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WELCOME! Gresham High School Incoming Freshman CLASS OF 2018.

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1 WELCOME! Gresham High School Incoming Freshman CLASS OF 2018

2 WHAT’S AHEAD Welcome General Information Questions

3 Graduation Requirements Class of 2018 Language Arts 4.00 Social Studies 3.00 Math 3.00 Science 3.00 World Language 1.00 Physical Ed 1.00 Health 1.00 Art/Career/Tech* 2.00 Electives 7.00 Total Credits Required: 25.50 credit must be earned in Technology *may be earned in tech, fine arts, business electives


5 Additional Requirements for Graduation: Academic Portfolio State test scores and work samples in: Math, Writing, Speaking, Science, and Social Science. Four Year Plan Created in the freshman year. Updated each year by the student. Used to guide forecasting. Extended Application Completed in senior year within your health class 2 Career Related Learning Experiences (CRLE) Opportunities for CRLE’s are offered in Health and advanced elective classes. Bring completed forms to Ms. Cooke in the College & Career Center. Don’t procrastinate!

6 Four Year Plan English 1.00Physical Education 1.00 Science 1.00Electives - total 3 credits Math 1.00 FRESHMAN – 7 credits English 1.00Social Studies 1.00 Science 1.00Health.50 Math 1.00Electives - total 2.5 credits SOPHOMORE – 7 credits

7 Four Year Plan (continued) English 1.00Electives - total 2 credits Science 1.00Math 1.00 Social Studies 1.00 JUNIORS– at least 6 credits English 1.00Electives - total 2.5 credits Health.50Social Studies 1.00 SENIORS– at least 5 credits Following this plan will equal the minimum number of 25 credits required to graduate.

8 Extra Help In addition to getting help from your School Counselor: Math Lab Homework Club SUN Program—enrichment Local Credit Retrieval:  SUN Program  Mt. Hood Community College Social worker on staff part time

9 Extra Curricular Activities Clubs Sports Drama Music

10 College Entrance Requirements Oregon universities require: 4 credits of English 3 credits of Mathematics (must show completion of Algebra 2 or higher by graduation) 3 credits of Science 3 credits of Social Studies

11 College Entrance Requirements World Language—2 credits in same language Minimum “C” grade for core courses.5 credit in a Visual/Performing Fine Arts class is recommended

12 Additional College Requirements Minimum grade point averages for admission: 3.00 for U of O, OSU, PSU, OIT, SOU 2.75 for EOU, WOU Additional review may be required by the college. Universities also require ACT/SAT test scores.

13 International Baccalaureate (IB) IB is the most advanced course of study offered at GHS in six different subject areas during junior and senior year. IB Program Options: Earn a full IB diploma  Recommended honors level classes: 9 th Grade: Honors Geography 10 th Grade: Honors English, Math, Social Studies, & Science Earn college credit (take IB tests) Full IB students also need 4 years of World Language.. Questions? Contact Mr. Chris Smith 503-674-5500 x5299 or your school counselor.

14 College & Career Center Also in the Center: Barb Cooke - Academic Portfolio Manager Kendra Maddox ScholarshipsCollege InfoFinancial Aid Job and Career Info and more! 503 674-5555

15 Forecasting Advice Discuss before choosing classes. Once forecasting is completed, changes will not be possible. It’s up to you to see your counselor if there are any mistakes in the schedule.

16 Forecast Sheet 1. Fill in personal info at top of sheet 2. Course numbers are already listed 3. Plan for 7 seven credits, plus alternates 4. Classes in Bold need teacher signatures 5. Parent/guardian must sign

17 Counselors A – B and ELL: Mr. Armando Gonzales C – Ha: Mrs. Laura Blaser He – L: Mrs. Gloria Hull M – R: Ms. Susan Fields S – Z: Dr. Re’nice Siefer

18 Forecast Sheet After you have completed the personal data section: Mark your first choice of classes with an “X”. This should total 7 credits. Mark alternates with A1, A2, and A3 in order of preference. Note: You may get an alternate so choose carefully.

19 Forecast Sheet Mark core classes for English, Math, and Science. Freshmen- take one year of PE Get signatures of teachers as indicated. Include parent/guardian signature

20 Science Students will be placed in Physics based on exceeding Math, Reading and Science state tests Sequence APhysical ScienceBiologyScience Elective IB Sequence *Requires signatures PhysicsChemistryIB Biology SLIB Biology HL

21 Math Sequence Choice of class requires teacher’s signature. Sequence BAlgebra 1Algebra 1.5GeometryAlgebra 2 Sequence CGeometryAlgebra 2 IB Math SL IB Math HL IB Math Studies Sequence AAlgebra 1GeometryAlgebra 2 IB Math SL IB Math Studies

22 Physical Education All students are required to take one credit of PE during their freshman year This does not include elective classes such as Weight Training, Lifetime Fitness and Team Sports, etc.

23 Physical Education Elective PE classes can be repeated multiple semesters. Strength and Conditioning Lifetime Fitness Team Sports * Mark your sheet if you want it for a full year.

24 World Language Recommended beginning Sophomore Year Full IB requires four years Spanish Native speakers should take Spanish Language Arts 1-2, and not Spanish 1-2

25 On the counseling webpage: Contact information for your counselor Course Planning Guide Forecasting forms, power points Mental Health, community resources Announcements And MORE! GHS Counseling Website

26 Your counselor looks forward to meeting with you!

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