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Presentations & Team Name Position.

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1 Presentations & Team Name Position

2 Presentation Types 1-on-1 presentations 3-way meetings
Private Business Reception (PBR) Business Opportunity Meeting (BOM)

3 How many presenters do you have on your team?

4 Number one reason people don’t present…
No one teaches them!

5 Things you must teach… Leaders understand sorting!
You can’t say the right thing to the wrong people and… You cant say the wrong thing to the right people. It’s timing not talent

6 Things you must teach… When presenting the ACN Opportunity
Set the right expectation before you start Brief overview Not designed to answer all their questions It shows the big picture If they like what they hear, direct them to the next step

7 Things you must teach… Keep it short
Are you talking people out of the business?

8 Things you must teach… When presenting the ACN Opportunity
Explain / don’t sell Help people understand Don’t try to convince people!

9 Things you must teach… Less is more
Too much information is like too much food… Eventually it will make you feel stuffed! Avoid information overload

10 Things you must teach… Keep it simple Confused people do nothing!

11 Things you must teach… Tell stories Facts are boring
Stories are interesting Testimonials help people relate

12 Is it simple? Does is work? Can I do it?
Three questions people ask themselves when listening to a Presentation: Is it simple? Does is work? Can I do it?

13 Things you must teach… Always promote training as the next step!

14 Always remember Keep it simple! Have fun!

15 TEAM Team Everyone Achieves More

16 Purpose Creating an environment that produces optimum results!

17 Meeting Etiquette Understand (we are a TEAM)
Show up early – 15 minutes before and after the meeting are the most important parts Dress for success – wear appropriate attire Best attire is a smile Be excited, enthusiastic, friendly… leave problems behind!

18 Meeting Etiquette Make guests feel comfortable
Mingle with guests and introduce them to other IBOs IBOs play team by edifying the IBO who invited the guest and edifying the speaker Sit with your guests and as close to the speaker as possible

19 Meeting Etiquette Turn off mobile phones & ask guests to do the same
Don’t talk about the presentation BEFORE the meeting, talk about the PEOPLE Save your questions for after the presentation Don’t contradict what the speaker or experts are saying to guests

20 Meeting Etiquette Never interrupt the presenter
Support the meeting presenter by participating Respond to questions by the presenter Respond to humour No side conversations during the meeting Stay in your seat/no distractions

21 Sort Don’t Sell At the end of presentation determine your guests level of interest

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