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Why Learn a Foreign Language?

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1 Why Learn a Foreign Language?
Adapted from Jarold H. Weatherford’s article, “Personal Benefits of Foreign Language Study.” ERIC Clearinghouse on Languages and Linguistics

2 Why Should I learn Spanish?
Communicate with neighbors Help People Better Understanding of English Employment Travel Study Abroad Understanding of Culture Others Your Own

3 Brain Benefits of Learning a Foreign Language
Better Problem Solver Greater Capacity and Mental Flexibility Understanding of Language Structure Higher Grades in all Subject Areas Higher SAT/ACT scores

4 Difference in SAT Scores
NO FL: 366V/409M 1 YR: 378V/416M 2 YR: 417V/463M 5 YR: 504V/535

5 Why should I learn Spanish?
Easier to learn Spanish than other languages like English Cultural Understanding Make friends Learn about art, music, literature and film Fun and Cool Can help you learn a 3rd language even easier

6 Where is Spanish spoken?
Spanish is the primary language for 22 countries.

7 Where is Spanish spoken?
Argentina Belize Bolivia Chile Colombia Costa Rica Cuba Dominican Republic Ecuador El Salvador Gibraltar

8 Where is Spanish spoken?
Guatemala Honduras Mexico Nicaragua Panama Paraguay Peru Puerto Rico Spain Uruguay Venezuela

9 Where else is Spanish spoken?
Think of other places Spanish is spoken around the world.

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