19 Peeta Peeta Mellark lives in District 12 . He loves Katniss and doesn’t admit that until the interviews at the Capitol. He is a baker’s son and a talented painter. Peeta is one of the two tributes for district 12. Peeta started to really like Katniss after he saw her behind the bakers shop. Katniss looked starved so Peeta gave her bread. Peeta is a very important character in THE HUNGER GAMES.

20 “May the odds be ever in your favor”
The Arena “May the odds be ever in your favor”

21 Cornucopia The Cornucopia is filled with weapons, food, shelter, and everything to help you win the Hunger Games. It has a special location though. The Cornucopia is placed in the middle of the ring of tributes to attract them to the middle for a bloodbath. The capitol does it only for their entertainment.

22 The gamemakers The gamemakers are completely responsible for everything that goes on in the arena. They can make things from thin air and attack people with animals all from a small control room. For example, when Seneca Crane , the head gamemaker ordered wild dogs to attack the tributes, another gamemaker sent them into the arena with just a click of a button.

23 Tributes in the games The first night many people die by the Cornucopia and they are taken away by the Capitol. Katniss gets chased up a tree by careers and Rue , Katniss’s allie, shows her a nest of tracker jackers , enhanced wasps that are extremely poisonous. Katniss cuts down the nest and sends it flying into the careers.

24 tributes in the games Katniss gets stung a few times and begins having hallucinations. She see’s the world melting away while Peeta screams at her to run away. She wakes up in a small cave. She finds Glimmer dead and takes the bow and arrows from her swollen fingers. She finds Rue following her and they slowly become allies. Rue gets killed by Marvel who gets killed by Katniss. She sings her a lullaby as she dies.

25 The victors Only one

26 The final three At the end, the gamemakers decide to add a finale.They make mutations of mutts that look like the dead tributes. Katniss and Peeta are chased to the Cornucopia. Cato trys to kill Peeta. Peeta stabs his hand causing him to fly back into the pile of flesh eating dogs. Katniss and Peeta are the last two tributes. They get an announcement from Claudius, who says there can be only one person left. Katniss and Peeta hold out poisonous berries and are about to eat them when they are crowned the victors.

27 The end Not Really

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