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1 The WOW Effect in Customer Service! Jasmin Bergeron, MBA, Ph.D. Director of the Executive MBA Chair of the Research Center, UQAM T: 514 978-0795

2 My vision of our workshop  Please participate! You will learn as much from yourselves as you will learn from me!  We all have customers  Do you know a technique with kids and parents that works all the time?  My name is Jasmin (i.e., not Mr. Bergeron).  Take clear notes on what you think is interesting.  I don’t come with a filter  I have two goals with you today…

3 Agenda 1.Customer Service Defined 2.Importance of Customer Service 3.Identification of Customers 4.The “WOW Effect” 5.“First Impressions” For Not Only Admissions But ALL Interactions

4 Agenda 6.Customer Service Interface: Communication, Relationships, and Credibility 7.Addressing Difficult Situations 8.Don’t Underestimate the Power of “Last Impressions” 9.Best Practices of Strong Independent Schools 10.Moving Onward and Upward

5 1.Customer Service Defined

6 Customer Service Goal To deliver superior customer service - right the first time, on time, every time. Exemplary customer service is the key to customer satisfaction. Quality customer service must be an integral part of our daily operations.

7 2. Importance of Customer Service

8 Importance of Customer Service The Reality of Customer Service Bad service A person who receives bad service tells an average of 10 people (only 4 for good service) 13% will tell an average of 20!! Only 4% will ever complain about bad service For each person that reports poor service, 24 will never report

9 Importance of Customer Service Clients talk with their feet. When they’re unhappy, they leave! It cost five times more to attract a new customer than keeping an existing one

10 3. Identification of Customers

11 1.Students 2.Parents 3.Co-workers 4.Community Members and Business Partners 5.Other internal and external customers Who you might identify as your customers?

12 Who you might identify as your customers? As teachers, it may be students and families As principals, it may be your teachers and support staff For support activities, it may be school principals, teachers, and students Etc.

13 4. The “WOW Effect”

14 A customer’s satisfaction is measured by the difference between __________________ and ____________________________ ! his/her expectations his/her perception of the results A WOW depends on: Expectations golden A golden rule: Lower your customers’ expectations to impress them more easily e.g.,:Returning calls, delays, promises, your voice mail, and your love life.

15 Make sure your customers know everything you do for them! What do your customers appreciate about you? Managing Perceptions Your customers appreciate their of what you do perception Think Tank!

16 Perception is Reality How do we change that perception? What can each staff member do so that students and parents feel that their school offers a safe, challenging and friendly environment?

17 Some examples to manage perceptions  The real time you spend for a customer  Thinking about customers at night  Consulting colleagues  The kality of your emails  The way you communicate the quality of your programs  Gifts

18 The WOW! Equation Promise less (or promise nothing) + Deliver more (and show it) =WOW!

19 What’s the opposite of love? Indifference To love is to be present! How can you make your customers feel important?

20 In other words, take advantage of all the opportunities!

21 A great philosophy… If you want things other people don’t have You must do things… other people don’t do!

22 Step 1: Write down three things that your colleagues should always do with their customers Actions speak louder than words! Be an example Honestly, are you always like that on a daily basis?

23  « The teacher talks for an hour to tell me that I should listen more ! » Some comments

24 5. “First Impressions” For Not Only Admissions But ALL Interactions

25 How long does it take a customer to make a first impression? ___________ How long does it take a client to make a solid first impression, meaning a first impression that is difficult to change? __________ The importance of the first impression 2 seconds 4 minutes

26 First impression What are your best strategies to create a WOW with your customers... a)on the phone b)during the first minutes in the school c)during the first minutes with you

27 Phone – Customer Service Did you know that a caller to your employment can tell and perceive your mood and even if there is a smile on your face by the tone of your voice. Phone Etiquette 1.Welcome to (school name) 2.My name is _______________ 3.How may I (help, serve, assist) you?

28 4. Listen (jot the callers name down – and use the callers name in the discussion many times if possible) When wanting a different person (it is ok to ask – May I inquire as to whom is calling (and or the issue)? If placed on hold, get back to the customer each minute to give the perception that he is taken care of – Transferring calls (always give the call the extension number in case they need it later) – Thank them for calling! Phone – Customer Service

29 The first impression in person SHOP P E R  Smile – it’s contagious  Hand shake – the first true contact  Open and upright posture  Parallel position, leaning forward  Pitch of voice – aim for harmony  Eye contact – an attentive look  Resemblance – the chameleon

30 Other ways to make a good first impression  Start by using positive words and displaying your enthusiasm  Mention the customer’s name  Validate with the customer how much time he has  Introduce yourself  Discover common points of interest  If applicable, explain how the meeting will unfold

31 6.Customer Service Interface: Communication, Relationships, and Credibility

32 The more we listen to and take an interest in the other person, the more the other person ________ likes us! You will WOW more people in two months by showing sincere interest in other people than you would in two years by trying to make yourself look interesting. Adapted from : Carnegie, Dale, “ How to make friends ” Interested = Interesting !

33 A psychologist strategy Out of curiosity, why are you late?

34 Three easy things you can do… 1.Don’t criticize, condemn or complain. 2.Give honest and sincere appreciation. 3.Smile

35 Don’t criticize, condemn or complain Criticism puts a person on the defensive. Criticism arouses resentment. As much as we thirst for approval, we dread condemnation.

36 Give honest and sincere appreciation John Dewey said that the deepest urge in human nature is “the desire to be important.” It is the desire to be important that lures many students into joining gangs and engaging in criminal activities.

37 Here is a riddle… It costs nothing, but creates much It enriches those who receive it, without impoverishing those who give. It happens in a flash and the memory of it sometimes lasts forever. None are so rich that they can get along without it, and none so poor but are richer for its benefits.

38 Chameleon = Credibility Chameleon = Credibility Birds of a feather flock together! Adapt to what?  Speed of speech  Vocabulary  Their interests  There are some exceptions…

39 Raising your credibility Write down the name of someone you find very credible Write two things to explain why he/she is (or looks) credible

40 Self-esteem Write down three strategies you can use to increase your customers’ self-esteem

41 What is important in life is how you perceive yourself!

42 Factors that motivate me Identify the three items that motivate you the most… 1.Not having to work too hard O 2.Have a written job descriptionO 3.Get a fair assessment of my workO 4.Feel that my work is usefulO 5.A permanent jobO 6.Agree with school objectivesO 7.Great freedom in my workO 8.A good payO 9.Get along well with my colleagues O 10.Be respected as an individualO

43 7. Addressing Difficult Situations

44 1.Isolate the customer 2.Listen and make a diagnostic Out of curiosity, what happened between Sandra and you? 3. Reformulate the customer’s words « Always-always? » « Never-never? »  Repeat the sentence in a question form 4. Empathize …and half of the problem is solved  Ex.: The waitress Complaint management process

45 5. Giving feedback What do you say to ? Brad (a parent) who is always late Jennifer (your colleague) who was rude with you Mark who has been negative for the last month The Sandwich Method + A specific compliment - A constructive remark, followed by a question + Another reinforcement or encouragement

46 6.Negotiate a solution What is his or her solution? 7.Give the customer the perception that we are handling the situation Ex.: The plane that lands in Boston… 8.Thank the customer and follow up To increase their motivation, their loyalty, etc. Complaint management process

47 Following up What you say: (-------------------------------) What he listens to: ( What he understands: ( What he remembers: ( What can we do to make the person: (a) understand better and (b) remember more?

48 It all starts with you! Think positive! Your beliefs will guide your actions. Some examples… Oh no! Not him! An weird child Tiger Woods The parachute PERCEPTIONS  EMOTIONS  BEHAVIOURS  RESULTS THE HUMAN BRAIN Nothing is more important than what you think!

49 8. Don’t Underestimate the Power of “Last Impressions”

50 After meeting you, what do customers remember most? Customers mostly remember the end of an experience In other words, finish strong!!

51 The Last Impression What can you say or do to finish with a WOW? Ask about the customer’s satisfaction (and what they liked…) Congratulate your customer on his/her actions! Reassure the customer (about your availability) Talk about friendly and pleasant stuff Introduce your customer to someone (the boss) Walk them to the door Finish with the customer’s name

52 9. Best Practices of Strong Independent Schools

53 Customer service principles from the business world Creating WOW effects at Walt Disney The amazing work at Great way to seek feedback at St-Hubert Royal Bank staff taking responsibility Personalized service at Fairmont hotels

54 Other best practices How often do you look in the mirror? An example of Jean de la Menais School – The 360 degree survey at Académie Marie-Claire The mission of ADFO (Association des directions et directions adjointes des écoles franco-ontariennes) An spectacular improvement in customer service by “La Cité Collégiale” in Ottawa The “Standards of Customer Service” of Austin Independent School District

55 Catch people doing something right! - Chinese proverb

56 10. Moving Onward and Upward

57 COLD HOT The Mood Meter How are you? One of the most important WOW : Your enthusiasm! FANTASTIC!!!

58 The most important exercise We are now January 28 2014. Congratulations! Customer service is now fantastic at your school! What have you done?

59 Bottom Line of Customer Service When we reach out to our customers (empathy) When make our customers feel at home. When we make our customers feel they are getting their money’s worth – and more When we show we care When we give the right advise (they know that we know what we are talking about)

60 When we recognize our customers When we take responsibility – (raise the responsibility by what you expect) When we make our customers feel special When we make mistakes we make it better than before we add value When we keep the promises we make We say thank you clear and loud Bottom Line of Customer Service

61 Feedback

62 For more information or for other conferences Jasmin Bergeron 514-978-0795 Thank you!! Follow us on:

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