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Welcome to Milwaukie High School

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1 Welcome to Milwaukie High School

2 FIGHT SONG “Onward Victorious”
Fight on Milwaukie High, For victory so glorious, We’ll shout our battle cry. Rah, Rah, Rah Hail to our Mustangs bold, Their fame will never die. So onward MAROON AND GOLD For the glory of Milwaukie High.

3 24 CREDITS Four Year Plan Continued Education Plan (Extended Application)- After Graduation State Assessment (OAKS/Work Samples) Career Related Learning Experiences Credit Recovery Summer School $$$

4 Choices in High School Will Impact Your Life!
Attendance Schedule medical/dental appointments after school Truancy Court Organization Planner or Calendar Note Taking Responsibility Taking ownership Follow Directions Follow Through Make up work Ask for help Talk to adults Tutoring – FREE! Tuesday and Thursdays 3:20 - 4:50 PM (library) Parent Hint Parent assistant (Esis) Speak honestly with your student

5 College Minimum GPA’s University of Oregon 3.00
Oregon State University Eastern Oregon University 3.00 Portland State University Oregon Institute of Technology 3.00 Western Oregon University 2.75 Southern Oregon University 2.75

6 Milwaukie High School Block Schedule Freshmen Teams Day 1 Day 2
(7 classes and one study hall over two days) Day 1 Period 1, 2, 3, 4 Day 2 Freshmen Teams Language Arts Social Studies

7 Team Placement Regular English Language Developers
Milwaukie Academy of the Arts (Charter School) Application Required Pre AP Teacher Recommendation

8 Electives Milwaukie High School (offers mostly Fine Art electives: foreign languages, art, photography, choir, band, drama, etc.) Sabin-Schellenberg Facilities Forecasting & C.I.S. (Part of EA)

9 College Credit Courses
French 3 French 4 Spanish 3 Spanish 4 German 4 AP English Lit. & Comp. (AP Eng. 12) Pre Calculus Functions/Stats/Trig. (FST) Adv. Psychology

10 Planning Ahead: Frosh/Soph.
Plan for the year ahead Meet with your counselor to discuss your college plans. Make sure you’re taking challenging courses. Get a calendar/planner and write down important dates/deadlines. Get involved (sports, activities, etc.) Research colleges (entrance requirements, cost, financial aid, etc.)

11 Planning Ahead: Frosh/Soph. Cont’d
Plan college visits (non-school days, weekends, summer, etc.) Sophomores, take the PSAT (NCSD will give it to all Soph. on Oct. 12th) Stay Focused! Explore Summer Opportunities Jobs, internships, volunteer positions

12 Other Activities Sports Clubs Drama Art Student Government
Service Learning Volunteering

13 MHS Counselors Mrs. McMillan : A-F Mr. Aguilar : G-O Ms. Krumm : P-Z
Mr. Aguilar : G-O Ms. Krumm : P-Z

14 Links If you would like to print the information covered in this presentation please go to: Milwaukie High School website and click on the “About Us” tab and then “Counseling and Career Center” On the left hand side you’ll click on “Counselor Presentations…”

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