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Learning to Slow Down and Pay Attention Kathleen G. Nadeau, Ph.D.

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1 Learning to Slow Down and Pay Attention Kathleen G. Nadeau, Ph.D.

2 Overview Getting along with others Feeling good about yourself Learning to understand your brain Setting goals and reaching them! Understanding the plus side of having a “bouncing brain”

3 A child’s view of ADHD from the inside looking out I hate to sit still I have to do boring things all day I can’t learn all those math facts It’s hard to listen for so long I try to do what my parents ask me to do, but I forget

4 A thousand negative messages I’m always in trouble for something

5 Sometimes everything seems unfair I can’t finish my school work on time, so the teacher won’t let me go out to play

6 The “I can’t” Kid I can’t get started I can’t remember I can’t get things done Feels like I can’t get anything right!

7 Creating a Can-do Kid

8 The Rapid Rewards Program Immediate rewards are more effective

9 To get things done, make it fun! Think about what is rewarding for a child. Make learning a rewarding experience

10 Divide and Conquer Break things down into small parts – then reward and praise a child for each success

11 If you want to remember, you need a reminder! Notes Kitchen timers Visual reminders Launching pads Daily calendars

12 Get your day off to a good start Prepare the night before Get up on time! Have a regular morning routine Finish your routine first! Always eat breakfast!

13 Protein boosts performance Teach kids about “brain fuel” Protein Fish oil B vitamins

14 Morning Exercise One half-hour of aerobic exercise each morning provides “Miracle Gro” for the brain

15 Learning to Pay Attention in Class Sit up front Get involved Ask questions Find quiet ways to fidget

16 Learning to Remember what you Read Get rid of distractions Read out loud Summarize each paragraph out loud Tell a parent about what you’ve read

17 Getting Homework Done Study in short time periods Take short timed breaks Stand up or even walk while reading No TV or internet

18 Getting along with friends Take turns Share Talk, don’t yell when you disagree Let your friend choose what to do sometimes

19 Learning not to Interrupt Listen hard Ask permission if you need to interrupt Apologize if you interrupt without permission Wait for your turn

20 Become a good problem-solver Listen to the other person Don’t interrupt Talk – don’t yell or call names Look for solutions that are fair for everyone

21 Learning to Relax Do something quiet Take a warm bath Go for a walk Listen to calm music Curl up with your dog or cat

22 Learning Persistence Set reasonable goals that aren’t too hard Keep a chart of your progress Earn small rewards along the way

23 Learning to feel good about yourself Look for things you’re good at Smile – people will smile back Get the help you need to succeed Measure small successes every day

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